Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 04 Jan 19

JAVA – The Beginnings

by Ralph Lecessi

If you want to learn Java, but have never programmed
before, this is the book for you!

JAVA – The Beginnings is organized as a series of
easy to understand lessons, that provide many diagrams
and java code examples to illustrate concepts, rich in the
features of the java language.

Proven in the classroom, the author has successfully taught
these lessons to students from the middle school through the
undergraduate level, making it the book to teach java for kids.

JAVA – the Beginnings is a comprehensive java reference and an excellent
choice for your first java textbook. Among java programming books, it
stands out as a beacon of java learning, and presents
java in a nutshell through simple examples.

If you know Java, but want a primer, you’ll love JAVA – The
Beginnings. The book contains 180 programming exercises
which reinforce the subject matter as java the complete reference.
The short problems review programming syntax, while the long problems
teach java how to program by applying the lesson material in solving problems.
If you know Python or C++, this book can teach you java in 24 hours.

The book also contains lessons learned by the author through
over thirty years of programming in the aerospace,
telecommunications, and payment industries.

Agile Methodologies: Quick Guide

by Ahmed Fahmy

The book represent a comprehensive and most wide set of agile methodologies which are most used in software development industry in a simple language to get the readers with no experience in agile quickly and strongly dive into the world of agile development and adopt its practices in the current and future product development.
The book represents its set of agile methodologies in a form which is most similar to a comparison study to work as a neutral guide for all agile participants to rely on to choose the agile methodology which best fit for his need to master only what you will practically use and adopt in your development not to what you may need and may never practically use.
The book also introduces a short introduction of the overall software development process, terminologies and concepts with software engineering fundamentals, phases and activities before going into a core information and guidelines about agile in order to get the most out of subsequent chapters of agile methodologies and practices by setting a simple and definitive definitions for the main and general concepts after eliminating any confusion about definitions and terminologies.

Get Swipe Right: Online Dating Guide Top 10 Rules to Create Great Internet Dating Profile Photos that GET RESULTS

by April Braswell

If you’re a single over 30, 40, or 50+, by now you’ve encountered the Tinder Effect: the all importance of your primary dating profile photograph!

With Online Dating sites and apps going mainstream, millions of relationship seeking singles are looking for love online and via the singles apps. Your dating profile photos have always mattered. But now with the Tinder Effect, your primary profile photo can literally make or break your chances of finding love and attracting a great LTR long term relationship, potential dates, and possible life partner, possibly a husband or wife.

Too many singles are failing miserably with the photos they’re posting and having a terrible time at online dating, resulting in saying, “Online dating just isn’t working for me!” Learn from’s award winning midlife dating expert and columnist, April Braswell, about how to stand out online amid that sea of sameness with great dating profile photos and enjoy better results and more dates with quality singles.

*Discover what photographs you absolutely must include.
*Uncover the secrets to getting a swipe right and avoid the dreaded swipe left with better internet dating profile photographs.
*Learn how you might inadvertently be turning off the opposite sex with the pictures you’re including.
*Learn what NOT to include in your photos.
*Learn what to do with your photos and profile to earn the trust of Potential Dates so they don’t mistake you for catfishing!
*Learn what to do when you’re actually extremely good looking so you attract the right kind of attention.
*Discover how to manage portraying your figure, your physique to get date-worthy interest and not just requests for a hook up!

Plus 5 Bonus Online Dating Quick Tips to guide you to that great First Date that just might lead to love!

April brings her over 20 years of professional Sales and Marketing expertise to the world of online dating, helping singles to manage their image, their activities, and their communication to build each other up and navigate the path to finding and creating life-long love. Widowed herself fairly young, she has now done this twice, studies the academic studies on what actually works in the psychology of social behavior, combines that with her professional expertise, and bring what works and what doesn’t to thousands of singles.
Grab all the gifts and resources that go along with the ebook included in the beginning of the ebook to help you implement her sage advice. It works! Clients attest to fun and surprising results when they implemented these changes. You can, too!


by Brian Dean


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Social Media Marketing: Guida alle strategie di vendita per online marketing su Facebook, Instagram e Quora per promuovere senza imparare SEO e Google … B2B e B2C su Internet (Italian Edition)

by Luigi Padovesi

La raccolta definitiva di manuali sul Social Media Marketing.

