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TVC – Soccer Workout of the Day Program: Level I

by Jon Townsend

The key to developing better players is building a strong technical foundation. The Totaalvoetbal Concepts (TVC) Level I WOD program is a ready-made technical development guide suitable for players of all abilities in any environment. Coaches can use it as a tool to sharpen their technical sessions, too! What do you get with this technical program?
Six weeks (42 workouts!) of scaleable, manageable, and ready-to-do technical workouts for players of all abilities from the U-littles all the way to advanced playing levels
Player, parent, and coaching sections
Note sections to use after each training day for reflection and revisiting
Technical blueprint that stresses core foundational skill-sets that can be unleashed in match play
Structured workouts based on intensity levels (color coded)

Environ Bits & Bytes

by Pandikumar S

This book is a collection of environmental news, facts, and researches, and its expose the situation and status of the environment where we are in. The topics are covers almost all area of the environment and ecosystem. you can feel the crisis of the environment while reading this book.

Meet Your Match (No Match for Love Book 4)

by Lindzee Armstrong

An ice queen with no patience for love. The school playboy trying to save face. Can a crazy set of rules keep these two safely in the friend zone?

Sixteen-year-old Brooke Pierce is convinced that all boys are trouble. After watching her dad break up the family for a woman half his age, dating is the last thing on her mind. Too bad she has a knack for setting people up. Her dream has always been to work for Toujour, a professional matchmaking firm in Los Angeles, but now she’s uncertain about the whole concept of love.

Luke is the popular school playboy with a well-earned reputation for heartbreak. He’s never met a girl who doesn’t want himâ??until he flirts with Brooke and she turns him down in front of everyone. Desperate to save face, Luke pursues her, determined to win a date at all costs.

After a shocking revelation from her dad, Brooke and Luke form an unexpected bond. But Brooke is terrified of romance, so she creates a crazy list of rules to keep them safely in the friend zone. The problem is, that’s the worst place to be when you’re falling in love.

This is a sweet/clean contemporary romantic comedy prequel novella that will delight readers who love Hallmark movies. Each book in this series by USA Today bestselling author Lindzee Armstrong can be read as a stand-alone.

Read everything by USA Today bestselling author Lindzee Armstrong!

No Match for Love Series:
1. Miss Match
2. Not Your Match
3. Mix ‘N Match
4. Meet Your Match
5. Strike a Match
6. Mistletoe Match
7. Match Me if You Can
8. Matched by Design (coming soon)

Kiss Me Series:
1. Kiss Me in the Moonlight
2. Kiss Me in the Rain
3. Kiss Me in a Blizzard (coming soon)

Sunset Plains Series:
1. Cupcakes and Cowboys
2. Twisters and Textbooks

Accidental Bride Series:
1. First Love, Second Choice

Chasing Tomorrow Series:
1. Chasing Someday
2. Tomorrow’s Lullaby

Finish Your Marathon inside 4 hours with Dr Jim (A Dr’s Sport & Lifestyle Guide Book 3)

by James Graham

Insight from a physician who has studied the sport and personally raced more than 60 marathons. This illustrated book contains detailed (mile-by-mile) Marathon Race-day Plans for Finish Times from 3:14 to 4:14. Detailed 12 to 16 week Training Plans for runners and triathletes aged from 18 years to 75 years. For all abilities from beginner to elite.
The easiest Training Plan starts with just 11 miles running each week and has a Peak Training week of 24 miles. The hardest plan has Peak Training of 100 miles in a week.
Common running injuries and runner’s ailments are described and discussed.
The aerobic and anaerobic energy releasing systems of the body are explained. These methods can work for you. Go for it !!!!!

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Better Baseball: 9 Innings to Mastering the Mind Game (Baseball Book, Baseball Drills, Baseball Psychology, Baseball Hitting)

by Tim Quiery

There is an old saying that goes, “Get your head in the game.”

Never have truer words been spoken because the head is where winning at the game of baseball begins. Without a winner’s mind game and the right mental attitude, you can never be a success in a game like baseball long-term.

Why? Because your physical talent and natural gifts can only take you so far; the mental aspect of baseball is so important, and it all begins with you and the degree to which you have trained your mind and honed your preparation habits.

Remember that baseball is a game of failure, a game where the most elite hitters still fail 70 percent of the time. The need to develop one’s physical tools is obvious because no matter what, players will need to hit the ball, run the bases, master their pitches and make plays in the field. The Mind Game is just as important as any of those physical tools yet is discussed the least. Makes no sense!

