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Machine Learning for Beginners: Absolute Beginners Guide, Learn Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from Scratch (Python, Machine Learning Book 2)

by Chris Sebastian

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Machine Learning is changing the world.

You use Machine Learning every day and probably don’t know it.

In this book, you will learn how ML grew from a desire to make computers able to learn.

Trace the development of Machine Learning from the early days of a computer learning how to play checkers, to machines able to beat world masters in chess and go. Understand how large data is so important to Machine Learning, and how the collection of massive amounts of data provides Machine Learning programmers with the information they need to developing learning algorithms.

Simple examples will help you understand the complex math and probability statistics underlining Machine Learning. You will also see real-world examples of Machine Learning in action and uncover how these algorithms are making your life better every day.

Learn about how artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Swarm Intelligence interact and complement each other as part of the quest to generate machines capable of thinking and reacting to the world. Read about the technical issues with Machine Learning and how they are being overcome. Discover the dark side of ML and what possible outcomes there could be should things go wrong. And finally, learn about the positive future artificial intelligence and Machine Learning promise to bring to the world.

In this book, you will discover

-The history of Machine Learning

-Approaches taken to ML in the past and present

-Artificial intelligence and its relationship to ML

-How neural networks, big data, regression, and the cloud all play a part in the development of Machine Learning

-Compare Machine Learning to the Internet of Things, Robotics, and Swarm Intelligence

-Learn about the different models of ML and how each is used to produce learning algorithms

-Get access to free software and data sets so you can try out your very own Machine Learning software

-Examine some of the technical problems and philosophical dilemmas with ML

-See what advanced Machine Learning will make to our world in the future

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SQL: Comprehensive Beginners Guide to SQL Programming with Exercises and Case Studies

by Paige Jacobs

In the last few decades, many programming languages have been developed, and there are only some that have stuck around. Some examples are C, which is a popular server development and operating system for embedded systems. When it comes to databases, the Structured Query Language (SQL) has been around since the 1970s.

You can use SQL to create, generate, manage and manipulate from relational databases. Most businesses prefer to use a relational database since it can store hundreds and thousands of rows of data.

In this book, you will gather information about what SQL is and why it is important to learn SQL. This book also covers some of the basic commands that are used in SQL and explains how you can use those commands to manipulate information in tables and datasets. This book covers information on different data types, operators, and functions you can use to work with data and analyze data.

You should continue to practice if you want to master SQL. It is okay not to know what code to use when you start learning to code in a language. It is only when you practice that you will know where you should apply a specific operator or function.

So start learning to be a master of SQL and grab this book to start your journey!

HTML Programming For Beginners: Answers all your Questions Step-by-Step

by Ryshith Doyle

WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK?I wrote this book for people who want to learn HTML Programming, but cannot bring themselves to do so for two obvious reasons. Firstly, they fear the effort that goes into learning a new web programming language. Secondly, even if they begin attempting to learn HTML, the books available on HTML Programming are too complicated to understand and learn, for beginners or teens.I have adapted the question and answer approach to write this book. Wherein, the knowledge and content transfer to the reader will happen through the method of question and answer. I guess this is the most effective way in which learning happens for beginners. Moreover, the Question and Answer method is not a novel idea but was developed by the famous philosopher Socrates and is also known as the “Socratic Method of teaching”.This book is a learner friendly, question and answer guide, that helps you step-by-step in your effort to learn the most essential Web Programming Language – HTML Programming Language.THIS BOOK IS BEST SUITED FOR:1)This HTML Programming book is Best for Beginners:Anyone who wants to learn HTML Programming for the first time. This book will help persons even with no previous exposure to any other programming language such as C or Java.2)This HTML Programming book is Best also for students: Schools and colleges world over are introducing HTML Programming as part of their curriculum. This book can be used by students to learning HTML Programming step-by-step. It will also help then in their exams with ready-made set of question and answers.3) This HTML Programming book is Best for candidates preparing for interviews related to programming: Since, it is in the form of question and answers. The candidate will have a short and crisp answer to be ready with. Even though if a candidate has read an exhaustive 500 page HTML book, “HTML Programming For Beginners: Answers all your Questions Step-by-Step” will help the candidate revise and be ready with to-the-point answers.

The Software Developer Blueprint: How I Became a Developer and How You Can Too

by Matthew Brown

Are you considering starting a career in software development or you already a new developer? If so then this book will help guide you. Matthew Brown is an experienced software developer and consultant. In this book, he shares his own story of making a career switch into software development and offers advice and guidance to help you to launch your own successful career.

