Free sports Kindle books for 04 Jan 19

FITNESS CONSCIENTE: El budismo como respuesta a una vida deportiva plena (Spanish Edition)

by juanjo mari

Vivimos en una época donde el deporte convive con todos los defectos de la sociedad moderna .
Tenemos demasiados indicadores enfocados para alimentar el Ego y muy pocos relacionados con el ser , y todo eso hace que nos desconectemos de manera inconsciente con nuestra evolución como especie .
El deporte y el fitness en particular puede ser un aliado de nuestra verdadera naturaleza o por el contrario una herramienta para alejarnos cada vez mas de nuestro ansiado bienestar; convertirnos en seres equilibrados y felices .
Las filosofías orientales , y el budismo en particular pueden ser de gran ayuda en ese camino del despertar deportivo . Este libro es un humilde intento por mostrar todas las virtudes que florecen de esa mágica unión .
” Busca paz para tu mente , y obtendras salud para tu cuerpo ”
( Siddharta Gautama )

Veering Off: My Search for Freedom

by Kevin Cromley

From the sticks of Mississippi to the jungles of Nicaragua, join Kevin on his heart-wrenching journey from boyhood to manhood.

After escaping the chaos of a turbulent youth, he had finally reached a point in his life where order prevailed. The order he so desperately desired. He would soon be scaling the corporate ladder and setting off on a methodical life of routine and comfort. Why then did he have a sinking feeling that something was off, as if his life was skewed and out of balance?

On a mission for answers, he chucks caution to the wind and joins the Peace Corps, finding himself thrust back into the throes of chaos yet again. Will the disorder and chaos overtake him, steer him back towards the perilous ways of his youth? Or will he learn to operate within the disarray and confusion of a new language, new culture and a new way of looking at life? More importantly, will he even make it through the 3 months of training living with an indigenous family in Monimbo, Nicaragua, let alone the two years of Peace Corps service that follows?

Wilt the Winner: Setting the Records Straight

by Jasper Burns

A fresh look at the remarkable career of NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain. This book shows that, contrary to the opinion of some, Wilt was definitely a winner. Did you know…That in an average year, Wilt had more success in the playoffs than Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Byrant, or Lebron James?That the average NBA center was slightly taller and the average player only 1/2 inch or less shorter in Wilt’s heyday (1961-62) than in the 2017-18 season?That Chamberlain was the only center ever to lead the league in total assists for an entire season?That Wilt dramatically and voluntarily reduced his scoring after completing the first half of his 14 year career – and yet still wound up with the same career average as Michael Jordan (30.1 ppg)?That Wilt was the first NBA player to hit 50%, 60%, and then 70% of his shots for a full season?This book includes Wilt’s NBA statistics and game logs for his entire NBA career.


by Marco Bandini

Se vuoi allenarti in maniera seria, professionale e ottenere risultati eccezionali allora questo libro fa per te.
Questo libro contiene tutto ciò che ti serve per trasformare il tuo corpo e massimizzare la tua condizione fisica come mai avresti immaginato.
In 12 settimane di allenamento vedrai il tuo fisico trasformato.
Tutto ciò che devi mettere è l’impegno, la costanza e soprattutto devi crederci.
Se vuoi fare sul serio non ti rimane che seguire questo manuale e applicarti nell’allenamento e nell’alimentazione come descritto in questo libro.

Bad Boys Wrestling Great Stun: BBW Book 17

by Oskars Dombrava

-BBW Champion title match: Jeremy Stun vs. Rouki Roundy- Stun became BBW Champion by defeating Syhopat with help of Johnny Johnson and Great 4.
-P.G. Sim has been brought in BBW by Johnny Johnson and will debut against man who hates Great 4 the most- Syhopat in BBW Hero title tournament qualifying round.
-Gulian vs. Lunar Dunduk in another BBW Hero title tournament qualifying round.
-Just Worker vs. Clown in another BBW Hero title tournament qualifying round.
-Send & Yuti Mutag vs. Bodies- winner will advance to face Blue Brothers and then will wrestle BBW Tag Team champions at BBW Head to Head 2: Eye to Eye.
-As well maybe we will find answer about Jeremy Stun and Great 4 status.

Taiji-elbstlernkurs im Yang-Stil (German Edition)

by Andrey Shvets

Dieser Selbstlernkurs vermittelt eine umfassende Erläuterung der Haltungen und Bewegungen der langen Form des Yang-Stil-Taiji. Nach dieser Erklärung und den 3 Prinzipien können Sie sie an einem Tag erlernen und beginnen, diese überlegene Kunst der Selbstkontrolle und des Kampfens zu üben. Es ist besser, mit dem ersten Teil einer langen Form im Yang-Stil zu beginnen, die aus 14 Bewegungen besteht, als vereinfachte Formen zu lernen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass einige wichtige Merkmale der Taiji-Kunst vereinfachten Formen entnommen wurden.

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