Free travel Kindle books for 03 Jan 19

Camino de Santiago Journey 2019: Helps, Hints and Tips For Peregrinos

by Tex Lang

Camino de Santiago Journey 2019 provides valuable up to date helps, hints and tips for anyone considering walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Written by a pilgrim who walked portions of the Camino in 2018, the book includes a special section for older peregrinos and those with physical limitations. Camino de Santiago Journey 2019 gives attention to many of the little details of ones daily journey which are overlooked in most books on the topic. Application of just one of these many tips will help allay uncertainties one may have about taking on this venture and save much time and money.

Japan Travel Planner: Japan travel guide with helpful tips for individual tours

by FlyEatWander Travel


A trip to Japan has been on your mind for a long time, but so far you have not dared to actually fly to that country or your funds were not quite enough? This travel planner will give you an answer to all your questions and many more tips that will make your trip cheaper.


What you will find in this guide:


– Tips for the main attractions in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and other places

– Information about the Japan Rail Pass and the best modes of transport in Japan

– Translation aids and explanations for everyday Japanese curiosities

– Tips for different accommodation options

– Hiking trails with spectacular views

– Tips on how to easily find your way into the Japanese culture as a tourist (the delicious food, the quiet temples or onsen where you can relax)


Plan your dream trip in Japan with this guide. Once you start reading, you will understand that Japan is very logical, and you can get by well as a traveler, even if you do not understand Japanese (and most Japanese people do not speak English).

Get ready for this adventure and soon you will be eating yummy gyozas or even kobe beef, in the place where it’s from.


E-Book Categories of Japan Travel Planner:


– Japan Travel Guide

– Travel Guide Japan

– cheap travel

– Lonely Planet

– Marco Polo

– Travel Guide Tokyo

– train travel

– Japanese food


And now, grab this guide and your trip to Japan can begin!

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