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Bajo La Influencia: The Drunk Dial (Spanish Edition)

by J. Wesley Johnson III

Si ya tienes edad para beber, entonces eres lo suficientemente mayor para conducir bajo la influencia del alcohol. Los viajes de placer y la cerveza (y otros tragos) van de la mano; he aquí una guía esencial para evitar desastres por manejar bajo la influencia de alcohol o drogas. Por J. Wesley Johnson III.

Leer este libro puede ahorrarte 16.000 dólares o incluso, ¡puede salvar tu vida!Si tienes edad suficiente para beber, entonces eres lo suficientemente mayor para conducir. Si tienes la edad suficiente para beber y conducir, es probable que lo hayas hecho en algún momento u otro.¡Mantén este libro en tu auto!Beber y conducir nuevamente. Un enfoque revolucionario.Este libro responde a muchos escenarios del tipo “¿y si?” que podrían ahorrarte tiempo, dinero, energía y, lo más importante, ¡salvar tu vida!
Este libro diseminará todo lo relacionado con las drogas y el alcohol ende forma simple, ayudándote a comprender las leyes que rigen el consumo de dichas substancias en nuestro país y el mundo.Leer esto cambiará tu vida y ojalá salve las vidas de otros en el proceso.

I love Australia: Budget Work and Travel Australia Travel Guide. Tips for Backpackers 2019. Includes Maps. Donâ??t get lonely or lost!

by S. L. Giger

In this Australia travel guide, you will find travel tips for typical tourist destinations as well as insider tips for destinations off the beaten path. See the best side of the Australian West Coast, the East Coast, the most beautiful outback streets and experience a wonderful time in Down Under. Visit highlights like Melbourne or Sydney and take adventurous trips to beautiful white beaches, Ayers Rock or breathtaking waterfalls. Observe cute koalas and jumping kangaroos in the wild. Regardless of whether you are a tourist or on a gap-year, a work and traveler or a digital nomad, this travel guide for individual travelers contains all the information you need to plan your dream Australia trip.

Why should I choose this Australia travel guide instead of another?

â?? It is cheaper than other travel guides
â?? I’ve tried all the sights and activities myself and I describe in detail how I did it, so you can drive to the sights and save money on expensive tours or transportation. The opening hours and entrance fees are checked and updated again and again
â?? It is very light because you can easily carry it on your mobile phone or e-reader (who has enough space for luggage?)
â?? It will inspire you and inform you about secret dream locations that you do not want to miss
â?? It contains maps that show you free campsites and inform you about the destinations with symbols
â?? It is the best DIY travel guide for Australia

“I love Australia” focuses on the essentials. We show you the must-sees after our tour along the whole west coast, the south and the east coast and many places in the outback. From my experiences in Australia, a great travel guide with many highlights and personal experiences has emerged. I loved every minute I could spend in this eclectic country, even though it was not always a straight-lane highway. Breathtaking views of red gorges, bustling cities with great food or cafes, secluded and gorgeous beaches and unexpected sights to marvel at. Not to mention the cute koalas, dolphins, whales, and kangaroos. You will be able to see all this with your own eyes in the great outdoors.
I carefully planned all my trips with ideas from all the good travel guides I could find, so you do not have to spend that money anymore. I also used TripAdvisor and many helpful blogs and recommendations from locals. So, if you want a more personal experience than the usual tourist and have good explanations on how to get the best possible experience in one place, this guide is definitely right for you.

More information about other countries can be found on my blog:

As a thank you, if you buy “I love Australia” you will receive a free packing list and the highlights of my “I love Thailand” tour guide.

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And now GRAB “I LOVE AUSTRALIA” and the adventure begins!

Beginner’s French Lesson Part 2: Be understood by all French Speakers!

by The French Guru

Want to learn French to be able to communicate with the locals, the next time you are in France, Canada ( the French speaking-parts of it), Belgium, Switzerland, many African nations, Haiti, Martinique, French Polynesia, etc? Get this beginner’s French lesson and learn more of the basics- including checking into a hotel and practicing different verbs. A little effort goes a long way and you will impress your hosts!

My Hong Kong Holiday

by Adrian Taylor

Join Paul Smith as he is dragged along to Hong Kong by his parents for a business trip which turns out, for Paul, to be the holiday and adventure of a lifetime. Go to places that are not in the travel guides, meet local characters from taxi drivers to triad gang bosses, beautiful girls to a former Miss Hong Kong (third runner up) and get into a tangle with the Hong Kong Police and even a member of the CIA (sort of).

“My Hong Kong Holiday” is a light-hearted, energetic and cosmopolitan story about Paul Smith, a seventeen year old boy forced to accompany his parents on their business trip to Hong Kong. His parents give him plenty of money but spend all their time at work and in meeting and so Paul is free to do as he likes.

Ming, the taxi driver who drives Paul and his parents into town from the airport, turns out to have a colorful past and when he offers to be a guide for Paul during his time in Hong Kong it leads to Paul ultimately getting caught up with a local triad gang leader and a village which needs his assistance. In this village, he also meets the beautiful Maggie a cousin of a classmate who Paul has a fancy for.

Throughout the novel Paul is constantly thrown into the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and readers of all ages will find themselves falling in love with him and the adolescent way he narrates his way around various sights and districts and describes the many different encounters with the local characters. There are several scrapes that he and his new friends find themselves in and readers will be rooting for him all the way.

heiseibashonote-matabi okunofukaihosomichi (Japanese Edition)

by Heiseibasho

æ±?æ?¸æ??代のæ??のé?人ã?æ¾å°¾è?­è??のæ??ã??ç ?究ã?てきã?è??è??ã??å¹³æ?è?­è??ã?ã?ã?å??ç¦?æ??代にç??きã?è?­è??ã?ã??の訪ã??ã??ã?とã?できなã?っã?æ?¥æ?¬ã®åæ??ã??ä¸?ç??の主要観å??å?°ã??訪ねã?æ??å??のè¨?é?²ã§ã?ã??

ã??ã?くの細é?ã?ã§ã¯è?­è??ã?ã??ã?俳句ã??è© ã??でå½?å?°ã®æ??æ?³ã??ä»?に伝ã?てã?まã?ã?ã?ã??å¹³æ?è?­è??ã?ã¯ä»?風のã??ã?¼ã??æ??è¡?ã??企ç?»ã?ã?å®?é??にæ¡?å??ã?てきã?çµ?é¨?ã?ã??ã?ã??æ??è¡?ï¼?ç?¥æµï¼äººç??のときã?ãã?ã??主é¡?にã??奥の深ã?ç´°é?ã?ã¨ã?てまとã?ã¾ã?ã?ã??





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