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Red Poetry Dust: Round Corners

by Arlene Noel

One in a three volume collection of Poetry Dust settled on verses of prose
Reflecting on what gives to us, sustains us, harms us, enables us and keeps us
Combined they question, inspire, remind and encourage
Revealing what we share and what we don’t dare
Embracing our truths and what lies between

Uncovering a collection of silently gathered wordsâ?¦
â?¦searching for their voiceâ?¦near meaning’s edge

Visiting life, hope, pain, love, experience and reality
Trusting strength, admitting weakness
Connecting happiness with kindness

Delivered from a place where thought grows to-gather with understanding
Comprehension sometimes rests thereâ?¦beside our common sensesâ?¦
â?¦where idea sowsâ?¦in our Dot Com Age…
â?¦an eraâ?¦where we share in commonâ?¦our common experiencesâ?¦commonly

Night Chant

by Andrew Demcak

The poems in Andrew Demcak’s NIGHT CHANT are as conscious of the ghosts in the room as they are the living bodies. Through myth, they look for the secret life behind Eros with daring, candor, wildness, and wit. If you want simple consolation, go elsewhere. If you want to read poems that are dazzling and true, see here. -Paul Lisicky

These terse, dark pieces in Andrew Demcak’s fourth collection of poems occur under the cover of night. Into a richly macabre cityscape, the voices in these poems expose their secrets, from the desire of unbearable addictions to the shocking violence of hate crimes. In their spareness, with their array of surprising images, these poems are bold in their brevity. They converge into the urgent whispered voices we hear following us in the dark-our own voices and the voices of those like us. They become night chants. – Charles Jensen

Catching Tigers in Red Weather: Winner: Three Candles Press Open Book Award judged by Joan Larkin

by Andrew Demcak

Andrew Demcak’s poems in Catching Tigers in Red Weather make acrobatic leaps and turns that dizzy and delight me, flashing their urban wit, their old-young wisdom, and their exhilarating range of language and feeling. Demcak’s ingenious invention is a compact, elegant form, repeated throughout the book as world after surprising world, under intense pressure, flares within it. This is a book of gems. – Joan Larkin, Lamba Award Winning Author of My Body: New and Selected Poems, Cold River, A Long Sound

From the Singing Nun to a brother’s son, from glad hotels to a white palm tree or a half-smoked Marlboro, Demcak’s marvelous couplets continually return us to ‘the damp contact of skin, unfathomed.’ – Dorianne Laux

What a deliciously queer & charming book Andrew Demcak has created! These poems come together as conversation, as pillowbook, as memoriam, as a considered response to the noise and cogs of daily living. Demcak shows us the richness and the possibilities that come about when we engage our lives with language & poetry. – Justin Chin

her unsettled heart

by penric gamhra

the poetry book with a difference
her unsettled heart
this journey is
divided into two chapters:
broken to heal
romancing to love
a journey with nothing to compare.

by the time you done with me
i will be gone
and what i have is going piece by piece as well
bitterness and sweetness of those
memories are going with all on my
horse of not regret knowing you
but to blessed to have help shared your willingness 
my heart doesn’t makes you smile
you only giggled  
i gave you what you want
but my needs is not what you have
so i’m going while stayed loving you.

caged in hurt

Tomato Slices

by H. David Blalock

First cultivated by the Aztecs, once feared and later embraced by Europeans, the tomato has an intriguing legacy, and now the mythic fruit-vegetable has inspired a creative collection of short pieces. Tomato Slices is a veritable chopped salad of short stories, essays, poems, recipes, and artwork. These tasty pieces are grown from nearly fifty creative minds and harvested from seven countries.

