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Wars of the 20th Century: Volume 6: World War II in Europe

by Daniel Orr

World War II remains the bloodiest and most destructive conflict in history. It also is the most wide-ranging, and many theaters of the war took place in different parts of the world. Wars of the Twentieth Century: World War II in Europe deals with the European theater of this colossal war, and brings together twenty subordinate wars and campaigns from the Italian Invasion of Albania in April 1939, to the outbreak of World War II in Europe in September 1939, and up to its end in May 1945. 
This book is sectioned into 24 chapters, with the first chapter detailing the events of the interwar period, notably the pacifism of the 1920s to the early 1930s and the rising tensions by the second half of the 1930s. The main body of the book then delves into the combat phases of the war, starting with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. In April 1940, Germany attacked Norway and Denmark to secure the iron-ore resources in northern Scandinavia. In May 1940, several months of combat inactivity at the Western Front, called the “Phoney War”, was broken when Germany blitzed into Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and France. There followed the German air campaign on Britain, called the Battle of Britain, preparatory to a cross-channel sea and land invasion. The air attacks failed to force the British into submission, but Hitler believed that Britain was effectively knocked out of the war, and he was the master of Western Europe. 
By spring of 1941, Hitler had set his sights firmly to the east, to the massive invasion of the Soviet Union. The invasion was temporarily set aside, however, as Hitler intervened in the Greco-Italian War to extricate his beleaguered ally, Italian leader Benito Mussolini. With little preparation, Hitler also included Yugoslavia together with the invasion of Greece. Then later with the Balkans secured under German control, in June 1941, Hitler and his Axis partners attacked the Soviet Union with the largest invasion force in history. The offensive made spectacular gains initially, and the Axis seized large swathes of Soviet territory. But by summer of 1943, the tide of war had turned invariably against Germany and the Axis. The Soviet Red Army then began a juggernaut that would wrest back all lost territory and then push right through into Eastern and Central Europe and Germany. 
Meanwhile, the Western Allies of Britain, the United States, Free France, and their other partners joined the fray in Europe in May 1943 by invading Crete in southern Italy and then in September 1943 the Italian mainland. On June 6, 1944, otherwise known as D-Day, American, British, and Canadian troops, launching from southern England, landed at Normandy in northern France. From there, they liberated occupied Western Europe and pushed from the west into Germany. 
Some of the greatest battles in history occurred in the European theater of World War II, and are featured here, including the Battle of Stalingrad, Siege of Leningrad, Battle of Kursk, Battle of Moscow, 1940 Ardennes Offensive, Dunkirk evacuation, Battle of the Bulge, and the Battle of Berlin, among others. 
The chapter titles of this book are: Events leading up to World War II in Europe, Invasion of Poland, Winter War, Denmark and Norway, Invasion of Denmark, Norwegian Campaign, France and the Low Countries, Battle of the Netherlands, Battle of Luxembourg, Battle of Belgium, Battle of France, Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of Britain, Italian Invasion of Albania, Greco-Italian War, the Balkan Campaign, Invasion of Yugoslavia, Invasion of Greece, Invasion of the Soviet Union, Soviet Counter-attack and Defeat of Germany, Lapland War, Italian Campaign, Defeat of Germany in the West 1944-1945, and The End of World War II in Europe.

The Great Emu War: Or How Australia Lost A War Against Birds (Pop History Book 1)

by Cj Evans

The Great Emu War of 1932 is an event one does not expect to hear about when they think of Australia, but they actually declared war on a bird. This actually happened. As a side note I would like to say that this was probably one of the funnest things that I have ever written. Also some of the language used in this book is exaggerated at times, but I trust that you dear reader will know when that occurs.



Please note: this book is PURE historical fact and is formatted so the Reader can click on the source links to see the entire content of the sources.
The factual material in this book will be difficult to accept, especially for patriotic American citizens, even though the facts are undisputed and from the best, most reliable sources. Please try to keep a skeptical AND open mind and you must, I repeat, must employ critical thinking…”outside the box” thinking. Ada Lee Roby

My Father’s Business: A 30 Day Daily Devotional for Seeking and Doing God’s Will

by Eddie Jones

What does it mean to find your purpose in life? How can you know your calling … your destiny? When we say, “Lord, Your will be done,” we are asking God to infuse His deepest yearnings into our spirit and alter the circumstances of our lives. God sees beyond our past and knows our secret desires and longings yet to be born. In My Father’s Business, you will see how others responded to God’s yearning for passionate living and enjoyed our Father’s blessing.

Inspirational Stories about General George S. Patton, Bruce Wilkerson, Jim Valvano, Walt Disney, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Colonel Sanders, Jeremy Lin, and others.

Five Years in the Himalayas, The Journals & Field Notes of Explorer M.G. Hawking

by M.G. Hawking

Composed from the journals of explorer M.G. Hawking’s five years in remote areas of the Himalayas, this book transports the reader into regions of our planet that in all history only a handful of people have experienced, a journey that leads to the discovery of the most refined and powerful knowledge possessed by the human race.

Many years ago, on an extended trek into an inner region of the vast wilderness of the Great Himalayan Range, Hawking chanced on an unexpected find. In a majestic valley surrounded by towering ice peaks, he encountered a beautiful small village. In that community, called Siddhalaya by its residents, he had the privilege of meeting a number of truly extraordinary men and women. This encounter marked the beginning of sixty-two months Hawking spent in the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet, during which time he kept detailed records of his adventures, experiences, and conversations with those highly enlightened individuals.

Over the past several years the team at Wisdom Masters Press, in association with Hawking, has worked diligently to compose a series of books based on his journals and field notes. This was a daunting assignment; he had accumulated over 14,000 pages of hand-written journal notes, along with another 4,500 pages of field notes, all of which had to be sorted and cataloged. Yet it was a fascinating if formidable task, one that could not have been accomplished without the assistance and encouragement of some of the extraordinary individuals Hawking met in the Himalayas, all of whom you will meet in the pages of our books.

From the Author: “The knowledge of the masters is profound and powerful, and one hopes it will have relevance to others, will offer them insight and guidance, will greatly expand their knowledge and power, will be validated by their experience, or, at the very least, will stimulate them to search further on their own. The philosophy expressed by the masters reflects as well the broader context and search of our culture at this particular stage of its development. The evolutionary viewpoints in this book reflect that emerging pattern of a seeking for our direction and place in the Universeâ??a reawakening of a search begun by the original pre-Socratic philosophers, one that goes further back than even the roots of religionâ??the search for a true connection with our origins in the Cosmos that gave rise to us and within which we continue the creation our individual lives and the mass co-creation of the world we all share. There are no words adequate to express my respect for those remarkable sages who gave to me, an amateur, so lavishly of their time and knowledge. They appeared to be grateful to see their efforts aided by one who loves life and wisdom enough to permit him to share their wisdom, insights, dialogues, and highly elevated knowledge.” â??M.G. Hawking

About this Book: This volume presents a comprehensive anthology of eight (8) books containing detailed narratives of Hawking’s various experiences and conversations, including first-hand accounts of the psychokinetic abilities he witnessed and in-depth descriptions of the esoteric knowledge that made such extraordinary abilities possible. Also included is a section with a list and brief descriptions of our books.

For more information, please see the â??Look Inside’ feature on this page. From all of us here at Wisdom Masters Press, thank you!

January 2019 Edition, Kindle page count 252 (estimated, actual page count varies depending on the reading device used).

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