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OLEANDER; Guerreros noctámbulos: Una novela para young adults de romance, vampiros y fantasía. (Spanish Edition)

by Cecilia De Blas

Desde el resurgir del tiempo, seis tribus, de diferentes razas divididas por su propia naturaleza, dominan el mundo. Cada territorio está regido por sus leyes ancestrales. La tribu de los salvajes se ve diezmada por la horda de Nosophoros, tribu cuyo líder cree que si los demás clanes están con vida es por su beneplácito. Muchos de los combatientes están desapareciendo y muriendo en circunstancias que no pueden explicarse. Su supervivencia está en peligro. Todo da un extraño giro cuando Oleander un joven híbrido criado en la ciudad bajo la protección del muro y las leyes de la Iglesia; entra a formar parte de los salvajes. Tras ser aceptado por la tribu como uno de los suyos se convertirá en un guerrero clave para que el mundo que conocen mantenga el equilibrio natural.

The Bog

by Shelby Popham

Rob Farley was only 11 years old when his best friend Billy Kwon went missing.

Billy was never found.

Now, 24 years later, Rob has decided to write about Billy’s disappearance in his newest novel. Rob recreates the maintenance tunnels under UCLA where he and Billy used to explore. He writes about the last time they played together thereâ??and what they saw . . .

What Rob discovers as he writes and investigates his past leads him far from Los Angeles to the peat bogs of Ireland and to a past centuries before that. To an ancient ritual, a ritual that has left a deadly legacy, cursing his life and the lives of those he loves.

Strange Happenings: A collection of short stories (Strange Collections Book 2)

by Gabriella Kruger

Gabriella Kruger returns with a new collection of short stories! Dive into tales of eternal punishment, visions from beyond our world, and more! Stories in this collection: The Void, Spektarwyrm, Bleed, Needles and Nails

House Of Horrors

by Carole Gill

Step into Carole Gill’s House of Horrors… if you dare.

In this horror collection you’ll find stories of vampires, zombies, murderous midgets, demon clowns, evil dolls, haunted cemeteries, a real shop of horrors, taxidermy gone haywire, serial killers and more!

Your worst fears and nightmares dished up for you with extra helpings of blood-curdling terror!

The Aberration (Aberrant Nightmares Book 1)

by Bard Constantine

A terrifying chiller that will keep you turning the pages from a rising star in genre fiction .

Blood spills. A threshold opens. Unearthly abominations emerge. What follows is called an Aberration. For thousands of years, appointed Wardsmen gave their lives to keep us safe. But over the ages, their numbers have dwindled. Now, one man may be all that stands between us and the terrifying world that lies beyond our own.

When a coworker inexplicably commits suicide on the job, Guy knows the tragedy is just the start of terrors to come. A freak storm quickly follows, engulfing his milling facility and trapping the workers, who quickly learn there is much more to fear than just heavy rain. Something else arrives with the stormâ??monstrosities that alter their shapes and features to match your fears. Guy’s coworkers will be forced to rely on him to survive grisly attacks on both body and mind.

Author Bard Constantine takes readers on an unnerving ride, combining physical and psychological terror in the vein of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. See for yourself why readers hail this fast-paced book as the next jewel in horror storytelling. Pick up your copy and get started today!

You Won’t Take Me Alive: Andrea

by Angelica Marie Fleming

Running fast, I tried to escape the storm of torment before it could snuff me out completely. Ominously, a dark object, which was looming further down my path, began to take shape. My heels slid in the cold mud nearly catapulting me into a crash landing. Then I was trapped with nothing to do but stare at the girl who reflected horror from the large mirror in my path. “Murderer,” she whispered.
Life was a fog filled maze with the only legible image being the twisted version of myself that everyone else saw. The accusations surrounded me fueling a pain that was so significant that it threatened to tear away everything I knew. There were times when I would begin to look at my reflection and see a monster; a demented murderer who took the life from a little girl. That is not true though and I knew itâ?¦ However, besides the Police only I knew that I was innocent. Andrea was my pride and joy and being that I was her babysitter she was my responsibility as well. If only she knew how hard I tried to save her lifeâ?¦
Not only do my peers think that I killed her but I see the unmistakable doubt in the eyes of my family members as well. Time has passed sense Andrea’s death and without a perpetrator in custody everyone’s suspicion has shifted in my direction. When my terrifying nightmares begin to inflict physical injury however, that is when I start to realize that Andrea blames me as well. In between everyone’s suspicion and Andrea’s paranormal attacks, which make it very hard to appear normal, it was nearly impossible to keep myself sane and out of jail. As time ticked by Andrea’s spirit grew even stronger and in turn more dangerous, which gave her the advantage in her vengeful quest to frame me for murder and namely ruin my life. The race was on as I fought to protect myself and my family members from forces that I never even knew existed and to reveal the truth to the world about who was the true murderer in the case of Andrea Budeva.

My Little Rabbit

by James DeSantis

That sound. It wants me. It needs me. I can hear it getting closer now. Why is it chasing me? If it catches me it’ll murder me. I can’t stop running. I have to escape. I have to survive.

James DeSantis dips into the psychological horror genre to try and offer something different. Again with mixing genres we get a new look into the views of horror for James. From the creator of “Killing Your Boss” and “Sparks” James brings you his next short story.