Remembering the Night Train

by Shaida Mehrban

This is the story of Lilly Roe whose life seems ordinary until she meets Anthony, a young boy at college. For the first time, she relates to the woman inside her and wants to kindle an emotional relationship with him, in the hope of bridging that emptiness within her. When she does go out with Anthony, she starts to think of life and the night train that her mother spoke about and yet she isn’t allowed to talk about it. Her father is a broken man, not wanting to address the departure of his wife. The London riots serve as a backdrop to the story and a stepping stone for both of them to try to face the past and move on with their lives.


by Jessica Burdell

Jessica Jacklyn Burdell, born July 1st of 1996 in Columbia, Maryland, is a mountain lion and American poet and songwriter.
She has been writing series of more than many fiction/action/thriller series
books since the kitten age of five; with her most famous hits apparently
being “Lone Wolves” and her most recently self published, all anti-villain
main cast crime drama saga, “Lobo Thunder/The Hystericals”. So far, her
current writing ambitions include writing to express not only her
own physical emotions into her works, but also those maybe of other animal
beings around her in the world as well.


by Pete Marchesi

A real… expression of anger. I will not have my children go to war… for them anymore. I state the fact of it, how evil it is of them to so this to us. I will not to war.


by Pete Marchesi

A terrible book. I don’t know what to say about it. I am still trembling.All I want to do in life is give… people hope. Because I… am suffering. BUT I KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT.


by Pete Marchesi

It is fun to be lonely. If you want to be…?

Lessons of Her Youth

by Shayla Martin

A collection of Poetry detailing my life experiences.

How Long Is This Scar Going To Bleed?

by Jessica Fisher

This collection of poetry explores the darker emotions that follow the aftermath of failed love. It explores the darker thoughts and experiences that come after losing love, and dealing with the grief and baggage. The author uses a clever mix of personal reality and fantasy, combined with an overly-simplistic style of writing to voice the complex and robust emotions that one experiences in the aftermath of heartbreak. Join her as she poetically explores dealing with and healing from love’s battle scars.

USA Current Affairs, Violence In The Air : Contemporary, Congenial, Commentary (Leaves To Stones)

by Victor At Broadview

A Collection of relevant, related topics from: LEAVES TO STONES, VOLUME 1, 2 & 3
â??Contemporary, Congenial, Commentary.’
Please consider purchasing all of the books individually or together as an engaging series or volume. Thank you, with sincere pleasure, Victor At Broadview. [email protected]

Key Excerpts:
“America has so much: all the monstrous cities and murder capitals. The land is divided into elephants and donkeys. The South profess to know the truth from myths and tea parties. The North is always concerned about laws, guns and taxes. Out West there are cowboys, cults and casinos. To the East there are historic sites and body-bag monuments.”

“The American way is to take the law into your own hands and become a hero. All of the shows and movies glorify killing. The insanity of turning citizens into murderers needs to be spelled out. The culture won’t accept the fact that loved ones and possessions have a better chance when, the doors are unlocked, the keys are left in the car and the kids play on the porch at night. This is the state of freedom!”

“It is not that it is not going to happen. The Biscayne aquifer will fill up with salt water. There will not be a fresh supply for the Miami Dolphins. The sewage plants will be out in the ocean. They were built in a spongee area. The Army Core of Engineers drained the Everglades. Blame them!”

Books: Under Thunder, Yes & No, Trying Again, Travel Back
Books: Too Much, Open Fields, Maybe So, Imagine What
Books: Here Tonight, Goodbye Tour, Go West, Get Backup
Books: Future Forecast, Fortunate Times, Famous Days, American Hearts
Copyright © The JR Collection, Victor At Broadview ~ Leaves to Stones, Volume One.

Books: Holding On To America, Holding On To Sand And Water, Holding On To Violent Change, Holding On To Cohen
Books: Florida, Winterhaven, Myrtle Beach, Holding Miami
Books: Washed Ashore, When Really Ready, When The Time Comes, Willing To Wait
Books: Delray Attraction, Delray Decision, Delray Wonder, Delray Zone
Copyright © The JR Collection, Victor At Broadview ~ Leaves to Stones, Volume Two.

Books: Riverdale Express, Riverdale Circle, Riverdale Report
Books: Set For A New Record, Set For A Second, Set For Change, Set For More Fun, Set For Olivia One
Books: After The Farewell, Once Or Twice, Or Are We, So You Say, Lets Go There
Books: There Is Something, Where Are You

Copyright © The JR Collection, Victor At Broadview ~ Leaves to Stones, USA Current Affairs
©GEtonR 2018


by Pete Marchesi

A terrible book. I don’t even want to look at it.


by Pete Marchesi

A lovely book. Dealing with love. Not the sexual kind. Slow moving and tantalizing.


by Pete Marchesi

A look inside. A terribly good argument. I don’t know if it will be of any use. The end is a surprise.I want to thank you for buying so many books.

