Free parenting and families Kindle books for 02 Jan 19

The Closet: Father’s Prayer to His Children (10 Lessons My Father Never Taught Me Book 1)

by Samuel K Asare Snr

One of the most essential things God demands from fathers is the ability to intercede for their family (children).
As Prophet, Priest, and King (father) of your household, God has placed you as the head to fight Satan, his cohorts and structures with effectual prayers and confessions.
This book is going to serve as a manual, as you study and allow the Holy Spirit lead you to intercede for the family (children) He has ordained you to lead into victory and success.

Get Over Your Ex in 60 Seconds!: Instantly Obtain Freedom From Past Relationships

by Steve X

Are you tired of thinking about a past relationship that didn’t work out? Have you tried everything to just move on with little or no success? Have you been going through this for weeks, months or even years? Now you can Get Over Your Ex in 60 Seconds just like I did! Experience relief and freedom like you never felt before! Get Over Your Ex in 60 Seconds!



Lee and Christopher Jones are two of a kind. Lee is the Grandfather and Chris is the Grandson. When Chris moves in with his Grandfather after a bitter divorce, Lee and Chris try to get along while dealing with their own lives. When a life changing situation arises, Lee and Chris put their differences aside to face one common goal-family.

How to Get Over That Asshole: Keeping Your Self-Dignity After a Breakup

by Lizzie Rey

You’re sitting in your bed, a box of tissue by your side, wondering what could’ve gone wrong. Why did he break up with you? You try to find out from him. You text him. You call him. You check his social media. All to get rejected again and lose your dignity in the process. We’ve all been there. This book discusses ideas that will empower you and will help you get over that man. It also talks about how you can move on even when there was no relationship at all. A great tool to overcome the after effects of a breakup.

The Crossroads of Faith: From Hell to Glory

by Jason Dillion

In life everyone begins to question â??why’ or â??why not’. But have you ever stopped to think, â??why them’?

Life can blind us from our faith walk. We often walk with our own blinders on and we become callous to the suffering and loss of others. Sometimes in life, we are left with seeing the worst of the worst. Sometimes our walk becomes tarnished by our very own journey. Where is God in this journey? Is He there and why can we not see Him, or is it that we refuse to see Him?

Life can be difficult. Many of us are left to face challenges. But few of us are faced with a lifetime of adversities.

In the book, The Crossroads of Faith From Hell to Glory Author Jason Q. Dillion takes you through his life’s journey. He walks you through the adversities he was left to endure. He shows the reader how it was that his faith saw him through abuse, homelessness, and mental illness.

No other author has taken the personal life challenges and life lessons and painted a picture of hope and sanctification in the way that Jason Q. Dillion does. The reader will not only experience a walk in his shoes, he will be challenged to reflect on his or her own personal biases and his or her own personal walk with Christ. Life is a gift, yet life is not easy. Throughout this book, Author Jason Q. Dillion teaches, through his own life experiences, how one can conquer life’s challenges with having just a little bit of faith.

â??Little is much when God is in it’ is the mantra the author consistently shares throughout the book. The reader of this book will go on a journey with Dillion. Author Jason Q. Dillion speaks of surviving abuse at a young age, then he takes you through his personal passage of homelessness and finally, he takes you through his nightmare of living with a mental illness.

At the end of your journey of reading The Crossroads of Faith From Hell to Glory, you will find hope and inspiration. You will find what true faith can really conquer.

The Crossroads of Faith From Hell to Glory has already touched the lives of many of its readers and the author hopes that you, too, will be inspired by the words written in his book.


by Goncalo Paxe Jorge Miguel

Cuando Se trata de planear tu boda, es difícil
eliminar algunas de las características y elementos que son más
importantes para ti.
Con esta guía completa para planificar la boda definitiva
con un presupuesto reducido, no tendrá que hacerlo.
En este libro electrónico aprenderá:
– Cómo minimizar los costos sin sacrificar elementos
– Cómo ahorrar dinero en todos los costos de su boda
– Cómo identificar a los proveedores que están cobrando en exceso
– Cómo planificar su boda de la A a la Z
– Cómo planear lo más memorable Posible el día de la boda

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