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SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops â?? ISIS End of Days

by Eric Meyer

ISIS is almost beaten. Fast losing their powerbases in the MidEast, and with their terrorist allies deserting them. Yet the organization that shocked the world with their relentless brutality has a final act of terror to execute. An attack that will be beyond human imagination. Through kidnap and extortion, they have put together the means to develop a final chemical weapon. Nerve gas, of which a small quantity will lay waste to an entire city. An American city. For many, the â??End of Days’ is imminent.

A US Navy SEAL four man fireteam under Lieutenant Kyle Nolan is sent to eliminate the threat, and they link up with some unlikely allies. When their tiny force is ambushed, and trapped underground, escape is impossible. Still, they must escape. The SEALS are all that stands in the way of the worst terrorist attack in history. Out of time, outgunned, and out-maneuvered, they battle on against overwhelming odds to escape the trap they are in and prevent the mass slaughter of millions of innocent Americans.

SEAL Team Bravo Black Ops: ISIS End of Days is by the bestselling author of many other Spec Ops stories. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo titles, the Raider series, as well as Echo Six and the Devil’s Guard series.

The Petticoat letters (Rebels Of The Revolution)

by Kelly Lyman

At the outbreak of the Revolutionary war, Nora Bishop’s home is burned to the groundâ??along with her dreams, plans and all her family members except one. At 20-years-old and still unmarried, she moves to Manhattan to live with her Loyalist uncle, hoping to find her brother who has joined the Patriot cause against her late family’s wishes. But, battle breaks out and she finds herself at the mercy of one American ranger, Alex Fos-ter, who is the only person in a position to bring her to safety.

Her growing feelings toward Alex and his passion for freedom help her reevaluate her stance on the case for independence and makes her question her loyalties further. When she is asked to spy for the rebels, she agrees. But can she partake in the act of treason and do what is asked of her when the sadistic Captain William Roth seems to watch her every move and threatens the life of her brother who has been captured? And how can she grow closer to Alex when the war threatens to tear them apart?


by Geoff Lawson

South Africa, 1899. Can love triumph in a time of war?

Richard’s in trouble. He’s wounded, concussed and has a large bandage around his head. He’s also a prisoner and surrounded by heavily armed men.

Rachel is intelligent, cultured and charming, but things are not what they seem. The victim of rumour and innuendo she’s reached a new low in her life. With Richard’s help things began to improve, until in a desperate attempt to prove his worth, he volunteered to fight in South Africa and left her under a cloud. 

Once in South Africa, Richard is drafted into an intelligence group whose job is to hunt down a dangerous freelance saboteur. Richard is mugged and almost blown up, and although they manage to smash a cell, the elusive mastermind remains at large. 

While Richard is fighting in Africa, Rachel has problems at home, when a wayward brother becomes indebted and skips without paying the loan. Then, Rachel is kidnapped and ransomed for the debt. 

“A story so good I didn’t want it to end, so I read it twice.” Diana Devine.


by Mark Ahern

Alan, a college student with a severe disability has reaped his vengeance against the murderer of his sister but now it is it is time for payback. He immediately finds himself on a covert mission for a fanatical dissident republican faction intent on destroying the fledgling peace process. Over three thousand lives have already been snuffed out in the conflict.

But the failure of the mission hurtles him even deeper into the quagmire of indebtedness and violence as he is forced to watch the brutal murder of a volunteer. There is also beauty as he becomes entranced by a beautiful British agent almost twice his age. All the while he must continue with college if he is to have any chance of a better life in the future.

Just when he feels that he has done enough to escape his predicament, he hears the name of his ultimate nemesis – Tadg Kennelly. A ruthless monster who with religious zeal will stop at nothing to bring about his dream of a united Ireland. There is no such thing as innocence or non-combatants in his mind.

This is not just a thrilling tale of subterfuge and deception but also a coming of age story of someone fighting for their very soul. Torn between different allegiances he must make his way in a murky world where nothing is at it really seems.

Opération préventive: Groupe de Combat de la République (French Edition)

by Franck Grunewald

Marcus est policier. Il aime son métier, mais sa carrière stagne. Alors qu’il rentre chez lui, il fait une intervention musclée contre un groupe terroriste. Dès lors, tout bascule. Il devient un homme du Président et lance le Groupe de Combat de la République, dont le but inavouable est de supprimer les terroristes avant qu’ils frappent. Les techniques peu habituelles du groupe les mèneront vers les Navy Seals.

Young Lions Attack

by Andrew Mackay

Sam, Alan, Alice and Aurora continue to sabotage SS plans to arrest and eliminate a list of targets written in a secret Black Book. The Partisans discover the existence of a shadowy ancient Resistance organization with their own hidden agenda. The Nazis devise a plan to destroy the Hereward guerrillas once for all. Young Lions Attack is the fourth book in the Young Lions series and is a fast-paced, gritty war novel set in an alternative history of the Second World War.

The Young Lions series:

Young Lions

Young Lions Roar (winner of NGP Publishing Prize 2012)

Young Lions Hunt

And Do the Dead Feel Spring?

by Christopher Billing

At the beginning of the 20th Century millions of people’s lives were affected, to varying degrees, by the events of the First World War. My grandfather, Howard Hardy, was one of many. Returning from teacher training college in 1912, with a bright future ahead of him, nothing could have been further from his mind than the traumatic experiences meted out to him within a few short years.
And Do the Dead Feel Spring is based on a selected amount of factual events from Howard’s life that have been passed on to me by my mother, Howard’s daughter, and mine is the story they appear in. A story that highlights the effects of war on those ‘innocent and naive’ men, women and children, and how, even years later, the struggle to reconcile the experiences, and in some way integrate them into a ‘normal life’, continues – even to, in Howard’s case, a premature and unnatural death.

Mirage of Victory

by Martin Hicks

It is May of 1863 and the Civil War in North America has entered its third year. Facing a range of enemy threats, southern commander General Robert E. Lee proposes an invasion of the northern states to supply his army, relieve pressure on other imperilled fronts and to seek decisive victory on enemy territory that could end the war. Irish immigrant Daniel Ryan serves with his comrades of a Georgian regiment as the campaign unfolds, with Lee’s army manoeuvring northwards through Virginia and across the Potomac River into Maryland and Pennsylvania, moving towards a fateful encounter with the Union army around the market town of Gettysburg.

Martin Hicks lives in Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He began writing after a career in education and “Mirage of Victory” is his sixth book, based on the experiences of Daniel Ryan in the American Civil War of 1861-65.

Other novels by the same author:

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