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by Steve P. Jefferson

Bruce Hembrick is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Hot Springs, Nevada. He was a decorated football and baseball player bound for the makings of a superior athlete until an injury changed his career path. Now he’s living the fast life of a reputable doctor who’s on a path to crash hard due to an overdose lifestyle. He’s got it all, or does he? Hard lessons can be a tough hit even if you’re not riding on top of the world although everyone that’s watching him thinks he is. What will be his ultimate lesson?

HATE: A Novel of Vitriol, Vengeance, and National Debate

by Brad Randolph

Craig and Cate are wealthy, smart, driven business professionals who have their idyllic world shattered and turned upside down. Their two children are killed during a hate crime. They are devastated and consumed by grief. After the killers are set free, the two take matters into their own hands. They embark on a calculated quest to avenge their children while finding out who was really behind the shooting. Unsatisfied with their revenge taken, Craig and Cate plan the destruction of the neo-Nazi organization that sponsored and planned the shooting.

They hire a retired expert to teach them the skills they need to carry out their dangerous plan. All the while, the FBI is one step behind them putting the pieces of the puzzle together, trying to figure out who is behind these high-profile shootings and why.

The pair’s exploits become a catalyst, sparking a national debate about free speech versus hate speech.

Last Seen

by Divyam Kaushik

Meghna Chakraborty is furious. Her boss Ashutosh is being so unreasonable, as always. She fires off a text to her boyfriend, only in her haste she sends it to her whole office group.

In it she says Ashutosh’s being difficult about letting her have time off work. That she is angry. That she hopes he dies. The next day her face burns in the office. No one believes her when she says it was a typo, she meant to say does. She hopes he does.

It’s a nightmare. But it gets worse – Ashutosh doesn’t turn up for work. And then the police come knocking. Because Ashutosh Sharma has been murdered…



The son of a dead man and the woman who killed him. He lives life with a deep seeded desire to never ‘be like them’ As a self proclaimed pretty boy/player he quickly learns it may not be that easy. Follow Raheim in this three part trilogy as one dangerous night in a club leads him down a fatal path of revenge and forgiveness and into the arms of the only woman prepared to love him. After the dust settles from his Platinum lifestyle you may be surprised to see who is the last one standing!

Kommissar Platow, Band 1: Sieben Schüsse im Stadtwald: Kriminalroman (German Edition)

by Martin Olden

Frankfurt, Mitte der 70er Jahre. Die Kriminalität boomt. Drogen. Terrorismus. Bandenkriege. Mittendrin: Kommissar Joachim “Joe” Platow. Gemeinsam mit seinem Assistenten Mike Notto und Schutzhündin Abba kämpft er gegen das Verbrechen. Dabei wird Platow immer wieder von seinem persönlichsten Fall eingeholt – seine Ex-Verlobte Petra, die sich der RAF angeschlossen hat …

Band 1: Ein wohlhabender Banker. Gnadenlos hingerichtet vor den Toren Frankfurts. Georg Dietrich war beliebt gewesen, hatte scheinbar keine Feinde. Wer steckte hinter dem feigen Mord? Ein unzufriedener Kunde? Eine Gangster-Bande? Terroristen? Als ob mich dieses Rätsel nicht genug beschäftigt hätte, musste ich auch noch das Temperament meines neuen Partners im Zaum halten …

Weiterhin erschienen: Band 2: “Das Grab am Kapellenberg” und Band 3: “Endstation Hauptwache”. Weitere Bände folgen …
Bei mainbook erscheint auch Martin Oldens Krimi-Reihe mit Kommissar Steiner: 1. Band: “Gekreuzigt”. 2. Band “Der 7. Patient”. 3.Band “Wo bist du?”. 4. Band “Böses Netz”. 5. Band “Mord am Mikro”. 6. Band “Die Rückkehr des Rippers”. 7. Band “Vergiftetes Land”.

