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learn JAPANESE + mp3 stories: Sprauch – the simple way with stories (1)

by Anton Hager

Welcome to the SpraUch-Japanese-language course.

This is the digital Version of the paperback.
If you buy the paperback, you get this digital Kindle version for free!

Learn Japanese with 12 random stories? Is it really that easy?
Well, probably not the way you think it works.
You won´t learn any grammar here.
But you will get a feeling for the structure of the foreign language.
The course is meant to deepen your language knowledge.
This course is not meant to include all aspects of the foreign language.
You should aready know a bit of Japanese before you start, for example with Duolingo.

I want to encourage you to travel, try Duolingo (the App), and listen and read and watch movies in the foreign language.
Of course travelling always is great.
You will see the progress in a few weeks.

This course, if you can call this book so, shall put it´s benefits on the market for you.
It gives you 12 stories, with whom you will be able to deepen your language knowledge.
To get started, have a look at the table of content.

This book is structured in 12 stories.
Every story is structured in 3 pieces.
1: the English story
2: the Japanese story
3: the Word for Word (WfW) translation from English to Japanese
In addition you find the mp3´s (in the table of content). Open the links, through clicking.
( @Japanese+Japanese slow, @English, @Sentence for Sentence mp3)
Just learn the things you want to do first.
Understanding the language through listening and reading;
Talking through talking with the recordings;
Writing through writing 🙂

This course is not meant to be a complete course for the foreign language.
I want you to check out other courses as well, like Apps and travelling and other texts and mp3´s.

These 4 Rules shall make it easier for you to learn the language:

1/ Read the English texts and imagine the stories. You might as well listen to the English stories.
2/Listen to the Japanese stories and at the same time read the Word-for-Word translation (WfW) in English.
Therefore you hear the Japanese Version and read the English WfW-Version.
3/ Listen to the Japanese text (mp3´s) in the background. At the same time you can do other stuff, you don´t have to really understand the recordings. It´s called immersion.
4/Make your own decisions. If you want to talk, talk. If you want to write, write. If you want to understand, listen and read the WfW-translation and listen to the Sentence for Sentence (SfS)-translation.

It is really easy, but that doesn´t mean it goes without work.
These Persons exist in the stories:

G/: Gerhard, the father of the family
U/: Ulrike, the mother of the family
T/: Thomas, the eldest son
A/: Anton, the middle son
M/: Markus, the youngest son
J/: Julia-the girlfriend of Markus
B/: server in the restaurant
W/: Wolfgang, a friend
L/: Laura, a friend

So long and see you on the other side,

Domina tus finanzas y maneja tu dinero (Spanish Edition)

by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

¿Sabes de qué se encarga la SBS y qué es? En esta historieta aprenderás las funciones de la SBS y cuál es su rol, de manera entretenida.

Pensamiento crítico: Cómo mejorar su pensamiento crítico y habilidades para la resolución de problemas y evitar los 25 sesgos cognitivos en la toma de … Español/Critical Thinking) (Spanish Edition)

by Scott Lovell

Si quiere mejorar sus habilidades de pensamiento crítico y resolución de problemas y convertirse en un maestro de la toma de decisiones, siga leyendo

Las habilidades de pensamiento crítico son esenciales en la nueva economía del conocimiento. Los empleos requieren cada vez más de habilidades intelectuales flexibles y la capacidad de analizar información y combinar diversas fuentes de conocimiento para resolver problemas.

Pero la verdad es que, a pesar de que la demanda de pensamiento crítico está en aumento, las personas siguen tomando decisiones costosas a diario.

Verá, la mayoría de las personas comete los mismos errores, tanto con su pensamiento como con su toma de decisiones.
Incluso puede ser víctima de varios sesgos cognitivos… sin ni siquiera darse cuenta.

Pero ahora, puede mantenerse informado con consejos de expertos, generalmente conocidos solo por los mejores encargados en la toma de decisiones, que maximizarán sus posibilidades de tomar las decisiones correctas en la escuela, trabajo, empresa o en situaciones familiares.

