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The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution

by Bruce R. Fenton

The Geographic Origin of Modern Humans: Half a Century after the collapse of the Out of Asia Theory and The Widespread Adoption of Out of Africa Theory, a new debate is underway over the relative importance of Africa and Asia in our evolutionary story. Each clique of scientists has a part of the story correct, but new evidence shows they are all fundamentally wrong.

On the one side, we have academics highlighting the astonishing fossil record of China with multiple sites now producing modern human fossils aged between 80 – 120 thousand years, or older. Several extremely ancient fossil finds in China, including Dali, Maba and Jinniushan, place archaic Homo sapiens in this region up to 260,000 years ago.

On the other side, we have scientists pointing to Africa’s impressive fossil record with its evidence of potential ancestors going back around 6 million years. The evidence of extreme genetic diversity among Africans and the discovery of 300,000-year-old archaic Homo sapiens fossils in Morocco tends to support further the idea that humans came out from Africa.

We can understand why both sides are so sure of their positions, and why the debate continues. While leading academics focussed on their agendas, they overlooked significant evidence.

Between the two poles of Out of Africa and Out of Asia Theory, exists a â??Middle Way’. The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution, reveals that within the known fossil record, the current genetic studies and recent paleoclimate models there is compelling evidence for a superior theory of human origins, representing a paradigm displacement.

Life Changer: Success in Life is a Matter of Perspective

by Zack Parker

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life! 

  • Have you wondered why some people always seem to be happy and have everything in their life figured out? 
  • Have you struggled within yourself trying to attain this type of existence? 

Imagine what life would be like if you found out that the happiness you have always wanted is right at your fingertips? 
 What if what you desire is more accessible than you ever imagined? 
But, how? 
You don’t have to make yourself unhappy to be happy, that’s for sure. You just have to change your perspectives. 
In this book, you will find many lessons that will guide you in this endeavor and help you improve the way you view your reality. It is these mild changes in perspective that hold the key to a more empowered and enlightened journey through this adventure we call our lives.
Here in “Part 1” of the series, you will be exposed to complex subjects briefly and simply to shed a much-needed beam of light onto what may be unfamiliar topics. These changes in perspective will allow you to see certain areas of your life in new ways. These types of changes in thinking are what have brought about substantial positive developments in the lives of countless people throughout our history. 
The information you encounter here will assist you in making the first few transitional steps onto a better path in life. Try to remember that making your path go in the right direction is often the biggest obstacle you may face. Once changed, things can become so much easier. It’s all a matter of perspective.
This is where everything changes! Use what you read here, and learn to take control of your 

  • Body 
  • Mind
  • Relationships 
  • Life 

Change your perspective and create the reality you have always dreamed of having. 
Buy this book today and start a genuine pursuit of a better life. Only you can!

Awakening Sexy Shakti Book 1: A Mystical Journey to Awaken Your Sexuality, Sensuality, Creativity, and Joy (The OM Kitty Book Series 3)

by Sarah Saint-Laurent

The Definitive Book on Becoming UnTamed, Wild and the Sovereign, Empowered Goddess of your One Unforgettable Life.

Oh my GODDESS!… If you have ANY interest or respect for the divine feminine, READ THIS. Seriously. It is a true work of art.” QW

Do you feel your sexy, happy, vibrant self has gone MIA?

Feeling alive, sensual and full of joy is your natural condition.

Women are prewired to want and enjoy pleasure. We want great food, great art, great love and great joy. But why is it missing?

Yet, far too many women feel tired, overwhelmed and without the epic love and joy they crave and deserve.

There is an epidemic of worn-out, listless and unfulfilled women from around the world looking for relief. And now it is available at last.

*Click the Buy Now button to start the return journey back to the real you!

Don’t feel embarrassed or hopeless! Don’t second guess what your intuition is telling you.

Instead, Follow your gut and learn what you can do about recapturing your hard-core Bliss starting today. Join the countless women who are Awakening their Sexy Shakti.

Includes powerful processes, rituals, meditations, exercises, and powerful, fierce, heart-warming personal stories of women, just like you on a mission to Awaken Shakti.

*Helpful audio downloads included.

Let the Awakening commence and welcome home!


Cotton Philosophy-new navigator to simplicity and prosperity. (Volume Book 1)

by Maneesh Dhauni

For many, there is no life after death. Nobody carry anything, beyond graveyard. But few thing are exception and remain with mankind forever. This is basic of Cotton Philosophy.

A Simple Guide to Child Support Redemption

by Mike R. Aikins

A Simple Guide To Child Support Redemption is the best resource available for non-custodial parents struggling with the child support payment system. It’s packed with verifiable resources, tons of information, and no less than 15 documented remedies proven to save thousands of dollars in costs associated with paying child support through the State. The guide will pay for itself right away as costly and foolish mistakes can be identified and eliminated after reading only one chapter. The guide gives a comprehensive break-down of significant history, ongoing legislation, contracts, Case Law and recent controversial issues pertaining to Title IV-A and D of the Social Security Act, which is the voluntary contract that Child Support is based upon. It contains 100 Study Questions and a certification process at the end of the guide that will arm the non-custodial parent with the tools necessary to become an advocate in the struggle and hopefully get out of the child support payment system still alive. There’s nothing like it out on the market today, because the information presented comes with documented testimonies from people that have struggled with every aspect of the child support payment system, but then used these methods to get their lives back on track. The guide was written in a easy-to-read and understand format that can be purchased as a personal reference guide if you’re the one going through it, or as a gift for someone else that you know who might be caught-up in a struggle with the child support system.

Janardana: The life of Lord Krishna as told in the Srimad Bhagavatam Book 3

by Vishnupriya Devi

This book is the third of a series of four books that concisely describe the life of Lord Krishna as told in the ancient scripture, the Srimad Bhagavatam. It describes the life of Krishna as a perfect householder, performing all worldly duties with dedication but without attachment. It also narrates His actions as a noble king who establishes dharma (righteousness) by protecting the good and destroying evil. Some important interactions with the Pandava princes and the Kuru family are also discussed. Finally, as with the previous books, there are some wonderful accounts of His interaction with devotees, including the bear king, Jambavan, and His childhood friend, Kuchela.

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