“Better Baseball” looks to focus on 9 innings (chapters) of important mind game discussions each player needs to have with themselves, and action steps to take in order to develop the winner’s mindset. Areas of focus include:

*Taking Your Practice into the Games

*Finding Your Balance
*Self-Definition & Positive Psychology
*Routine, Practice Habits & Self-Management
*Dealing with Pressure
…and more!

Athletes, I ask you these questions:
-How do you react in moments of extreme pressure?
-How do you take practice into the games?
-Finding motivation on gameday is easy. How do you keep motivated on that casual Wednesday afternoon practice?
-Where is the fine line between aggression and over-aggression?
-Is your preparation efficient? What is the competition doing?
-Are you REALLY mentally strong, enough to compete with the best ballplayers in your age range?

“Better Baseball” avoids all ‘fluff’ and gets to the point. Designed for high school athletes, this book is a must-read for all future D1 stars and those who hope to play this game at their most optimal level.

My Winning Seasons: Discovering the Champion Within

by Joe Crochet

My Winning Seasons is Joe Crochet’s compulsively readable memoir about his experience as a cadet-student-athlete at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. From the rigorous challenges of the exhausting first year to the exaltation of being part of the team that took Citadel football to the next level, Joe paints a portrait not only of what it takes to succeed at The Citadel, but what it takes to win in life: vision, dedication, determination, focusâ??and the will to win. Inspiring and entertaining, this book is a compelling read not just for college football fans, but for anyone who wants an example of how to succeed.
“I have been around Citadel football since August of 1969. Throughout the years, I’ve watched many talented coaches and players come together each year to represent The Citadel with style and class. The 2015 football team was specialâ??they came together to create one of the most remarkable seasons in Citadel football history.
It was a great pleasure seeing Mike Houston and his staff instill confidence in the players. It was even a greater pleasure watching the players come together on and off the field forming a brotherhood that will last a lifetime. You could feel it in the locker room and see it on the field. This team was togetherâ??they handled adversity better than any team I’ve been associated with.
Yes, the 2015 Citadel football team was a very special group of young men. It was truly an honor to watch them create excitement and inspire the entire Citadel family. Joe Crochet was a key member of this teamâ??he’ll go down as one of the greatest defensive linemen in Citadel football history. Joe’s done a masterful job telling their story.”
Lt Gen (ret) John Rosa, â??73
19thCitadel President

Haystacks Calhoun

by Ollie Wilson

William “Haystacks” Calhoun is an instantly recognizable name to any wrestling fan. A legend in his own time, Haystacks popularized the country-bumpkin wrestler shtick and used his personality to win big both at the box-office and in the hearts of fans. Behind the overalls though, was a man who as a child had an enormous appetite and few prospects until he discovered the sport that would change his lifeâ??professional wrestling.

The Grassroots Judo Coach’s 10 Commandments: The Essential Information And Educational Tips For Grassroots Judo Coaching Success

by Rhadi Ferguson

When I started my career as a judo coach, I was a great polisher. This is not at all abnormal for a world class athlete with good communication skills and the desire to coach. It’s usual for them to be thrown into the top end of the developmental cycle to coach and not into the grassroots coaching realm. I was no different. I could take somebody who already had the raw materials in place, who already had some sort of development, and shine them up and polish them; help them become a champion, help them become an Olympian, help them win worlds, help them win national championships, and I was able to do this because I was a great polisher. But, when I became a grassroots level coach and started coaching with the Bahamas Judo Federation in 2009, coaching inside schools, putting together school programs, putting together dojo programs around the country, and doing the same thing for myself in Tampa, I had to learn how to become a manufacturer – and more so when I had my son and my daughter. I had to learn about total athletic development with respect to human development and early childhood education. I had to learn how to develop someone from the initial stages of nothingness and help them become something. Now, granted, these are all things I knewâ?¦ in theory. Back then, I could explain exactly how to do it, and when I accepted the Head Coaching position for the Bahamas Judo Federation, the President of the Federation, Mr. D’Arcy Rahming basically said, “Well, then do it!”

