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Wayline: A Science Fiction Novel

by Matthew Shuck

Editorial review: Embrace this adventure of magnitude and scope that expands every time you think there is no more room for expanse.

Wayline is a creative and very compelling story set in a dystopian science fiction world in the near future. A young adult story mixed with elements of mystery, this book has many things that will compel any fan of the genres just mentioned.

Join Hope and her dog Kluuja on an adventure that will never cease to amaze, as you learn about her origin, the deaths of her parents, and her significance in an alien invasion and her role yet to play in the ongoing war against the Wayline invaders.

I found myself wanting to continue reading every time a chapter ended. The rich and various characters were both enriching and interesting, and it made me want to read more from the author. His ideas are original and I cannot wait to see if he will continue the story of Hope and her journey.

From such unique concepts as The Shang to the true intentions of the war that the Wayline began to the growth of Hope as the protagonist, I found myself wanting more and often turning back a few pages to reread some of the ideas and better understand what had just happened.

Matthew is excellent at balancing his themes, story structure, and the arcs of his characters. Keep an eye out for this author, as he is just getting started in his career and he has enormous potential.

â?? Ashley Holzmann, -30- Press COO

Synopsis: After the war that disseminated humanity, Hope is trying to rebuild her world in the shadows of the Wayline Empire. Her task is clear; she must bring a valuable package across the countryside for a mysterious collector. But when she finally arrives, she finds the Wayline are there already, scouring every inch of the small desolated town.

Who tipped them off that there was a collector in town? And why are they suddenly so interested in the day-to-day activities of the resistance? Hope knows there’s more to this mystery than meets the eye.

She volunteers to embark on a dangerous mission to try and disrupt the Wayline communications systems, hoping to find out more about what the Wayline are planning. But just when she finds out their terrible secret, she’s captured.

Will she have what it takes to make it out of there safe? Will she rejoin the resistance? Or will she go to work for the very thing that destroyed her family to try to bring peace to the world?

The Wayline have a legend about the great Sabella, the light bringer who defeated the dark. Might Hope be the mysterious Sabella? The one destined to fight back against the darkness and bring light to the world?

Ja’el: New World (Ja’el Book 1 New World)

by Craig Stellpflug

In the approaching world of new technology, highly sculpted education, speech-correctness, and backward-VS-reformed people; rescued, adopted and “reformed” Ja’el struggles to find true value after her childhood adoption from a highly religious section of the continent into the reformed society, which has a social-based economy where comp values are the currency and social clutches are the banks. Ja’el comes face-to-face with her past as a former backwards and eventually has to come to grips with the reality thatâ??everything she has invested in, believed in, fought for, and even killed for, is founded on misguided concepts and not truth.


by Savannah Trent

No one knew how long they’d been watching.
Just – watching.
Until the day the sky shimmered and the mothership took form, filling the sky, blotting out the sun. That had been three years ago.
The mothership moved, now and then. There was an app that would tell you where the ship was now. Or where it had last been seen. No one could predict where it would go next.
And that was the scary part.
Because, once it reappeared, it would collect its Quota. Twenty-five men and twenty-five women, between the ages of twenty-two and thirty. The United Nations had agreed to Quota, and every nation enforced the collection laws.
They had to.
The aliens had made it perfectly clear that, if Quota was not met, they would destroy the earth.

When Galaxies Collide

by Roger G. Trow

Humanity comes into contact with an alien life form that is very technologically advanced. Will a technologically advanced alien race will be benign toward a less developed race? Is their agenda as transparent as their words may lead one to believe. The United States had developed a inter-dimensional gateway to a planet within the Gemini system. But an accident caused by an alien work party disrupts the gateway. In the course of the investigations, they learn that the Jenni have an unspoken wish to colonise one of the planets in the Solar system, but the true reason is a secret.

Star Force: Extirpation (Star Force Universe Book 56)

by Aer-ki Jyr

The Age of Superweapons has begun…

Days of Entropy: Book 2 – The Dead Earth

by Marc Everitt

The human factions have gathered on Old Earth and the hunt is underway for the person who can change the fate of the rest of the species. As the future hangs in the balance, much that was hidden about the past will come to light, and not just for the people involved in the search. Is anyone whom they appear to be and are their motives as clear as they say? With alien forces of immense power challenging the best that Mankind can bring to bear, will any of the searchers be able to survive to celebrate their find?