Cage (Tilt Series Book 3)

by Bridget Bundy

Abigail Russell has accepted her unusual fate of living with John and George Bishop. She now calls them family, but there’s a problem. Two huge problems. Despite the fact the brothers were responsible for her abduction, George wants to kill her, and John doesn’t want her. None of that matters to Abigail. She plans on staying with them, and the brothers will just have to accept it. But will they? She’s playing a dangerous game with two men whose temperaments are anything but normal. Will Abigail get what she wants, or will the brothers get their way instead?

Please, be advised CAGE has vulgar language, explicit sexual acts, and an honest ugly personification of human nature with an overall disregard for decency. If you cannot stomach that kind of read and adore HEA, then this book is not for you. But if you’re eager for a hard story such as CAGE, and you’re over eighteen years of age, I welcome your curiosity and hope it suits your very dark tastes.

Empty Treasures

by Warren Adler

The corruptive power of money and ambition in American politics begins in Venice where a Washington female reporter trying to repair a bad marriage suddenly spots a professional jeweler, a key figure in the world of Washington’s powerful social and political elite. When she returns to Washington she is shocked to discover that the jeweler has not returned and has, in effect, disappeared. This piques her curiosity and what she uncovers goes to the heart of political corruption on a grand scale; deals with diamonds smuggled into the country to finance a Presidential political campaign and how money and politics impacts family, children, friends and lovers. This tantalizing and complex thriller deals with the dark side of ambition and the lengths people will go to in an effort to attain political power.

Damaged Goods

by Terrie Branch

The saying “I love you to death” takes on a whole new meaning in the chilling anthology Damaged Goods. These exhilarating stories will follow the encounters of love, lies, deceit, and even murder. Relationships going from happy to hurtful so quickly that it may leave you unsure of what will happen next. Enjoy the twists and turns in this novel. Remember, LOVE shouldn’t hurt!

Exit Reality: A Ray Garret/Lifeline (Cyberpunk Detective) Technothriller

by Robert S. Wilson

The future of experience is digital…even in death. No one knows this better than Ray Garret. In a world where the human brain can connect directly to the internet, human beings become the target of a mass-murdering computer virus.

Ray’s an Antivii agent in charge of tracking down the source of digi-human viruses. He’s no lover of the HPDID (Human Perceptual Digital Interface Device), but when a recorded experience from his dead wife is left for him, Ray has no choice but to play the file, changing his life forever.

“With lean prose, strong characters, and a plot that will keep you guessing, EXIT REALITY is as entertaining as it is suspenseful. With this book, Robert S. Wilson proves himself a master of the dark fantastic.” –Tim Waggoner, author of LIKE DEATH and THE HARMONY SOCIETY

“As visionary as William Gibson’s Johnny Mnemonic and as seedy as Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe stories, Robert S. Wilson’s EXIT REALITY is a supreme achievement. Wilson has created a world so plausible, and yet so full of nightmares, that you might never want to get online again. I loved this book. Write faster, Mr. Wilson, because I want more!” –Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of FLESH EATERS and MUTATED

“Wilson’s EXIT REALITY is a cyberpunk nightmare that just keeps getting better and better, until you hit that mark where you know it’s finished but crave more. It meets at the positively alluring intersection of Phillip K. Dick Avenue and Raymond Chandler Boulevard, and there are a scarcity of other street corners where I’d rather find myself.” –Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award Winning author of BLACK & ORANGE and BOTTLED ABYSS

“Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Robert S. Wilson’s fast-paced novella, EXIT REALITY. The story is compelling and well-written, the author deftly negotiating the line between SF and Horror–a difficult sub-genre that only the best writers can manage. Recommended without reservation.” –Gene O’Neill, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of THE BURDEN OF INDIGO and OPERATION RHINOCEROS HORNBILL

“Kiss the world you know goodbye and get ready for Robert S. Wilson’s terrifying sci-fi novella, EXIT REALITY. With powerful storytelling and fast-paced action, Wilson’s ready to entertain and move you in equal measure.” –Peter Giglio, author of BEYOND ANON and co-author of THE DARK