It’s a tough job. The hard part about the grassroots coaching process is that while we are so focused on the students we still need someone to focus on us, and that’s my reason for producing this book. I know that as you continue to pour out into your students every day, you still need someone to pour into you, someone to encourage you, someone to help you grow, and someone to push you forward to higher levels of excellence. This is because your pursuits are no longer about how many kids win medals at nationals, or how many medals you can win, your pursuit is about developing quality individuals who grow up to be good citizens, who move their way through the stages of the belt developmental system; from white belt to yellow belt to orange belt to green belt to blue belt to purple belt to brown belt to black belt to the point where they become an expert, an exemplar in judo, so that they can teach someone else – and do what you’re doing.

Your goal is to develop good people and to be an example for that development and, believe it or not, it’s a tough job. It’s a lot tougher than sitting in the chair at the World Championships coaching somebody through the rounds of a tournament. That is also a tough job, but not as tough as sitting in that dojo day after day and week after week adding to and creating the population which your country will access in order to choose their representatives on the world stages. The things I’m about to tell you in the pages of this book are the things I tell people oftenâ?¦ in fact, all the time. Many of us are competitors for a short period of time, but the truth is, most of us will coach much longer than we will compete. I would like to say thank you for picking up this book. I’d like to say thank you for listening. I’d like to say thank you for giving Dr. Ferguson a try, and I would also like to say thank you so much for doing what you do day in and day out, teaching the young people, young adults and adults inside of your dojo. You decided to take a leadership position, not only by running a business or running a program or developing a curriculum, but also by putting the responsibility of creating more practitioners in our beloved sport of judo on your back. I say thank you. I appreciate you, and let’s move on and learn with each other in the spirit of mutual welfare and mutual benefit as I go over the grassroots coaches’ 10 commandments for coaching success.

OUTPERFORM THE NORM for Student Athletes: Perform Your Best in Sports, School and LIFE

by Scott Welle


Outperform The Norm for Student Athletes is meant to make you BETTER. To enhance your performance. To maximize your abilities and individual potential in sports, school and life.

QUESTION: What percentage of success in your sport do you think is mental (as opposed to physical)?

I’ve asked this question to, literally, thousands of athletes over the years and, regardless of their sport, their answer is never less than 50%. 

CONSIDER: If 50%, or greater, of success in your sport is mental, how much TIME do you devote to mental training?

The answer is usually not enough…or sometimes none at all.

In this book you’ll discover not only how to perform your best in sports, school and LIFE, you’ll ALSO receive:

– The Champions Playbook (26 exercises you can use to perform better immediately)
– A Personal Peak Performance Assessment
– 12 “Why They Won” examples of high level athletes using these same strategies to Outperform
– A BONUS motivational secret that elites use to stay motivated (hint – no one talks about this)
– 3 additional audio + video tutorials on achieving greatness, taking massive action and embracing big challenges and adversity


Being unbeatable from the neck down cannot happen without first being un-beatable from the neck up. If the best athletes on the planet are ALL training their mind to enhance their performance in training and competition, why aren’t you doing the same? 

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve left it all out there on the field, ice, pool, court, course, or classroom. That is why I wrote this book. I want you to be YOUR best in everything you do.

About The Author

Scott Welle is a #1 best selling author, speaker, peak performance consultant and founder of Outperform The Norm, which trains athletes and high achievers to improve performance, increase confidence and raise their personal standard of excellence. He has authored 8 books, has a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and serves on advisory committees of three national level organizations. Scott is a foremost authority on motivation via the Brain-Body interaction and practices what he preaches regarding health and high performance – completing five Ironman triathlons, 29 marathons and a 100-mile ultra marathon. 

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Together Alone: A Summer in the Desert

