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The Yarnell 7: The Seven Core Decisions for Extraordinary Living

by Amy Yarnell Carter

-Amazon Best Seller-

You have options.

You can choose to live an extraordinary life…or not.

And at some point in your life, you will need to DECIDE if you prefer to continue down the normal path of indecision and the general monotony of ordinary existence or if you prefer to get off that bus and be extraordinary.

There will be a time when you need to DECIDE that your life is NOT dictated by events and people around you but that your life is, indeed, your own.

You have arrived at that time NOW and you have a decision to make.

Do you want to live an extraordinary life? Or do you not?

The Yarnell 7 is not an ordinary book. It is a manual for living the best life that you can possibly live. It is NOT a positive thinking, imagine-it-all-and-it-will-come-true type of book. It is a guide of certainty that provides you with the seven most powerful decisions that you will ever make.

So if you are ready to finally LIVE at the HIGHEST LEVEL, then CONGRATULATIONS. You are on your way from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Yarnell 7 is based on the high performance decisions that the best-selling author, award-winning speaker and network marketing legend, Mark Yarnell, made on a daily basis. These seven decisions enabled him to live an extraordinarily happy, successful and all-around phenomenal life. Written by his daughter, Amy Yarnell Carter, The Yarnell 7 gives you the opportunity to make the same powerful decisions that Mark Yarnell made and to live the extraordinary life that you so richly deserve.

Read on, my friend, and as Mark Yarnell would say, “I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!”

Author Interview

“Amy Yarnell Carter – Decisions Define Our Lives”
By ManyBooks

Upon the passing of Mark Yarnell, legendary public speaker, network marketer and best-selling author, his daughter, Amy Yarnell Carter, decided to write a book about him. She realized that it was her responsibility to teach others why and how Mark Yarnell lived an extraordinary life so that they too could reap the rewards of high-performance decision making. As our Author of the Day, Yarnell tells us what it was like to have Mark Yarnell as a father, talks about the importance about everyday decisions in life and chats about her book, The Yarnell7.

“Please give us a short introduction to what The Yarnell7 is about.”
The Yarnell 7 is based on the decisions that my dad, Mark Yarnell, made on a daily basis. When he passed away in 2015, I knew that I then had the responsibility to explain why and how he lived such an extraordinary life. He was not only a best-selling author, speaker and legendary network marketer, but most importantly, my dad experienced true LIFE success. His levels of passion and joy and enthusiasm remained high throughout his entire life. The Yarnell 7 provides the powerful seven decisions that he made in the hopes that other people will be able to model him and live extraordinary lives as well.

“Why did you decide to write this book now?”
In 2015, I knew I had to write this book within the first week after he passed away…it might have been the first 24 hours actually. I had the idea, I had the title. The two-year delay was really due to the mourning process. Though it was a difficult time, I kept working on the ideas presented in this book and finally decided to write it earlier this year.

“Why are the decisions we make in life so important?”
The decisions that we make define our lives and it is very easy to NOT notice that we are making decisions all day every day within our own minds about the world around us. The Yarnell 7 covers decisions that we should be making all day every day on a very basic level, and in regards to the world around us, but it also explains the importance of the decisions that we make inside of our own minds and how incredibly vital they are to our success.
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You Can Fake A Bull Market Only So Much: Macro��For An Economic Perspective

by Hari Polavarapu

Global easy money party that made a joke of capitalism and made idiots look like geniuses may finally be getting over as central banks are trapped by their own policies and are backed to a corner now. Interest rate hikes and Fed Reserve balance sheet drain now moving up to $50 billion/month (or $600 billion/year) from October 2018 are nicely tightening the screws on cost of capital and liquidity. Recession, a clearance mechanism for stupidity and reckless excesses, is a long time coming. Be thankful if it is only a global economic recession by 2020.

The economic commentary ties in the roles of monetary madness, fiscal dystopia, crony capitalism, and the debt driven bull market in widening income and wealth disparities to the extremes. On the broader financial markets it notes that when the veil is finally lifted, math and wrath will be unforgiving on the altar of corporate and economic truth.

