Free science Kindle books for 02 Jan 19

MARIE’S STORY: My Mother’s Diary Of Her Journey With My Dad Through Alzheimer’s Disease

by Colleen Bixler

A Personal Journey of Alzheimer’s Caregiving


by Raine Parsons

A true and moving story about a wild squirrel that entertained women at a small town bank in Indiana.

Maneesh Dhauni Periodic Table-New Age Chemistry (volume Book 1)

by Maneesh Dhauni

Maneesh Dhauni Periodic table bring light to new chemistry vision to empower mankind for better future. Conversion of one elements to another, electronic battery with power last till more than 36 years are no future technology once you read Maneesh Dhauni periodic table. Maneesh Dhauni periodic table also reveals secrets of abundance of various elements, and radioactivity properties.

Design and Development of Underwater Acoustic Modem for Shallow Waters and Short Range Communication

by Vinay Divakar

Master’s Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject Engineering – Naval Engineering, Ocean Engineering, , course: Electronics Systems Design, language: English, abstract: The existing underwater acoustic modems are designed for deep oceans and long range communication leading to immense consumption of power and high cost. These long range underwater acoustic modems are not suitable choice for deployment in underwater sensor networks, Hence the problem was chosen to design and develop a underwater acoustic modems that operates in shallow waters of depth below 100m and for a short range of below 100 m. Underwater wireless sensor network is contemporary technology that can be applied in the fields of security, surveillance, military, commercial, industrial and environmental. The major drawback is that the traditional underwater acoustic modems cannot be deployed for underwater sensor networks. This work focusses on the research and development of the underwater acoustic modem for shallow waters and short range communication. The relevant background theory required understand acoustics and for modelling the unique characteristics of the underwater channel is described in detail. Different concepts to model and implement the functionalities of the transmitter and receiver were explored, while converging to the most suitable choice of concepts. The modelled system is simulated for different channel conditions such as depth, range and induced ambient noise. The results were analysed in order to conclude the performance outcome of the system. The modelled system can efficiently operate for a depth of 30m, 50m and 70m for a range up to 50m. The hardware was developed using minimum number of components as a proof of concept for efficient data transmission and reception using acoustic signals. The hardware was tested to operate efficiently in air, however hardware tests for underwater is suggested for future work, which will provide much better performance since acoustics is more suitable for communication in water than air.

Machine Learning: An Essential Guide to Machine Learning for Beginners Who Want to Understand Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data and More

by Herbert Jones

If you’re at the beginner stage and are looking to gain new knowledge about machine learning then keep reading…

WARNING: Do not read this book if you’re looking for a boring textbook containing a lot of dry math and programming lingo.

Every day, someone is putting down a book on machine learning and giving up on learning about this revolutionary topic.

How many of them miss out on furthering their career, and perhaps even the progress of our species…without even realizing?

You see, most beginners make the same mistake when first delving into the topic of machine learning.

They start off with a resource containing too many unrelatable facts, math, and programming lingo that will put them to sleep rather than ignite their passion.

But that is about to change…

This new book on machine learning will explain the concepts, methods and history behind machine learning, including how our computers became vastly more powerful but infinitely stupider than ever before and why every tech company and their grandmother want to keep track of us 24/7, siphoning data points from our electronic devices to be crunched by their programs that then become virtual crystal balls, predicting our thoughts before we even have them.

Most of the book reads like science fiction because in a sense it is, far beyond what an average person would be willing to believe is happening.

Here are some of the topics that are discussed in this book:

  • What is machine learning?
  • What’s the point of machine learning?
  • History of machine learning
  • Neural networks
  • Matching the human brain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AI in literature
  • Talking, walking robots
  • Self-driving cars
  • Personal voice-activated assistants
  • Data mining
  • Social networks
  • Big Data
  • Shadow profiles
  • Biometrics
  • Self-replicating machines
  • And much, much more!

So if you want a book on machine learning that can cause some people to scream for more as oppose to falling asleep, click “Buy Now”!

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