What you will learn in this book:
– What can I expect from a career in software development? Do you really want to be a software developer?
– Am I Too Old to Start a Career in Software Development?
– Do I Need a College Degree?
– What are the alternate paths to start a career in software development?
– What is a coding boot camp?
– What does it mean to be a self-taught developer?
– What should my specialty by as a developer? What kind of development will I enjoy?
– How do I find that first programming job?
– What kind of company do I want to start my career at?
– What do I need to do to start off my career on the right foot?
– How much do I need to learn once I am already working in the field?
– What is imposter syndrome? How do I overcome it?
– How do you set up your environment to help you focus on your work? What kind of equipment should I get?

Become an Influencer: How to generate passive income online

by Mark Bronson Brown

Become an Influencer
How to generate passive income online
How to make money as a Social Influencer
Step by step guide to grow and monetize your social account

Diventa un Influencer
Come generare reddito passivo online
Come fare soldi come Influencer sociale
Guida passo passo per aumentare e monetizzare il tuo account social

Werde Influencer
So generieren Sie passives Einkommen online
Wie man als sozialer Influencer Geld verdient
Schritt für Schritt Anleitung, um Ihr soziales Konto zu vergrö�ern und zu monetarisieren

Secrets of a Top SEO Pro: Learn Local Search Engine Optimization While on a Short Flight

by PD Gates

This book is for anyone who wants to execute their own SEO.

It’s also for anyone who has ever been screwed by an SEO company and flushed money down the toilet with a campaign that didn’t get results or left you in worse shape than you were in before hiring themâ??meaning you got penalized by Google!

This book will help you do your own SEO, or help you hire a good SEO company if you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself. The key message here? Get educated. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to be informed before hiring an SEO company. You need to be knowledgeable enough to distinguish truth from BS; you don’t have to pass the Bar or get a PHD to call yourself an SEO professional. Any random Joe can start an SEO company.

I have tried to strike a balance between being so overly simplistic that everyone can understandâ??but the information I provide isn’t truly actionableâ??versus getting so technical and advanced that only someone who has been doing SEO full time for a decade could understand what I am talking about. When introducing a concept that might be unfamiliar for a decent percentage of the readers, I have tried to include a link so you can learn more about it.

This is not a step-by-step guide. It’s more of a resource to leverage in order to understand core SEO principles, gather killer techniques that businesses can leverage, and learn to steer clear of the mistakes that I have seen hundreds of others make that have gigantic negative consequences.

What You Will Learn

Here’s an overview of some of the essential topics covered that will put you on the winning side of the SEO game:

  • What to do if you get penalized
  • How to select a good SEO company
  • The items that factor into what I call your “Total Web Presence”
  • The danger of bad links and how to repair them
  • Why stability and consistency is a big deal
  • The importance of and how to obtain online reviews
  • What blogging can and can’t do for you
  • Why you should consider having a YouTube channel
  • How social media helps your ranking on Google
  • How and when to use paid search
  • What not to waste your time on

Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer ready to try SEO on your own, or a small business owner who plans on hiring a company, reading this guide will familiarize you with the nuts and bolts so that you end up with a site that puts you out there in front of your customers when they need you.

I know how busy people are, so I have tried to be as concise as possible. I think that you will be able to read the whole book in one nonstop domestic flight.

Unlocking Social Signals: The start your internet property needs in a world of social media (Digital Currencies Guide Book 2)

by Stuart Mackenzie

So chances are that own a web property or are thinking about owning one in the near future, with that in mind you are going to love this little gem I am sharing with you today.

From start to end I am about to give you simple instructions on creating social signals, daily drip fed wherever you like, no I am not re-inventing the wheel, just showing you a strategy that will massively help any project you are involved with online.

I used to ping and index sites like everyone until Google decided user interactions are more important than back links, that is not to say they don’t work obviously, but user engagement is the wave of the future so with that in mind, allow me to show you a simple and scalable strategy you can start right now.

Pictures and analytics information is included to give you a true sense of what you will benefit from this strategy, also the surprise rankings I managed to make in as little as 4 days.

Many web 2.0’s were sent to the cloud in the sky during the creation of this guide through dodgy referrers random nonsense, as to develop this strategy and not only that, but one that worked and kept all referrers off my analytics and only the good stuff coming, I give you…

Unlocking Social Signals

Srini’s Guide To Hack or To Lose

by Srini Jon

This file was provided for informational purposes only.
The author assumes no responsibilities for any individual’s actions after
reading this file.