In questo volume imparerai a vendere tramite i più importanti social media che non puoi ignorare.
Entra subito nel dettaglio e inizia da subito. Ogni guida contiene consigli pratici che puoi seguire fin da subito.

Facebook Marketing

Promuovere la nostra attività su Facebook è ormai fondamentale per garantire alla nostra azienda visibilità e nuovi clienti.
Ma come possiamo fare?
Facebook ci mette a disposizione tantissimi strumenti che possiamo utilizzare per raggiungere con estrema precisione le persone interessate ai nostri servizi. E’ un’occasione unica: possiamo mostrare il nostro annuncio solamente alle persone interessante, garantendoci un ritorno sull’investimento molto alto.
Con Facebook Marketing, Luigi Padovesi spiega nel dettaglio come funziona la promozione su Facebook, con approfondimenti sull’algoritmo e con cinque approfondimenti pratici per farci capire come utilizzare le funzionalità più comuni – e anche quelle meno esplorate!

In questo libro vedrai:
– Cos’è Facebook Ads
– Come e quando usare Facebook per la promozione
– Come definire una strategia di marketing su Facebook
– Come creare un target di potenziali clienti
– Come creare un post sponsorizzato – dal punto di vista tecnico!
– 16 Approfondimenti sui formati pubblicitari a disposizione
– Come fare remarketing e retargeting
– Come analizzare i nostri risultati
– Gli errori da NON fare

Instagram Marketing

Instagram è in rapida crescita.
Oltre 800 milioni di persone usano Instagram ogni mese.
Questa è un’enorme opportunità: infatti, secondo Statista, nel 2018 sono stati venduti prodotti per oltre 6 miliardi di dollari su Instagram contro i meno di due miliardi di dollari nel 2016.

Si tratta di una crescita incredibile che non accenna a fermarsi: i brand ricevono molta più attività sul loro canale Instagram – in media 4 volte in più, e il 14% degli utenti è interessato ad acquistare un prodotto direttamente dall’app.
In questo libro approfondiremo le modalità e le strategie per fare marketing su Instagram e vedere risultati, senza perdere tempo e soldi in test e strategie fallimentari.
Il focus di questo libro non sono le vanity metrics: l’obiettivo del marketing su Instagram è vendere.
Accumulare followers inutili, like casuali e commenti automatici non porta soldi. Lasciamolo agli altri.

In questo libro imparerai:
РCome definire un obiettivo per la tua strategia su Instagram Рe perch̬ 9 persone su 10 non lo fanno!
– Ottimizzare il tuo profilo per portare conversioni
– Creare post efficaci in un contesto efficace
– Lavorare con gli influencer per un boom di followers – e di vendite!
– Mettere i tuoi clienti al lavoro facendoli divertire
– Creare post sponsorizzati su Instagram

Quora Marketing

Chi desidera migliorare la propria reputazione online, creando quella che nel marketing viene denominata brand awareness, troverà di sicuro in Quora una piattaforma online utile ed estremamente interessante.
Le risposte accurate e dall’alto livello qualitativo ai quesiti degli iscritti consentono da un lato la possibilità di sfoggiare approfondite competenze settoriali e dall’altro l’opportunità di creare traffico per il proprio sito internet mediante la logica della condivisione dei contenuti.
Solo una strategia di marketing pianificata nei minimi termini può garantire il raggiungimento di ottimi risultati.

Thinking: How It Works and Affects Your Life: Linguistics-Religion-Philosophy-Psychology-Neuroscience-AI (Japanese Edition)

by Teiji Nishizawa

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