Al leer Pensamiento crítico: cómo mejorar su pensamiento crítico y habilidades para la resolución de problemas y evitar los 25 sesgos cognitivos en la toma de decisiones, usted:

  • Descubrirá cómo pensar críticamente
  • Aprenderá cómo combatir las tendencias o sesgos cognitivos
  • Se convertirá en un buen escritor argumentativo y podrá formar argumentos lógicos y sólidos
  • Comprenderá y reconocerá el pensamiento divergente y convergente
  • Descubrirá cómo sobresalir al hacer las preguntas correctas
  • Obtendrá una comprensión más profunda del proceso de pensamiento crítico
  • Será capaz de conducir a su hijo por el camino del pensamiento crítico
  • Descubrirá lo que los abogados pueden enseñarle sobre cómo aprender a pensar
  • Y mucho, mucho más

¡Obtenga el libro ahora para aprender más sobre el pensamiento crítico!

Spotlight On The Minor Prophets: Bible Study â?? 12 Book Bundle

by James Paris


Minor Prophets Bible Study Guide 12 Book Bundle

This is the full 12 Bible Study guide books in the ‘Spotlight On The MinorProphets’ series; Jonah, Obadiah, Joel, Micah, Amos, Hosea, Nahum,Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi.
Taken from aChristian standpoint, this is an introduction to the Old TestamentProphets, known commonly as the ‘Minor Prophets’. This title in no wayimplies that they are inferior in any way to the giants amongst theprophets such as Isaiah or Ezekiel; but rather the word ‘minor’ merelyapplies to the brevity of the writings of these Old Testament prophets.

Bible Study Guide for Group or Individual use

These are not intended to be in-depth bible studies as such; butinstead an introduction or summary of the Prophets, their times andinfluences both then and today. This short bible series on the OldTestament Prophets looked at from a New Testament Christian point ofview, is intended for individual or group use, and I have found themuseful for encouraging debate and conversation, on all the topics thataffected the peoples at that time; and now affect ourselves in today’sworld.

Studying the minor prophets reveals pearls of wisdom!

Job states that “As sure as sparks fly upwards, Man is born to trouble”.The social and economic troubles that the ancients faced are the sameones as we face now. It has been said that “if we do not learn from ourmistakes, then we are doomed to repeat them”. Perhaps it’s time tolisten to their problems and see what The Lord had to say through hisspokesmen – whom we know as the ‘Minor Prophets’.

There is no doubt that the guidance offered by these Old Testament characters, can for the most part, be profitably applied by the New Testament Christianwhen looked upon in the light of the New Covenant that Christianity hasto offer.
Books in the series: Spotlight On The Minor ProphetsBible Prophets Summary Books 1 – 12
12 Book Complete Study

How to Overcome a Mountain of Debt: The Fastest Way Possible Using Minimum Payments Youâ??re Already Making

by Bret Cutler

LEARN STRATEGIES THAT CAN BE IMPLIMENTED IMMEDIATELYThis is a nuts-and-bolts guide to setting up your own personal debt elimination plan that you can start today. It provides a basic understanding of the components of debt, reasons for getting out of debt, and steps to take for you, the reader, as you look at your own debts in order to get ideas on how to understand, apply, and compare a basic payment “roll-up”, “debt snowball”, or “debt avalanche” procedure to more quickly eliminate them.


As part of the guide, there is a debt elimination example that illustrates the process using a sample of typical debts. It shows the comparison between paying the minimum payment separately for each debt throughout their term and the results of a roll-up payment strategy. The reader can take the information presented and apply it to their debts and payment schedule. The illustration demonstrates how time and interest can be saved by implementing simple strategies.

It explains some fundamentals about credit cards payments and the minimum payment trap. It also teaches how to read an amortization table which will empower you to leverage your payment strategy for the maximum effectiveness of your payoff plan.

There is also information to help the reader look at some debts they might have that would not benefit from applying these strategies. This way, you’ll know how to choose which payoff strategy is best for your situation.

Torito: El regalo del abuelo (Spanish Edition)

by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

Hola, soy tu amigo “Torito”. Te invito a seguir mis aventuras al lado de mis amigos Santiago, Sofía y Sebastián. Juntos aprenderemos sobre el adecuado manejo del dinero, el valor del ahorro y el logro de metas.