“EXIT REALITY is a fast-paced blend of sci-fi horror. Robert S. Wilson has created a believable near-future and populated it with all-too real characters. The nightmarish spiral of Ray Garret’s descent is thrilling and unforgettable, and the technology feels just one step away. The narrative thrums with loss and desire. Wilson’s muscular writing grips you tightly and pulls you along. Escape is futile. This will be one ride you won’t forget.” –Stephen Bacon, author of PEEL BACK THE SKY

PERFECT CRIME a gripping detective thriller full of suspense

by Jack Parker

Do you love gripping mysteries? Then discover Gracie Greene, a feisty female detective with a talent for uncovering the truth.

The First Crime:
Many people had reason to kill the victim, and they tried ’til they got it right. You’d think that would leave plenty of clues, but they don’t add up right. Can a 16-yr-old.

The Second Crime:
A teacher was found dead and a lot of other students have had accidents, some serious. Gracie Greene’s not so sure they were accidents, but can she find the pattern and motive before someone else dies?

The Third Crime:
At 18 years old Gracie Greene has already solved 2 murders. Now she finds herself a suspect in a 3rd murder and must solve it to clear herself.

Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows: Lee and Miranda

by Mary A Russell

This is a Complete Newly Edited Edition 01/01/2019
When Bert Grayson is murdered, it sets off a chain of events to apprehend a relentless killer who would not be stopped.Don’t trust anyone, Lee and Miranda were warned! But, they risked their own lives in this heart stopping race against time. Lillian Grace, a woman with her own secrets, had loved Bert. Her rambling letters, written after his murder, are the only link to this long forgotten mystery and to what really happened in that alley the night Bert was found with his throat slit. 2016 Kindle Book Awards Semi-Finalist. Small Town Cozy Series.

Red Mist: Fast Paced Espionage Thriller

by SImon Rosser

For London lawyer, Jack West, a chance meeting with a sexy and beautiful women one lunchtime in his local wine bar turns his day into disaster and his world upside down. The secret she hides however, is far, far worse�

When a beautiful woman, who calls herself Amber, takes a keen interest in Jack over lunch in his local wine bar, Jack does his best to resist her advances. But when she pleads with him to walk her home after two sinister looking men enter the bar, he agrees. This was Jack’s first mistake. His second was entering her apartment.

An Erotic Encounter…

Twenty minutes later, Jack finds himself in a highly erotic and sexually charged encounter with the mystery woman, but a heavy pounding on Amber’s apartment door brings the sex games to an abrupt end. Five seconds later Amber has been shot and is dying in Jack’s arms, assassinated by the men from the bar, who are now trying to force entry into her apartment. Amber’s last words to Jack are; “Run…Take my bag…and run!”

A Terrorist Attack…

With only seconds to think, Jack grabs Amber’s bag and flees for the fire escape, dodging a hail of bullets in the process. He is chased across London by the crazed assassins, but who are they and what do they want?

A Global Catastrophe…

As Jack works his way through the contents and clues contained in Amber’s handbag, he sets about trying to piece the mystery together. Was Amber also an assassin? A female spy? He soon finds out that the secret she took to ger grave has catastrophic global consequences…

RED MIST is a gripping, unputdownable, edge-of-your-seat, fast paced thriller with terrorism elements that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. If you enjoy espionage and spy thrillers and the action and adventure of a James Bond or Jason Bourne movie then you will love this erotic mystery thriller.

**Warning** – The Kindle version of this book contains some scenes of Adult romance with graphic sex. Please don’t read if easily offended by such content.

The Haunted Detective

by Franklin R Hunting

Robert Browning, a recent college graduate, on his first visit to London gets involved in a murder and a plot to kidnap the Royals. With the help of two unusual friends, he has to solve both the murder and kidnap plot before the police put him in jail.

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