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Cyborg Pool Boy: A Cyborg Shifters Short Story

by Naomi Lucas

What could a fabulously wealthy heiress possibly do when an alien monster takes up residence in her pool? Call a Cyborg Monster Hunter, obviously.
Little did she know that she just hired a monster to take out another monster.

Tangled Web (The Carter Legacy Book 1)

by Wendy Saunders

TANGLED WEB – The Carter Legacy #1

Cassandra Grayson leads a quiet life managing a library in Queens, NY. There’s only one thing missingâ?¦ her sister.
Cassandra hasn’t seen her sister since the night their wealthy, prominent father died from a massive heart attack. She had only been five years old at the time and can barely recall the events of that night. All she can remember was that men came to the house and that it was the last time she saw her sister. Her alcoholic, emotionally unstable mother refuses to discuss her and will only say that she had been sent away to an exclusive boarding school in Europe. But, as the years pass by with no word from her, Cassandra begins to suspect there is more to her father’s death and her sister’s disappearance than she first thought.
Desperate to find answers she hires a private investigator, but when he turns up dead it becomes clear someone doesn’t want her looking into her family’s past. When wealthy businessman Jackson Evans stumbles into her life, with problems of his own, they realize his family and hers are inexplicably entwined in a web of deceit and murder, which spans two decades.
One by one, everyone who was in her home the night of her Father’s death, begin to die under suspicious circumstances and it becomes a race against time to uncover the truth, before she becomes the next victim.

The Carter Legacy:
Book 1: Tangled Web
Book 2: Twisted Lies
Book 3: Blood Ties


Initiation YA Edition

by Phil M. Williams

He was ready for the game. The initiation and the aftermath â?¦ that was a different story.

Carter Lynch was an outsider, an army brat transfer. He had what it took to be a star. He was focused, talented â?¦ violent. Carter didn’t join the football team to make friends or win championships. He didn’t care about anything but taking a starting spot, earning a scholarship, and leaving. Until he met Sara and Ben.

Ben was desperate to fit in, desperate for the same starting spot, and desperate for the same girl. The uneasy friends were on a collision course that would change everything.

Some adult language and sexual content.

Choose Your Poison: The Confessions Of A Stripper

by Terrie Branch

Choose Your Poison ( Confessions of a Stripper)

Meet Chrissy Burton or shall we say Krystleâ??â??â?? A young broke college student turned stripper in the engrossing novel “Choose Your Poison (Confessions of a Stripper).
Influenced by her peers, she soon drops out of school to bare it all for the love of money. How could she resist? It definitely paid the bills! Krystle made some decisions on her journey, that she would soon regret. Shockingly, her co-worker from her daytime gig reveals his attraction to her â??â??â??â?? clueless about her promiscuous ways. She has hopes that he would change his mind, after constant rejection, but he doesn’t give upâ?¦
From enticing the men that desired her to fulfilling some of their fantasies, Krystle is definitely the kind of woman that will demand your attention.
Will she ever change her ways?
Will she choose his poison?
Will she walk away from him?

THNKGODFRDRGS RMX: THE DIRECTORS CUT (The MetAmericana Anthology Book 1)

by MettaModernist …

This pitch-black satirical, stream-of-conscious creates a narrative around the conversation of dissociative identity and addiction and their link to racism and societal pressures, while bringing new life to an old tale: a courtship and all its predictable detours on the road to romance. Boy-meets-girl inexorability along the way to finding himself, girl doesn’t want boy, too busy finding herself, but doesn’t mind the company. How do we form real relationships in a time where true intimacy is dying, where were mentally divided in our duality, still healing from transgenerational traumas, and past lives that comprise the nature of human relationships? Prescribed for your depression, anxiety, crippling doubt and social media addictions. Read twice a day and call your doctor if you start to isolate yourself deeper from friends and family.

