Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 03 Jan 19

The 3 Ks

by William J. Ryan

The 3 K’s is a heart wrenching story based on a true double murder in Tampa, Florida and the American Injustice System. Jon is a hardworking man trying to support his family, and live a small portion of the American Dream. He comes home to find his wife and young daughter brutally murdered. After suffering the loss of his family, he is swept up in a life altering frame up that is perpetrated by blind and ruthless detectives in the Florida Justice System. The only thing that keeps him going, is finding justice for his family and exposing the injustice that he had endured.

Happy Panic Attacks!

by Amalia Esco

Happy Panic Attacks! is a novel intended for all those who suffer from anxiety. It’s not a step-by-step self-help book, but it may just help you more than any other book on this subject. For real help, you must be read from the beginning to the end, and not just parts of it. It’s sad at the beginning but very optimistic and funny later on. Are you tired of reading about “steps to get over your anxiety” without reaching any clear conclusion and without having any positive result, but on the contrary sometimes, to notice that you now have even more phobias than before reading such articles, articles that can actually induce more anxiety and phobias? I was tired too. Now that I’ve got over anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve written this novel starting from real facts, my own experiences, with sadness, happiness, awkward moments, many funny moments, conclusions I’ve reached, things that helped and things that didn’t. Each person can easily identify the reason of their anxiety just by reading this novel and then find the way to get over it, which is very easy. Do you actually think you are alone, feel that you’re a burden, and that no one understands you? You can’t be more wrong. You’ll find in this book all the shame, guilt, anger, awkwardness, or the deplorable physical state I had. Learn how I got over it. Learn from experiences, not from long lists of “things that could eventually help”. You deserve it, you deserve the truth from someone who’s not ashamed to share their most shameful moments.

Seeing through swirling smoke (Perfectly Imperfect World Book 2)

by Ruby Slippers

How did I get here? How did I end up in this place? Tears spilling down my cheeks, makeup ringed around one eye. Laying alone in a bed that reeks of old cigarettes and motor oil. The dogs, both smelling like dirty hair after days of the smell seeping in to their fur. I’ll tell you how I got here, I was born here. I live here. This is Bipolar disorder at its finest ladies and gentlemen. The glamour, the glitz, this is it! The good life!
I lie here in the filthy mess that he left. The mess that was my bed is now a pit of despair. The smell is nauseating and yet I miss him. I can smell him, but I can’t see him. Because he is gone. He is gone, and I am alone with just the memory and my sickness to keep me company.

Gainesville Ripper : The True Story of Danny Rolling

by Nikki Marshall

They called him the Gainesville Ripper and he was allegedly the inspiration behind the horror film “Scream.”

In 1990, Danny Rolling murdered four University of Florida students and a Santa Fe Community College student in their apartments with a United States Marine Corps military-style KBAR knife by stabbing, slicing, mutilating, raping, and even decapitating some of his victims. He had also been linked to and found guilty of killing a family of three in his home town in 1989: a crime for which another person was initially arrested. Rolling was later apprehended in conjunction with a botched grocery store robbery and later pled guilty to all of the grisly murders during jury selection in 1994. After an unsuccessful appeal of his death sentence he was ultimately executed via lethal injection on 25 October 2006.

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