Moon Men: A Science Fiction Comedy

by Chris Lowry

Amateur astronomer Rob Crowe is hand picked by the President to negotiate a peace treaty with invading aliens on the Moon.

A special agent is sent to protect and escort him to the meeting, but along the way they are ambushed. It’s a race against time, rogue government agencies and double dealing alien spies to get Rob to the Moon to save the world from destruction.

If you like your scifi with a dash of humor, a lot of cultural references and some over the top action, you’ll love Moon Men by Chris Lowry.

Jam packed with asides, hints and non stop cross country action this novel will keep you flipping pages to find out what happens next.

Grab your copy today and flip the night away with some popcorn theater in your mind hole. Download Moon Men now.

No Alfa (Casos del detective Lok nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Jon Eldritch

Daniel Lok está molesto. Un fallecimiento lo ha sacado de su fiesta de cumpleaños, alejándole de las personas que le quieren. La investigación de un nuevo y extraño caso le mostrará un mundo supuestamente imposible, donde casi cualquier cosa puede ocurrir.El mundo del año 2078 es un remanso de paz y estabilidad. La tecnología y la Inteligencia Digital han resuelto la mayor parte de los problemas que han acosado a la raza humana durante milenios. Las personas viven sus vidas en armonía, mejorando su felicidad gracias a asistentes físicos y virtuales que se encargan de, prácticamente, la totalidad de las tareas. Pero no todo es simple en esta nueva Edad de Oro (o de carbono).Una mujer muerta cambiará la percepción que, el detective Lok, tiene sobre la sociedad en la que siempre ha creído vivir. Determinar si esa muerte ha sido un asesinato o un suicidio, es la clave para el redescubrimiento de su universo; poderosas y desconocidas fuerzas lucharán contra Daniel y su investigación, en un intento de mantener ocultas décadas de un insidioso secreto, que ha infiltrado hasta las decisiones más inocentes de la humanidad.A lo largo de hechos que le confrontan con sus valores más básicos, Daniel y sus aliados descubrirán, dentro de las múltiples complejidades de sus personalidades, la oscura verdad sobre la realidad que le rodea y sobre lo que nos hace esencialmente humanos.

Twentieth Century Eve: And Other Stories (The Collected Adventures of Lorna Lockheed Book 1)

by C William Perkins

She spits, she shoots, and she swears. She’s every little girl’s hero and every boy’s too. She’s Lorna Lockheed and she never bluffs.

At the literal turn of the century, a rag tag team of misfits calling themselves Jetpunks and fashioning themselves inheritors to the legacy of Jesse James or Butch Cassidy, decide to rekindle a war of vandalism and corporate mischief. This time not against the Union North so much as the monopolistic businessmen and corrupt politicians colluding to rip off the nation’s brightest scientists and independent inventors. Armed with nothing but brass goggles, her one of a kind solo propulsion turbojet, and plenty of verve, test pilot Lorna Lockheed’s not afraid to fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of science.

Her first mission will put her face to face with her dastardly nemesis, Abraham Everett Almstead, Sky Marshall of the First Air Corps, from whose airship she must recover stolen blueprints before they can be put to misuse. But when she ends up stranded somewhere in the middle of the Wild West, Lorna must get along with the locals if she hopes to acquire the parts she needs to fix her jetpack. Can she make some new friends along the way? If they carry ray guns she just might. So long as the brain radio doesn’t kill her first!

Then stay tuned for a second sensational story in the exciting life of Lorna Lockheed!

You’ve heard of the Great Train Robbery? Well so has Lorna Lockheed and she thinks she can do better. But how’s a girl supposed to pull a heist when there’s somebody else already robbing the darn train?! Plus old friends usually just bring new complications. At least she’s got her trusty jetpack with her. But will it be fast enough to keep up with the world’s newest bullet train?

Lastly, hang around to witness one final harrowing exploit of incalculable courage and astounding audacity: Poker Night! If she doesn’t watch out for those house rules, though, she might have to walk home.

