Free religious fiction Kindle books for 03 Jan 19

Book of the Greatest Bible Story Poems Volume 1

by D. A. Lindsay

Book of the Greatest Bible Story Poems. Volume 1 is a delightful collection of popular bible stories written in poetic verse. This colorful collection of poetry (complete with authentic bible references) both enlightens as well as encourages youthful readers of all ages to research the actual events from the authentic texts on their own. All who read this wonderful book will enjoy this fresh presentation of these engaging stories while being reminded that the same God in these stories is still able and willing to help each and every one of us today.

Egoic Traps To Be Avoided: A facilitator for releasing unnecessary expressions and, consequently, allowing for graceful and effective communication.

by C. Know Be-Create

  • Egoic Traps to be Avoided is a compilation of 50 common expressions that result in suffering
  • Each expression is accompanied by its cause, effect, resolution, and a reflective thought
  • Identifying and relinquishing egoic patterns gives rise to authentic expression and communication
  • Authentic communication attracts meaningful, graceful, and joyful relationships
  • Learn to become truly useful with and for your relationships
  • The truly useful are invulnerable

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