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From Rock to Water: a healing journey

by Nino Surdo

Nino Surdo moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and bodybuilding. His twin brother, Leonardo, joined him there, and for a while the two seemed to be on the verge of stardom. Hollywood is hard on dreams, however, and Nino learned that his brother harbored dark habits. After Leonardo died in his arms from a drug overdose, Nino reexamined his life and embarked on a path toward a very different kind of success.

In his poignant and inspirational memoir, From Rock to Water, Nino looks back at the childhood that shaped his and his brother’s youthful idealism and how it all went wrong. He explores a grieving process that led to a spiritual reawakening and renewed sense of purpose as a life coach and teacher.

Many years after his brother’s death, Nino continues his successful career in academia. He discovered the art of qigong and studies the mystical healing power of Eastern philosophies. In sharing his memories, Nino hopes to show others how traumatic events often serve as catalysts for new beginnings.

ME & My Big Fat Mouth: Essays About Life & Love from Your Average 30 Year Old

by Mary Esp

Tired of seeing opinions of the rich and famous? This is from the average woman’s perspective. Her take on anxiety, depression, casual dating, friends and more. This is a book of essays that will make you smile and say, “Me too. I am not alone.”

The Streets Call Me Treasure

by Shaunta Kenerly

“The Streets Call Me Treasure,” is about a young woman brought up in the grimy streets of Dayton Ohio only taught how to take what she wants in this world. Treasure does that exactly, by robbing every man she comes across. She takes his love, his gifts, and of course his money. Until one day she meets Rashad. Rashad is a rich, sexy, and feared drug dealer from Columbus. He takes her as his wife with all of her flaws and changes her life totally. Rashad wants her to experience the finer things in life and he wants to share everything with Treasure even her. After Rashad introduce Treasure to another woman, Treasure begins to believe that she may like the touch of another woman. Meanwhile Rashad starts to treat her badly and beats her in front of their young son. He chooses the streets and the freaky strippers over his wife an forcefully kicks her out with nothing but their son and a broken heart. Not sure of herself, Treasure is lost with finding out the true woman she is.

Escaping The Allure Of the Game Part 3 (Married To The Game)

by Shaunta Kenerly

Maurice White A.K.A. Reese, leader of one of southwest Ohio’s notorious drug cliques is finally imprisoned. Government agents and prosecutors are determined to take down the whole clique by any means necessary. Reese plays the last card he was dealt and agrees to a lengthy prison sentence. While incarcerated Reese continues to hustle and survive.He forms a crew of hungry soldiers and take over the illegal business within the prison walls. Now with his whole clique locked away the only person Reese can count on from the streets is his wife. Diana was never around the drugs or violence but her husband needed her and she needed him. Reese provides her with an international drug trafficker and the game was back on. Diana is faced with losing everything she has until Reese gives her keys to the game. Diana quickly takes over the streets which her husband left behind. She regains the power, the respect and the money. She is now officially married to the game.
Will Diana risk everything to keep the money flowing and live her extravagant lifestyle?
Or will she escape the allure of the game?

Murder on the Oxford Canal: How to Murder on the Oxford Canal in 5 easy steps

by Beau Brighton

How to Murder on the Oxford Canal in 5 easy steps

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Journey to Clarity

by Chidera Ochuagu

Why the hell would you even want to read a little book written by a little nineteen-just-turned-twenty year old
Nigerian girl?

This book is a personal memoirs of a little girl telling the story of her journey from gloom and blur
to clarity of vision and purpose.

Break the Violent Fetters: Life Beyond the Closet and the Pulpit

by Joshua Khatena

In 2009 I laid in a Beijing hostel room, 750 yards away from Tiananmen Square, for 2 days, waiting for my friend to leave China, so that I could kill myself for being gay.

I prayed to God for 15 years to heal my so-called “sinful desires.” In that hostel room I began to realize there was never any sin to begin with.

That is the crucial moment of suicide impending, spiritually-awakened, David-Bowie title-tinged Chapter 9: Little China Gurl. It was also the water-shed, Eureka-shouting, Fear-and-Loathing moment of my own life.

