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Awakening YOUR Sexy Shakti – Book II: Mastering Your Sexual Dominion Like a Goddess (The OM Kitty Book Series 4)

by Sarah Saint-Laurent

Everything You Need to Know About Raising the Flag of Sovereign, Sexy, Empowerment for Women.

Discover the secrets only the Wild and UnTamed Goddess knows.

“â?¦After finishing this book, I literally picture myself as a glowing torch, walking among peopleâ?¦ I am no longer the server of my mind but its master. This book is REVOLUTIONARYâ?¦ This is a must have!!”  ~ A.G. Mogan, Author   *Click the link to buy now*

This transformative magic carpet ride will activate your craving for the embedded Goddess-Amazon Warrior-Wonder Woman desires living deep within. Unleash your Sensuality, Vibrancy, Personal Power and Feminine Intuition now and forever.

Best Selling author Sarah Saint-Laurent once again uses the powerful tool and literary device of Metaphor, bringing to life the voice of OM Kitty. This sage, and mystic healer, a real-life metaphor for rejuvenation, has developed a loyal fan base which have fallen in love with her kind, witty and non-judgmental style. OM Kitty tells it like it is, but has you laughing and eager for more through this life-changing transformation.

Awakening Your Sexy Shakti – Mastering Your Sexual Dominion Like a Goddess provides all the necessary tools, processes, and guidance you need to fearlessly claim Sovereign Dominion over your personal Bliss and Sexuality. Discoverâ?¦

  • How to manifest exactly what it is you desire in the area of intimate love;

  • The important role a well-developed intuition plays in Mastering Your Sexual Dominion;

  • How to Become like a Flame and Magnetize Moths by the droves;

  • How to stop seeking the approval of others and learn why no one else’s opinion matters;

  • The empowerment of knowing how and when to master your emotions;

  • The Goddess Rule;

  • Why UnTamed Goddesses are never taken for granted;

  • What’s at the crux of the male DNA and why it is important for you to know it;

  • Why being imperfect is simply perfect;

  • The six Goddess Maneuvers for Loving like a Goddess;

  • How and where to discover your Goddess Spot;

  • What an Ideal Lover Can Expect from an UnTamed Sexual Goddess.

**Includes powerful processes, rituals, meditations, exercises, and the fierce and transformative personal stories from women just like you.

**Bonus Audio Recording downloads included!

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Dead Soul Persons Donâ??t Want To Bring A Chnage In Their Lives, Do You want ?

by Chaudhary Ghulam Murtaza Gujjar (G.M.)

A few people are really dumb and dead soul people who even don’t want to bring a change in their path of lives. This book will prove a path towards change in life. If a person who really wanna change his life , will be able to gain by this book, he/she will feel himself/herself mature after reading it


by Joseph Hall

Miyamoto Musashi, Japan’s Greatest Swordsman, wrote a list of 21 precepts for his favorite student shortly before his own death. In AMERICAN RONIN: THE WAY OF WALKING ALONE, veteran, poet, and philosopher Joseph Hall applies these same precepts to the modern experience of those warriors who today, like Musashi in his time, find themselves possessed of military skills and a warrior nature, but are now roninâ?¦masterless samurai outside the military system.

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