Daddy Teaches Baby: 130 Taboo Sex Short Stories

by Sally Miles

These 130 stories feature all kinds of filthy, taboo and downright HOT erotic TALES!

Think you can take it all?

Forced Explicit Stories: Huge Bundle with Erotic Content

by Sally Miles

These 130 stories feature all kinds of filthy, taboo and downright HOT erotic TALES!

Think you can take it all?

Deadly Instinct

by Brian Reeve

Fear stalks the corridors of power in South Africa’s Houses of Parliament. An assassin is killing politicians at the top levels of government and the president is being blackmailed – but no one knows why. A tense sequel to A Dangerous Game and Dark Intent, Deadly Instinct once again throws martial arts expert James Steiner into a world of post-apartheid political intrigue and terror. In a race against time, Steiner must save the lives of innocent men and protect the balance of power in the government. But as soon as he sets foot in South Africa, a name from his past comes back to haunt him – and to claim his life. Lured into a duel to the death, will his physical strength and mental coolness, honed through his martial arts training, be enough to bring him out on top? And can he save the life of the woman he loves?

Double Fantasy: 130 Rough Taboo Erotic Hot Stories

by Jessie Nicholson

130 a super hot collection of explicit stories to TURN YOU ON!

Think you can handle them?!

Six Passengers, Five Parachutes (Quintana Adventures Book 2)

by Ian Bull

Six Passengers, Five Parachutes (A Hollywood Thrillerâ??Book 2 of The Quintana Adventures)

It’s a race from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Hong Kong to Mexico, culminating on a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean. Army Ranger reconnaissance photographer Stephen Quintana is tracking an international group of investors who create illegal high-end movies of their darkest murder fantasies. They’re the same men who funded the kidnapping and on camera attempted murder of movie star Julia Travers. Luckily for Julia, Stephen made sure he was there to save her before they succeeded.

Now Stephen has uncovered the group’s latest underground project: forcing convicted killers to fight to the death for the audience of high-rollers paying big bucks to gamble on the outcome.

But before Stephen can uncover their identities, they shoot him and leave him to dieâ??or so they think. Stephen survives, and now he’s even more obsessed with exposing the group. And being “dead” is the perfect cover for digging deeper and infiltrating the show.

The only person who knows everything is Julia Travers. She’ll do anything to keep Stephen safe, even if that means sabotaging his undercover investigation. In the second book of the Quintana Adventures, Stephen suffers deception, betrayal, and brutal attacks but never wavers in his determination to expose the most insane reality show ever created.

Interview with the Author

Q – Why are you writing The Quintana Adventures?
A – I write what I love to read – page-turners that I can’t put down. I like thrilling stories with a dynamite premise, great characters, and an action-packed rollercoaster plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I also love stories with two protagonists, a man and a woman, who must work together to overcome obstacles. I also love international stories that transport the reader to amazing places around the world. The Quintana Adventures is my way of putting all of that into one series. Steven Quintana is a kick-ass Army Ranger Reconnaissance Photographer. Julia Travers is a beautiful, talented movie star with a razor wit and a quick mind. They couldn’t be more different. I then toss them into wild situations where they encounter crazy characters, and they must work together to survive. It also makes for a rocky relationship.

SIX PASSENGERS, FIVE PARACHUTES is the sequel to THE PICTURE KILLS, but you can read the series in any order.

Q – Why the Hollywood angle?
A – Because I know it. My career has been a healthy mix of success and struggle, and I have worked with the famous, the infamous, and the bottom-feeders. My mental filing cabinet is full of experiences that I use to write my stories.

Q – Why the California angle?
A – California has everything – the ocean, beaches, mountains, deserts, farmland, small towns and vibrant cities. Families that have been here for generations live alongside immigrants from around the world. I’ve lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and in the smaller towns of Cazadero and Lemoore. I’ve worked with rice farmers in Butte County, marijuana growers in Mendocino County, and Navy families in Kings County. I want to put all of this into my books.

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