This is the book I wish I could have read as a teenager discovering my homosexuality in the religious Christian American South. It is told through my own experience before expanding into the broader patriarchal, political, religious, and historical reasons that have caused so much unnecessary confusion & pain in so many lives in the LGBTQI+ communities.

Lessons of empowerment through philosophical reasoning and personal experience are offered to the reader before ending with a blueprint of where the author hopes, we as a collective society, and as individuals, are going. Poetry and photographs are also interspersed through these 14 chapters- relevant to each particular topic.

For the past 6 years, I worked as an investigator for Child Protective Services of Texas, with AD/HD and anxiety, eventually attaining the position of Senior Advanced Specialist IV. I’ve worked with or assisted approximately 870 families during my tenure at CPS- including 19 counties in North Texas. Factoring in my total case load- I know that at least 32 children’s lives were legitimately saved because of our intervention.

It’s not about the numbers, because to me- there is no greater task than being able to help out another human being especially those who are unable to self-protect. Still, even with those wins for LIFE, I keep seeing cases after case of children and teenagers who had attempted to, or expressed wanting to kill themselves as they began to realize their sexual orientation or gender identities were not heteronormative.

In short, kids were wanting to kill themselves for being gay, queer, or non-binary. That was my story too. I quit my career in social work in June of 2018, so that way I could pursue this message of unity, of wholeness, healing, and love to all- but specifically geared to people who are struggling with their sexuality, gender identity, or have felt marginalized, different, oppressed.

This story is told through a pop-culture tinged personal present-tense narrative; reflecting upon past events in my personal life and exposing broader societal hypocrisies throughout the past and current histories. Societal and religious messages have made children, teenagers, so many humans doubt their general worth and who they truly are supposed to be.

This book continues to explore societal, philosophical, theological, and geo-political reasons that have brought us to the Trump-era’s war on women, homosexuals, immigrants, and anyone veering from a patriarchal “pussy-grabbing” intolerant Christian world-view.

It is my intention that each reader will walk away from this story with the same self-confidence, love, and acceptance written within these pages.

I broke the violent fetters and walked into living exactly as I, as we, are all meant to live- free, empathetic, joyful, in true liberty, and with hopeful empowerment for all humankind.

My Camp: Life in the French Foreign Legion

by J. R. Lawrence

Follow the story of a young man, who, through a chance encounter in prison, leaves his life of crime and joins the ranks of one of the world’s toughest fighting forces.

J. R. Lawrence served in the 3rd company of the parachute regiment (2REP) from 2007 – 2011.

The author served in the Foreign Legion during the War on Terror period and the book includes a chapter on the war in Afghanistan.

A Life Lived Twice

by Allyson Hamblett

Allyson Hamblett is an author who uses her work to make people think about society and the way it shapes and moulds us. She has been writing most of her life, but published her first book in 2017. With humour and grace Allyson talks about her journey as a transgender woman.

Soulja Story: Life in My City (Volume 1)

by By. Lorez Simms

This is one of the most thrilling books you will ever read. Full of action packed drama and suspense, the contents of this book are written from distant memories. Based on the real life of young male teenagers in my city growing up in the hood, where words like long life and success didn’t exist. With only the strong survive mentality, you either get it how you live or you live to get it if you’re a Soulja.

Jack The Ripper and the Maybrick Family

by Mike Covell

On May 11th 1889, Liverpool cotton merchant James Maybrick died.

His untimely end led to the trial of his wife, Florence Maybrick, who was eventually found guilty of the crime of poisoning. Fast forward to 1993 and the discovery of a document claiming to be the diary of Jack the Ripper surfaces. This book provides an up to date overview of the alleged diary and “Jack the Ripper’s watch”.

It looks at the Maybrick family and their connections to Hull.
It looks at the Maybrick family and their connections to a doctor who was stationed in Whitechapel in 1888.

Featuring a wide range of primary sources, contemporary newspaper accounts from the Hull press, and much much more.

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