Versos de David Cinco: Pruebas (Spanish Edition)

by Forester de Santos

Este quinto libro de David, Versos de David Cinco o el libro de pruebas, es sobre la quinta libreta amada de David. Es una libreta llena de pensamientos de fe real, llena de pensamientos en pruebas y tentaciones o juicios y llena también de sabiduría de corazón. Y también es una libreta llena de controversia. Aquellos que desean en verdad saber más de Dios, en verdad más de Dios aquellos aquí encontraran. Ahora bien, gozoso y alegre en verdad todo aquel que tenga conocimiento verdadero de amado de Dios porque de amado de Dios en verdad vendrá la salvación de Dios.

What’s Been Lost Here: A collection of Poems

by J.G. Grant

A small collection of poems based on real-life experiences and emotions. A dark and eerie flash of reality.

a single hurt color

by Andrew Demcak

Andrew Demcak’s new book, A Single Hurt Color, reminds me of the broken snow globe at the beginning of “Citizen Kane.” Demcak renders a view of the world through the filter of a shard with a piercing command of language, and an ear keenly tuned to the music of each word. -J.P. Dancing Bear, editor, The American Poetry Journal
A Single Hurt Color takes us on winding, asymmetrical paths of loss, love, and grace. Demcak knows when language must be talky and when it must be tight, and, as a result, these poems unfold in an expansive “pageant of tongues.” He revels in sound, in rhythm, in all that makes the world simultaneously wobbly and secure. -Tony Trigilio

Fish Sticks And Affirmations: The Tweets of Kanye West

by X X

Kanye West has been in the spotlight for many years now. He says a lot and many people really want to know what will come out of his mouth next. And, so here, in this book, are a compilation of Kanye West’s tweets. No words or spelling have been changed. Only line breaks and titles have been added.I’ma let you finish, but!

Olivia’s Picks : Favourites From Leaves To Stones Vol. 1

by Victor At Broadview

Olivia’s Picks
A Collection of Favourites from the following series:
Please consider purchasing every book in each series
or you can purchase all of the 16 books in one volume:
Thank you, with sincere pleasure.
Victor At Broadview

Contemporary Commentary, Interesting Views, Informative Topics,
Provocative Discussion, Ideas For Creative Thought, Poetic Fun.
Various subjects are presented in an artistic manner, that make a point
in a few lines. Easy to read engaging material, that will keep you going
for the rest of the day.

Copyright © The JR Collection,
~ Leaves to Stones, Volume One, Olivia’s Picks.

American Hearts
Famous Days
Fortunate Times
Future Forecast

Get Back Up
Go West
Goodbye Tour
Here Tonight

Imagine What
Maybe So
Open Fields
Too Much

Travel Back
Trying Again
Under Thunder
Yes And No

Ramblings of Light and Love

by Jared Whitlock

Ramblings of Light and Love is Louisiana native Jared Whitlock’s poetry collection about finding light in the darkest of places. Poems of love, romance, overcoming hardships, and hope.

her favorite color is black

by Thom Young

‘her favorite color is black’ is the final poetry book from Thom Young. Featuring all new poems with themes of love, madness, death, and life’s chaos. It’s a nice way to end.

Home Video

by Quentin Christopher

In Quentin Christopher’s Home Video, “Quentin,” is raised in a fundamentalist Christian household and his world explodes when his parents unexpectedly divorce (a possibility which he thought could only happen to “sinful” people). He struggles to make sense of this new reality and the differing realities his mother and father have. The story culminates in an attempt to conquer sin and divorce via his first dating relationship!

This fractured narrative is told through free verse poetry which explores life, religion, and relationships through a series of vignettes and jokes.

Your Forever Love, Starchild

by LT Rose

A fanciful journey through recovery as told by Starchild.

If you wish to embrace the full magic and depth of this story order a physical paperback or hardcover print available on under, ‘Your Forever Love, Starchild”.

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