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Lost Voices: Based On True Events

by Dr. Kashif Ali Kamboh

A story ripped from headlines, this is the scathing review of how class and money poisonously infect the systems meant to provide justice for children.

Moin, a six year old boy, lived happily with his poverty-stricken family in Pakistan. He was his family’s pride and joy. His death was a stain on his city, his country, his society. Every year thousands of innocent children are violated all over the world. It is a shame of our world that we have all these modern conveniences, yet cannot keep our children safe. These children have no voice and people must tell their stories for them. Even if it’s hard to hear, we need to hear and be appalled and horrified. We need to know because we need to remember and change things.

Autism Help: 6 Successful Parents Share Their Simple Yet Life-Changing Strategies To Help Your Child Thrive! (Austism Spectrum Disorder, Austsim Adults)

by Timothy Stevens

Discover simple life-changing strategies you can use immediately to help your child thrive!

Are you finding it difficult to come to terms with you child being diagnosed with Autism?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about the best ways to care for and raise your child with Autism?

Do you get bogged down with information and find it impossible to take the necessary steps?

Are you scared that what you are doing might actually be bad for your child and stop them from developing?

This ‘parenting a child with Autism’ guide provides practical strategies for:

– Managing Your Emotions
– Dealing With Painful Social Situations
– Easing Your Frustrations
– Regaining A Sense Of Control in your life

You’ll also learn things like:

– How to manage anger and aggression and what strategies work and don’t work

– How to respond effectively during the diagnosis and what plan of action to take and what these 6 parents would do differently if they found out their child was just diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.

– How to eliminate many of the uncertainties and confusion around effective treatments by sharing what works and what doesn’t

– How to start developing a great relationship with your child

– How to find the right school and what questions to ask

– How to develop strategies for all different situations so you are prepared

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You’ll also learn how to deal with difficult situations like…

– Melt-downs in a social places or in the morning before school
– Whether you should attend social functions and parties
– Getting your partner to be more understanding and supportive
– Keeping yourself emotionally safe

“Thank you for this very valuable book. I have a daughter with Autism and found this book incredibly insightful and has given me a lot of strategies that I am now using!”
— Grace Thiele

A Personal Note From The Author:
This book has been put together by a small dedicated group based on the realisation that there simply wasn’t enough information from parents with a child on the autism spectrum who had made great gains and achievements with their child. So we decided to put together a book which interviews parents who are forward thinking, information seekers and who are not giving in. These people are special in their own right because they have the ability to provide great value to others with their wisdom. After speaking with many parents, I understand the emotions around managing child with autism. That’s why we have put this autism guide together. It will heal the pain, ease the frustration, and help you regain a sense of control. Parents who have been in your position and made significant changes are pure gold and wisdom for you.

Release and let go

by Brianna Coleman

This book is about Brianna R Coleman and Shaknee N Golay life experiences of the cruel streets of Pensacola Florida

THE SECRETS TO BECOMING BABYWISE: 39 Things To Do Your Child Become Smarter From Pre-Birth to Early Childhood Stages

by Sandra M.

What do you expect from your child when you become the first time parent? Are you bringing up baby with the best health and a baby intelligence with the highest IQ?

Do you know what will do with your baby, in each period of development, to make a smarter baby and on baby wise? Or how to raise children to succeed?

Studies show that the development of children’s intelligence is dependent on nutrition, genetics, and exercise, interacting in the environment.

The child’s nervous system begins to form as soon as conception and develops rapidly from the eighth week of pregnancy.


39 Things To Do Your Child Become Smarter From Pre-birth to Early Childhood Stages

In this Book You Will Get: 

  • 4 ways to prepare during pregnancy to ensure that your baby is healthy and an extra boost of intelligence in the womb

  • 4 method listening to and participating with music to help your child have a higher IQ

  • 6 types of tools for different ages and how they benefit your baby

  • 3 DIY things you can make at home to help with stimulation

  • 15 great different exercises and games ways to encourage the development for you to do with your child

  • 6 Things you can do to develop your child’s talents from a young age

  • Baby potty– Early potty training and how it works

As parents, the main thing we want for our children is the best. We want them to be admired and have success in life. We often enroll them in the best schools and search for the best extracurricular activities. But we can be doing so much more and it all starts in infancy

I hope you will read this book, about baby secretschild development booksbabywise kindle and can be doing everything for your child, developing child it all starts in infancy-baby wise infant, to increase your baby’s intelligence, smarter babybabywise– in a holistic way in this the most important period of development.

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