Let’s all change together: Othere way to see the things in life (Firs Book 1)


World not goin change alone

Is better change all together.

How can change the world

Le trading, l’analyse technique et les erreurs des débutants (French Edition)

by Quentin Granger

Bien plus qu’un outil d’analyse technique, ce livre se destine particulièrement aux particuliers qui ont certaines lacunes en analyse technique et émotionnelle. Le trading est une activité dans laquelle vous êtes particulièrement sujets aux émotions et il va de soi qu’il faut une très bonne compréhension des marchés financiers pour pouvoir espérer un jour faire des gains sur le long-terme. Au travers de ce livre, vous apprendrez :
– A vous focaliser sur des marchés en particulier, pour ne pas s’éparpiller
РA avoir un money-management strict et des r̬gles pour trader
– A savoir où vous faites des erreurs et comment les corriger
– A connaître certaines alternatives de placement autres que les CFD et à créer des alternatives de long-terme pour capitaliser tout le long de votre vie
– A appréhender des outils tels que les options vanilles à des fins de couverture.
Le tout dans un langage qui se veut simplifié, clair, et sans langue de bois.

Para vivir seguros (Spanish Edition)

by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

¿Sabes de qué se encarga la SBS y qué es? En esta historieta aprenderás las funciones de la SBS y cuál es su rol, de manera entretenida.

Airway Management Practice Questions: 35 Questions, Answers, and Rationales to Help Prepare for the TMC Exam (TMC Exam, Respiratory Study Guide, Respiratory … RRT Practice Questions, RRT Exam)

by Johnny Lung

Are you preparing to take the TMC Exam?

Or do you just need some extra practice when it comes to learning about Airway Management? If so, then this is the right book for you.

In the coming pages, you will find 35 practice questions in the exact format of the ones you’ll see on the actual TMC Exam, all covering the topic of Pharmacology. Each question contains the correct answer, along with a detailed rationale explaining why that answer is correct.

Airway Management is definitely one of the most important sections on the TMC Exam. With that being said, this information definitely is not easy. This is not a reason to panic! It just means that you should certainly invest some of your time to truly learn and understand the concepts of Airway Management. The good thing is, the practice questions in this book can help you do just that.

This book is broken into two sections. Section 1 is for practicing. It includes the question, answer, and rationale all on the same page, for an easy-to-read and learn review. Section 2 is for testing. It contains the same questions, however, the answer is no longer given. This way, you can quiz yourself to see what you’ve learned. This is great for practicing while on the go, because you can highlight using the Kindle app. Then, you’ll be able to go back and see which questions you answered incorrectly.

Are you ready to take your knowledge of Airway Management to the next level and prepare to pass the TMC Exam on your very next attempt?

Then let’s get started with some practice questions.

¿Qué es la SBS? (Spanish Edition)

by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

¿Sabes de qué se encarga la SBS y qué es? En esta historieta aprenderás de manera entretenida las funciones de la SBS y cuál es su rol.

Infórmate y Planea tu ahorro para el futuro (Spanish Edition)

by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

¿Sabes de qué se encarga la SBS y qué es? En esta historieta aprenderás las funciones de la SBS y cuál es su rol, de manera entretenida.

Torito y el Misterio del Ahorro (Spanish Edition)

by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

Sofía y sus compañeros de clase tienen una linda tarea: comprarle un regalo a una niña. Sofía ya tiene elegido el regalo y está ahorrando para conseguirlo, sin embargo, algo sucede y no sabe por qué no logra alcanzar su meta de ahorro. ¿Nos ayudas a resolver este misterio?

Torito vs. Dr. Peligro (Spanish Edition)

by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

Con mis amigos jugaremos a los súper héroes, pero igual como sucede en las películas siempre hay un villano: estará el Dr. Peligro, que impedirá que mis amigos y yo: Súper Torito, podamos mantener seguros a los ciudadanos. ¿Será el mal o el bien quien gane esta batalla? Lee el cuento y descúbrelo.

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