A reversion to the long-term mean entails at least a $31 trillion loss of wealth in the U.S. The corrective process – represented by a bear market – has a long way to go, and the pain will spread to all asset classes. However, to chart a regenerative path it entails a wipe out of the $50 trillion that has come largely from financial engineering at an aggregate level. It is not so much about a bull or a bear market, but it is about keeping economic sanity intact.

Moment of Signal

by Sreedhar Bevara

The best way to excel is not to follow the signals, but to find them for yourself.

This is the inspiring story, in true slum dog millionaire style, of a young man who first started as a waiter and street vendor while growing up in poverty in India. He leveraged â??Moments of Signal’ along his journey to guide himself into the company of people from whose wisdom he grew his own potential. He grew from the bottom to find himself at the top. Learn his secrets and become the leader you truly are.

Growth in leadership is not just about achievement, connections, authority, and position. The path is surrounded on all sides with SIGNALS. Not only outside, but inside of you as well. Developing an aptitude for sensing the â??Moments of Signal’ along the journey is the key to navigating your way from where you are to where you want to be; in a position of leadership. Once you’re there, sensing these SIGNALS will help you continue to develop your leadership potential into skills on par with history’s greatest leaders.

Learn the secrets of some of the world’s most notable people how they got to their position, how they select and encourage the best people, and how they turn crisis into opportunity at every turn. The world is waiting, and the great news is that it’s available free to everyone.

Inside you will find;
-How to find Signals that can be followed
-How to influence people to help you
-The simple magic of â??Choice & Action’
-How to leverage time to your benefit
-How to know what’s coming before anyone else
-How to deal and lead during crisis
-The secret of Health, Hygiene & Grace
-The Art of Sound Management
-How timely retreat can strengthen your leadership
-How to turn small opportunities into big growth
-And much moreâ?¦.

Limitless Memory : Learn to use Advanced Strategies to Learn Faster and Remember More to be More Productive (Memory Improvement, Productivity, Learning, Memorize, Remember, Memory Training)

by L.C Jino

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Use These Powerful Memory Secrets to Instantly Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Potential Today!

A Short Introduction of the Limitless Memory Kindle Book…

During the past years, I have told myself that I wanted to impart the special skill most people lack of which I am really proud of, I wished to be a part of their life transformation. This one skill that I have really mastered throughout the years of practicing which is having a fast & sharp memory.
Finally, it has come to this day that I am able to publish an eBook to share my unique skill which is not born with but through years and years of hard practicing to achieved my current state. Showing all the techniques which works for me and no doubt help each and everyone who read this eBook & keen to self-improve.
Spending several days and sleepless nights writing down all the knowledge that I have personally used which are effective and gain success from. “Limitless Memory: Learn to use Advanced Strategies to Learn Faster and Remember More to be More Productive” is an eBook for ones who wish to improve themselves, with a pure intention of helping people to enhance their memory.
I hope that you take the knowledge that I am imparting here in this eBook in good use for your future to learn easily and achieve a “limitless memory” which is the purpose of this eBook and my personal goal.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Chapter 1: Concentrate
  • Chapter 2: Excuses
  • Chapter 3: Do not Believe in Lies
  • Chapter 4: Be Here and Now!
  • Chapter 5: Create and Connect
  • Chapter 6: Bring Information to Life
  • Chapter 7: Using Your Body to Remember
  • Chapter 8: Pegging Information Down
  • Chapter 9: Linking Thoughts
  • Chapter 10: Remembering Names
  • Chapter 11: Remember Numbers
  • Chapter 12: Art of Memory
  • Chapter 13: The Methods I Personally Used & Recommend
  • Chapter 14 : Self-Discipline

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Grace for Riches: The hidden secret for money

by Cosmas Inyang

This book reveals the hidden secret of all ages for money and riches. And also unveiling to you the Grace for riches.
It’s time to manifest abundance and live the sweetest life ever. Welcome to the sweet life

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