Free reference Kindle books for 03 Jan 19

Selenium IDE 3 Reference Guide: Version 3.4.4 (English Book 181230)

by Tibor Száraz

This is a Selenium IDE 3 Selenese command Reference Guide.

Selenium IDE 3 is a Firefox AND chrome plugin, which can record and play back the user interactions with a browser application. You can use it to either create simple scripts or a more complex exploratory test.

In this book you will find:
* All Selenese commands and their descriptions
* Example scripts for all Selenese commands
* Example logs related to a certain selenese command
* Example pages how it looks like before and after the Selenese command execution

German Simplified Summary – Steve Jobs – SimSums: Intermediate – Advanced Graded Reader for German Language Learners (German Edition)

by SimSums

Are you studying German? Are you already at an intermediate to advanced level but want more practice? Are you tired of reading boring stories written for kids?

This is a shortened and simplified summary of Steve Jobs biography. It’s written in a way that is easy to read without losing the important parts of the story. With SimSums, you’re able to read interesting book summaries while improving your German. This book is written at a level ideal for intermediate to advanced level German language students.

Learning a language has never been easier. Use Kindle’s built-in dictionary to learn new words as you read.

Learn about Steve Jobs while you improve your German!

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