Enjoy all three brand new stories together for the first time from debut author C William Perkins, with illustrations by Doug Arthur. The Collected Adventures of Lorna Lockheed vol. 1 includes: “Twentieth Century Eve”, “The Even Greater Train Robbery”, and “Lorna Lockheed Never Bluffs”.

Just remember to strap in and tighten those goggles because Lorna Lockheed only knows one way to fly. Faster!

Star-Crossed Voyager

by Nathan Ray Dantoin

Star-Crossed Voyager is a visionary saga following Arianne Renée, an imaginative and daring adventurer on a journey to save her friends from a gathering danger from beyond the stars. Soon she will discover that the evil of this universe might be closer to home than she realizes when Earth enters another Great War. Join Ari and her companions during their exodus out of San Francisco, a city crushed under the weight of a massive invasion.

Ari believes she is a reincarnated freedom fighter from World War Two. When a man from her dreams of a past life arrives at her side, she attempts to convince her friends that resurgence is real. She is haunted by terrifying dreams of aliens landscapes, ghostly visages, and friends lost in past calamities. Ari soon finds a mysterious piece of alien technology that could turn the tide of the war, if she can control it. She must discover the secrets her new friend NuRah may have hidden away. NuRah is an alien diplomat sent from the Exervitan home world 80 light years away to stop the destructive people who inhabit the tiny planet we call Earth. Can Ari’s alliance with NuRah help save Earth from itself? Or will NuRah order the destruction of the entire population of the war-torn planet?

Find yourself absorbed in a world at war and the thrill of escaping the destructive forces at work on the blue planet. Stare in awe at the approaching rings of an alien homeworld and rise up to fight against those that seek only to destroy.

Star-Crossed Voyager is the first book in the SCV series which will stretch for eternity during the never-ending struggle between good and evil.

The Dawn of Blades

by Ethan Smithers

A science fiction novella by Ethan Smithers. (1st Ed. 2019)

Join the starship on their adventure…

The Tourists

by Leonard Gaultois

This is a Sci-fi Short Story that I wrote for a high school English Literature assignment. The graded paper (B+) lay hidden in a pile of old papers for more than forty years. I am sure this was my first attempt to write Sci-fi. The story is about our first interstellar mission to Proxima Centuri. I considered rewriting it or even using as the basis of a full novel. In the end – I decided just to share it as-is. Enjoy.

The Glass Planet: Books 1,2, & 3: In the Beginning

by N. M. Reed

All three books of the Glass Planet series. The story gets thicker and more interesting, with some of the same characters traveling through time to keep us connected to Earth history thousands of years ago, with the book of Moses, Exodus and more. The book that follows this is GP9 Glass Planet 9 series #5-9 (pic of the earth is most of the cover).
The first book is the retelling of the Ezekiel story, of the crash landing of an alien spacecraft and how the sole survivor, in fighting for his survival changed the history of this planet forever. He interbreeds with the native peoples and starts a new beautiful civilization, only to be interrupted by the return of his own people from deep space to rescue him.
Story two, Gabriels Objective further tells the story of Exodus, when his people have to leave Egypt by order of the new evil Scorpion king, usurper to the throne. And the old leader comes back thru deep space to help his people, but maybe he is making things worse by laying down more strange rules and experiences for these half-aboriginal people that don’t really understand what he actually is. The research team is above them observing and Gabriel is trying to learn and to teach a new generation of observers, but things go very wrong sometimes, and the aborigines set up a new and startlingly strong religion based on their antique experiences with the old god from space.
Book 3, The Silver Sarcophagus is the story of the old God’s death and how he was returned to the surface of the planet only to be discovered in a crypt several thousand years later by a earth research team, and again the history is little understood except by maybe Gabriel and his cadre of space researchers. Back on the home planet, unknown to the old god while he is barely still alive, his people are suffering an invasion of their own, a insect-like race has invaded and is taking the aborigines of that world to their own world for some unknown reason, The reason is discovered inadvertently when Shantraciel, an artist from the Gods home world, is accidentally delivered to the insect planet and experiences the conversion process his people are under-going. And it horrifies him and changes him for ever. He escapes back to his dying home world, where his people are trying to escape to other planets to survive. One of those planets in Earth. And they return in groups to different continents of Earth to settle for a while until they can return to their own home world after the insectoids are done with their project. And again the face of this planet changes forever for reasons unknown, unknown to the natives of this world anyway. For when the insect-race is finally stopped and the people of the old God’s home world can go home, they leave this planet mysteriously and suddenly, leaving empty shells of advanced civilizations and confused aboriginal populations all over the world searching to regain the knowledge of their ancient Gods..

