Free parenting and families Kindle books for 04 Jan 19

Children’s Books: Where is the Fire Station?

by Elizabeth Ash

Children please help Brooke find the Fire Station. Enjoy a special day with Brooke as she and her classmates travel to the local Fire Station. Please join Brooke on her other future adventures.

SWB Children’s publishing branch specializing in helping your very special child learn. This amazing book helps your child learn in a fun and entertaining way. It is filled with photographs, and large easy-to-read text.

Sploring with Papa: A fun Story of a Grandson and Grandpa Exploring (sploring) Rail Road Tracks and an Old Barn, as told by Trinity (Children’s Fun Learning Series Book 2)

by James Olah

Sploring with Papa is a children’s book to encourage them to develop their curiosity. It is also a designed to promote grandparents and their grandchildren to do some of those interesting things in life together. Adventures don’t have to be high tech, but just showing them some of those simple things in life. They provide great teaching opportunities.

I tell this story through my granddaughter, Trinity, because she likes to tell stories. I want to encourage the involvement of grandchildren with their grandparents. They certainly hold a special place in our hearts.

I trust your children or grandchildren will enjoy this little adventure.

Life’s Little Whispers: A Poetic Collection

by Amber D Curtis

A compilation of poetry created over a ten year span. The memories put to page share life experiences of the good and the bad, the funny and the sad, and the times where boredom was the dominate activity of the day.

From The Heart: A book of themed poetry

by Dave O’Roarty

I initially published a book of poems entitled:” If only could find a way”, which was comprised of twenty four poems exposing all of the emotions one feels when in a bad relationship and the subsequent estrangement which follows it.

There was still a lot of anger and words which needed to be said, but i know would not be heard. Writing is very cathartic and it has helped me so much to release the pain through this medium. it is also cheaper than a therapist!

I have worked through the confusion of it all and find myself to be stronger and more confident about the future, in fact i am embracing it with both hands and a cheeky grin!

Breaking up is not a unique experience, it is something which many will suffer and many will triumph over. If the alternative to breaking up is the remain in a bad relationship you will just lose who you are and die piece by piece with the passing of each day.

Life really is too short for that.

How to Help Your Child Focus and Concentrate?: Using Mind Maps and Related Techniques

by Maneesh Dutt

Struggling to teach your child?

This is a parenting book which will help you learn techniques which will make learning fun for your child. Whole brain teaching for challenging kids helps engage them better in the subject on hand. Radiant thinking techniques such as Mind Maps easily ignite whole brain skills thus making the learning process much more enjoyable.

This Book is for you IF
…you always wanted to know “how to focus” to help your kids.
… you are at your wits end while teaching your kids.
…you believe that there must be a more creative way to teach.
…you are willing to invest a little time to learn techniques to make learning fun for your kids.
…you truly believe that children are more intelligent than us.

It is easy for a child to ensure laser like focus while playing or when engaged in something of his/her interest. A child does not need to learn to concentrate and focus. He is a natural at it! The real problem statement is, therefore, not how to increase a child’s ability to concentrate.It is in fact how to revolutionize our teaching methodologies to match the energy and enthusiasm of a child.

This is what this book is all about and covers the following:
– Engaging the child’s focus
– Simple memorization techniques
– Effective ways to teach chapters
– Practicing real creative writing
– Teaching Life skills using holiday homework
– Planning and preparing better for exams
– And much more…

This is the perfect book which you can buy for yourself or to gift to a friend with kids or to those in the teaching profession. Kids in grade 8 plus can even read this for themselves and apply. So hurry, Grab your copy to gift yourself and your children an invaluable life skill !

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