by David Dye

This book is a recounting of my experiences in the wild ‘wastelands’ of southern Utah. I worked there as a counselor in a wilderness therapy program. This same area that I roamed in, slept in, defecated in, ate in, and grew in, later became the Grand Staircase / Escalante National Monument. Or, at least most of it did. And since then, some it has been ‘un-monumentized.’
But this isn’t about the monument, or the change in the land. It’s about a change in heart; the change in the hearts of those who called this land home for 9+ weeks of their life. This is a brief glimpse into the life that we lived, the primitive survival skills we learned, and the civilized relationship skills that we attempted to make into a part of who we were and are. And it’s a glimpse into the three-month evolutionary journey that I found myself on. A journey that started then, and continues to this day.
The first part of this book details some interesting, fun, and occasionally painful experiences that I and the ‘Young Abos’ (teen participants) had in the program. Read about making a fire with a bow-drill, finding dinosaur bones and arrowhead chippings on Death Ridge, a teen killer who was a gentle good person at heart, feasting on sheep, eating bugs, and a swollen testicle. Read about being lost, without water, and a three-day hike through a lonely, lonely land. All of this and more in the first part of the book.
The second ‘section’ of the book recounts some of the abuses that have occurred in wilderness settings. But also some of the successes of many good programs that are now in existence. There is an abundance of good ‘wilderness therapy,’ or ‘outdoor behavioral programs,’ now available. Read about some of the major players in these programs, as well as some of the major players in the primitive skills arena.
You will also have the opportunity to read about the experiences of three individuals who completed a wilderness survival program in different eras. The most recent account is from a young man who came back less than a year ago. He spent nearly three months in the western desert of Utah, and found this experience to be life-changing. A few years ago there was a student at a college who went on a ‘final exam’ as part of her college course work. Though brief in her account, the ‘flavor’ of the experience comes through. Then, back in the 1970’s, when BYU and Larry Dean Olsen first started the outdoor survival and primitive skills movement, there were dozens of individuals who went on a 30-day course experience, hiking hundreds of miles. Read the fascinating and fun diary of one of these individuals. He shares his experiences as well as his thoughts in both a fun and insightful read.
Though written by a psychotherapist, the book is written in a conversational tone. It’s meant to be ‘readable,’ and not boring. None of this textbook stuff, with ten-dollar words meant to impress. Rather, it’s meant to catch and keep your attention.
Some chapters of the book include:
First Day on the Job
Bustin’ A Coal
I Shot Him in the Head, and Killed Him
Ancient Ones
Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome
Ding Dongs and Twinkies
Creating a New Identity
Running with Nowhere to Go
Food. Always Food …
Swollen Gonad
Water, Water, Who Wants Some Water
Sheep Kill
Skinny Runners & Other Stories
My Wilderness Therapy
Reporting Abuse
Current State of Wilderness Therapy
Major Players in Wilderness Therapy Programs
Major Players in Wilderness Therapy
Major Players in Primitive Skills

Kendra Davis’ Experience
Bill Barlow’s Experience

Literature on Wilderness Therapy, Outdoor Therapy, & Adventure Therapy
Literature on Primitive Skills (Including Wilderness Survival)

Lastly, I include a chapter from my book “Ruminations From the Burr Trail.”

Without spending $24,000 tuition, buy this book and take a front-row seat and see how one of the earliest wilderness therapy programs operated.


by Michael Black


Become stronger – do 10 pull-ups: How to gain the obligatory pulling strength

by Michal Flešar

Try my simple guide to obtain basic strength every adult male should have – the strength to do 10 clean pull-ups. From my own experience, trials and fails, I provide the simple program in form of table with descriptions and suggested training session numbers. It is not here to do work for you, but it can help a lot, if you follow it rigorously. I think every adult man should be able to do 10 clean pull-ups, and you know what? Every adult lady should be able to pull herself up, too! This program will help anyone at the very beginning of his path to bodyweight traning. It does not contain any tricks and shortcuts.

Resupply on the Appalachian Trail from Springer to Waynesboro

by Stephen Marsh

This is some simple information aimed at resupply and hostel information ported over to Kindle format so that it can be loaded on a smart phone Kindle App. It contains some resupply, hostel and shuttle information and some other additional notes. Feel free to ignore as much of it as you don’t need and to share it freely. Information may be out of date, expect typographical and other errors. It has some slow (very slow) day estimates for the first 60 days on the trial. Expect to be going faster after that, if not sooner.

Those are provided just for perspective on resupply distances and stops.

It is not comprehensive, and the extra information is just for perspective.

Miles are from Guthooks as of 2018.

It covers from Springer to Waynesboro.

Your Handstand Pocketbook

by Leonard Vieru

Your Handstand Pocketbook aims to help you build a beautifully strong and functional body without the dread of having to push and pull metal in the gym. The handstand is the ultimate showcase of mental and physical strength, and let’s face it, hardly any of us enjoy working out as we know it.

With that said, why not try something that shifts your focus away from building muscle/losing weight whilst still reaping the benefits? Are you sold yet?

The contents of this book cover the following:

â?? Common mistakes and pitfalls
â?? Moving away from a workout mentality
â?? The “secret” technique and ways to implement it
â?? Core-building exercises
â?? Methods of handstand practice

Concisely written with various illustrations, exercises and a sense of humor (if you can call it that) that I’ve yet to find the word to describe.

This book contains strong language

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