Always Scream Fire: A Psychological Horror Tale (Always Yell Fire Series Book 2)

by Matthew Danza

The next chapter to the Always Yell Fire series is here, and the horror lying beneath the ashes will rise once again as FBI Agent Grace DiPerrio awakens inside the nightmarish town. With only a few clues to aid her, she’ll have to rely on the shadows that have been prowling within the ashes. What she’ll discover is a truth full of uncertainty, but is it the town or is it her? Just try to forgetâ?¦

Blood for Demons: The last Vampire

by PF Binder

In 1759 a British soldier fighting the French in Quebec is hit by shrapnel. Dying from his wounds he is given the immortal kiss of a Vampire. He rescues a young girl from the stake at the height of the Salem Witch trials and embarks on a love affair that will take him across the world. But the girl is a Witch and Jacob finds himself embroiled in an ancient struggle with those who wish to control the mortal realm culminating in an apocalyptic Hellish nightmare. Love, torment, fury and suffering lead Jacob on an incredible journey through the mortal and immortal realms. The Devils daughter and her army of demons await him but all is not as it seems and no-one can be trusted.

This is the unforgettable story of Jacob Hayes, the last of the Vampires.

The Splurge: A Horror Based Holiday Parody (Highway 666 Book 2)

by David Clark

A collection of short stories that follows one familythrough the most horrifying and dysfunctional Holiday Season imaginable.
Stories included:

  • Trick or Treat – The annual neighborhood Halloweendecorating contest is taken a bit too far and elicits some unwillingvolunteers. The results are shocking.
  • Family Dinner – When your immediate family abandons you onThanksgiving, what do you do? Well, you dig down deep below the family tree tocreate the special moment.
  • The Splurge – This is a “Purge” parody focused around theFirst Black Friday Sale. Can you survive the First Annual Splurge?
  • Christmas Eve Nightmare – The family finds more than a Yulelog in the fireplace on Christmas Eve

s.o.u.l. train: A Spooky Short Story

by Jason Lee Ranford

A spooky short story about a man who boards a train hoping to start a new life but discovers everything’s not as it seems when the train doesn’t stop at the station where his girlfriend was due to join him.

Running Wild

by Keith Luethke

Jim is sick of his grueling life. Each day is the same: he works, he eats, he sleeps, only when sleep comes so do the nightmares, nightmares of turning into a beast, running wild, and killing for sport. Worst yet, he can’t remember who he is or where he came from, but those around him claim he’s always been there and always will be. It isn’t until the night Jim sees a beast in his basement that he begins to finally understand and transform into what rests just beneath his skin.

Dark Wanderings: Food for Nightmares

by Katherine Burkett

Johnathan Wilson is trapped by horrific events he can’t recall, harassed by a malevolent spirit. Adrietta Downing, dutiful torturer of the Empire, fights terror and confusion as the flame of emotion kindles for the first time. Shelly Watts thought she was a normal high school girl. Until fate reveals her as anything but. Lorraine Cotes wants to teach ballet. But she’ll have to take care of her husband first. Maura Peterson never believed in an afterlife. Then she found herself in the waiting room. Five tales of horror. Five times the fear. Five times the addiction.

Safety in Numbers: A Horror Anthology

by Matthew Shuck

Twenty-one tales to torment, terrify, and leave you questioning everything you know. From mind-bending out-of-body experiences to finding versions of ourselves we’d rather keep locked away, there is something for everyone within these pages.

Praise for the stories in this collection:

“This was completely unexpected and broke my sensitive little heart! Well done.”

“Holy balls. That was awesome. You’re brilliant.”

“That was awesome!! Very intriguing.”

“The ending. Wow…”

Shadow’s Strength (Daughter of Nyx Book 2)

by Kathryn St. John

Sophy thought everything would be fine when she reached her family in Tartarus. Betrothed to the god of death and assured safety and peace with him, she endured the terrors and dangers of Icelus and Zeus in order to reach the Garden of the Hesperides and achieve immortality.

But it was not to be. As soon as she had succeeded in her quest, Zeus had her betrothal annulled, and she was once more forced to take shelter under the mercy of another.

Although pleased with her new companion, Persephone believes it best that she marry and tries to convince her of it. Dissatisfied with her options and growing weary of her weak dependence on others, Sophy discovers a path that could solve her problem. The Erinyes represent the strength and power she could possess should she succeed in getting the items Hecate desires. And what does the goddess of witchcraft desire? Five simple items:

– the eye of a peacock
– woven silk from a child of Arachne
– a strand of memory
– tears from the weeping river
– the blood of Aphrodite

Fighting against despair before she’s even begun, Sophy plunges forward, refusing to sit back and be traded and sold like a cow at auction. Hera, however, has other plans for her and seeks to use Sophy as a solution for one of her own difficulties. To make matters worse, neither Zeus nor Icelus are prepared to lay down their weapons and allow her safe passage now that she’s once more away from her protectors.

Can Sophy succeed in this new quest and fulfill Hecate’s demands? Or will the gods destroy her body and mind with their spiteful games?

Their Disgraced Father

by Christopher Billing

Long-time friends, Mike and Phil, are both psychology academics with a leaning towards the extraordinary. When Mike experiences two events he can’t readily explain, he invites Phil over to his newly rented cottage near Tavistock in Devon, to talk it over. With their seasoned use of psychometrics and hypnotic regression they find themselves in an ever deepening mystery involving a 14th. Century Knight and his family, a WW1 captain suffering from shell-shock, and a small village, Le Luc, in the south of France. However, as the story mushrooms, Mike and Phil’s hypnotic techniques are forced to evolve way beyond even their own joint expectancies, to the point where we are increasingly left wondering where this story is going, and indeed, where it will end…

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