Free sports Kindle books for 03 Jan 19

Sailing the Ogre: A Log of a Woman Wanderer (Annotated)

by Mabel Stock

Mabel Stock, her brother Ralph, and their friend buy a 45-foot gaff-rigged sailboat after World War I and from 1919 to 1920 sail it half-way across the world. They are one of the first cruising yachts to transit the Panama Canal in the OGRE sailboat. They go on to sail the South Pacific. This is one of the earliest accounts of a sailing yacht cruise authored by a woman. Mabel Stock joins the ranks of the Captain J. C. Voss and Joshua Slocum as an earlier pioneer of long-distance cruising in small sailing yachts. Mabel Stock and other crew sail from England to Spain, the Canary Islands, Barbados, Panama, the Galapagos, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, Tahiti, Palmerston Atoll, and Nukualofa, Tonga.
This was first published under the title of A LOG OF A WOMAN WANDERER in 1923 by William Heinemann Ltd., London. The 2019 Oxriver Publishing edition edited by Dr. Linus Wilson is annotated to bring out the historic significance of the text. This new version is edited to improve its readability for modern sailors. Mabel Stock died in 1941. This was her only book. In the text is a rare biography of the author created from consulting government documents and other, original source material.

The Mindful Athlete: Because, Every Sport is 90% Mental

by Rajat Sharma

Physically all players are the same, but it is the mind that separates top players from the average one’s. It is true that every sport is 90% mental, as the body does what the mind tells it to do. The Mindful Athlete, is an athletes self help book, which would enable players to experience the Zone State at will, which remains a mystery for most. The zone is a state where players often feel a trance like state, accompanied by increased confidence and concentration levels, and numbness of mind to any negativity.
The Mindful Athlete would empower athletes to take charge of their mind, emotions and game in a very powerful way. The human mind is a very complex machine, and it mostly works against players as they have not read it’s user’s manual. This book is like a user’s manual of the mind, which would enable players to remain confident, handle anxiety, therefore, reaching the zone state at will.

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