This book seems to be the Atheist test: everyone that starts it gets angry for some reason, even when they claim that they are open-minded atheists; and I’ve been thinking about that. This book is a story of a possibility of the origins of the bible stories, where divine intervention is really ancient extraterrestrial intervention. This carries you so convincingly for such a long time, then when you realize you are being re-told the bible stories of exodus, then I think people feel tricked.
But if its so real and convincing, then maybe its time for this story. I think most people have been so deeply indoctrinated with God-oriented origins of life and the sacredness of the bible, that even seriously espoused atheists have trouble being open-minded about it. The bible is a beautiful ancient work of poetry and story telling. But, If God created Man, as they say, then God is Nature, because man is a natural creature and belongs on Earth. Or are we Not? And from somewhere else? And they are our Gods.

Harp’s Tale (The Greenstone Trilogy Book 1)

by A P Johns

In a world of two halves, a spy reaches the end of a sixty-year search to find a mineral vital to his civilisation’s survival. Far away to the South, a farmer’s son with a hidden gift is plagued by visions. Harp’s Tale is a convergence of the lives of the spy and the young man, and the quest to recover a kidnapped princess. From the rural tranquillity of his home, through the glittering capital Sogon and the religious centre of Lotus, the story takes Harp into the unending Great Sand Sea, where a strange religion masks an alien culture.
With intrigue, spies, assassins, religious schism, humour, romance, adventure and even a kitchen sink, this story does its best to defy its categorisation as fantasy/SF. At its core, it is a heart-warming tale of trust, comradeship and growing up. Envisaged as part of a trilogy, but a complete narrative in itself, Harp’s Tale introduces you to a world divided, where the outcome of reconciliation or war is in the balance. As poker players would say : Read it and weep, and laugh, and be introduced to a rich and broad environment, that will be further explored in the sequel, Thunderhead.

Versatile Layer: The Red Girl

by Thomas Davis

Jake Takeda is a gifted student living a quiet life on Lhasa space colony. His life is forever changed when he meets a red girl named Adeola, an alien warrior lost in Lhasa. Together they must survive threats from both of their worlds.

Versatile Layer: The Red Girl is the beginning of an epic Space Opera that will span decades and worlds. But it’s not solely a story about danger and intrigue. It’s a story about people. The decisions they make, how they relate to one another, how they overcome fear and adversity. It’s an enriching experience that will make you laugh, cry, and think. Take the first step and join the adventure.

80 years ago, humanity’s interstellar war with the Arez ended when both sides suffered catastrophic losses of life. The fighting has ended but the hatred between the two species remains. The fragile ceasefire is only maintained by a shared fear of extinction on the part of both races but the slightest spark could reignite the war.

Jake’s simple life is thrown into chaos when he frees Adeola from a mysterious pod he finds in his father’s salvage yard. They form a bond that could save the future but only if they can survive the hatred that threatens to destroy both of their cultures. It’s a desperate race to stay ahead of Station Security as they hunt Adeola. All the while, in the shadows, a team dispatched by the Arez conducts a violent search for the red girl.

The Next Ridire (An Abarta Clan Novel Book 1)

by Amelia Ravenbrook

Brigit Abarta is the eldest child of two of the most powerful Witches in the Pagan world. They also happen to be one of the richest families in both the Pagan and Mundane spheres. She has been surrounded by wealth, power and family her entire life. As she enters her final year at The Academy, her relationships are about to be tested. The ones she believes to be the strongest will begin to show the cracks in their foundations while the ones she believes the most tenuous will reveal the steel at their core.

With her world crumbling around her, can Brigit dig deep enough to find the strength and purpose that will allow her to claim the title of the Abarta Clan’s Next Ridire?

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