Earn Four Figures Per Month on Your First Internet Business: Fiverr Selling or Information Marketing

by Kevin Haswell

Attention: People Looking for a New Part-Time or Full-Time Income Source via Internet Marketing


Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Discover Inside this Bundle:

* Pick a profitable niche
* Test your niche
* How to target the best niches and make sure they are profitable even before you create your product
* Learn to create a product lightning fast
* Product creation methods that requires no capital investment
* Know how to sell it easily online

* The 6 step process that will help you go from zero to $1k per month on Fiverr
* Why start with Fiverr instead of other freelancing websites
* How to find a niche or a service to sell into
* The best ideas to help you get started
* How to write a product listing that converts prospects into buyers
* How to create extra gigs to help you expand your income fast!
* How to make more money than you competition! (You can see this on the last chapter)


Download your copy now, read it and apply it today!

Digital Information Products: How to Create Your Own Digital Information Publishing Business via Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

by George Allen

2 Internet Marketing Ideas You Can Implement for One Hour a Day

Learn a step by step method of making money online via your own online business.




What you’ll get in this bundle:

– How to find the most profitable niches to blog with
– How to create a blogstyle website
– How to create tha plan for profitability…so you can make this a full time gig asap!
– How to drive traffic to your blog…for free.

– The “Magic 5” criteria to use every time you’re choosing a product to promote
– Where to find the products to sell
– The price point to choose from and how to know what price point you’ll target first
– How to create a wordpress site from complete scratch
– How to choose the proper domain name
– The exact plugins to install for maximum SEO power
– How to write a product review step by step
– Why being honest pays off
– What bonuses to give to your customers
– How to rank your website on Google for as cheap as $15
– How to choose the right keywords to rank for


You can “trial and error” your way to online marketing success and that’s not so bad if you have a lot of time and money.

But the smarter way to do it is to learn from other people’s mistakes and implement the lessons from their mistakes.

I urge you to choose the second method!

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Calendar Making for Python 36 No8 Reproduction of Calendar in the Qin Dynasty (Japanese Edition)

by Yutaka Shirai

ï¼°ï½?ï½?ï½?oï½?3.6 にã??ã??æ?¦ã®ä½?æ?æ?¹æ³?につã?て解説ã?ã??ã?·ã?ªã?¼ã?ºã§ã?ã??ã??
第ï¼?巻ではï¼?中å?½ç§¦ã®æ??代のæ?¦ã?»é¡?é ?æ?¦ã«ã¤ã?てå?ç¾ã??試みã??ã??
8.1ç¯?ではï¼?é¡?é ?æ?¦ã®æ¦?要とé¡?é ?æ?¦ã®ä¸æ??なç?¹ã«ã¤ã?てæ?¨å®?ã??試みã??ã??
8.2ç¯?ではï¼?äº?十å??ç¯?æ°?のè¨?ç®?ã??ã?­ã?°ã?©ã? ã??示ã?ï¼?
8.3ç¯?ではï¼?é¡?é ?æ?¦ã¨ã?¦ã?ªã?¦ã?¹æ?¦ã®å¯¾å¿?ä»?ã?ã??è¡?ã?ã??ã?­ã?°ã?©ã? ã??示ã?ï¼?
è?¨æ²?é??é??å±±2号å¢?でå?ºå??ã?ã?æ?¦è­?とã??ã?­ã?°ã?©ã? ã®å?ºå??結æ??とのæ¯?è¼?ã??示ã?ã??

Bee Everywhere!: Promote Your Brand With A Business Blog

by Paul Bass

How is your web site? Do you blog? Some people say the blog is on its way out, yet almost all major businesses and their leaders are blogging. If you have a small business or non-profit, people need to hear your story.
In “Bee Everywhere” you will be encouraged to use all the free and low cost methods on the web to bring loyal customers through your doors.
You will learn the ins and outs of web design for your business as well as traffic and list building. This book is not overly laden with jargon and Tech Geek assignments. Your success as a business blogger is primary.
Bee everywhere can walk you through as you transition from web-phobic to someone who can say, “I got this.”
Written by a long-time AV tech, this book can help you to feel at ease with the challenge of building an online strategy to supplement your offline marketing.
It’s time to put your worries behind and start delivering valuable content to your potential clients. Your brand will thank you for reading “Bee Everywhere.”

How to Start Freelancing & Publishing for a Living: Start Self-Publishing or Freelancing to Make Money from Home

by Warren Geisler


Live Anywhere, Work Anywhere and Escape the Suckage of a 9-5 Job!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– How to start as a Freelancer
– 10 ways to make money online as a freelancer
– The closely guarded secrets of the top freelancers in the world (7 figure earners at home)
– How to get clients the easy way
– How to get long term – high paying clients via Linkedin
– 21 different ways to get more clients
– The best practices to follow to stay in the game and make a lot of money from it

– How to get started with minimal capital
– How to publish a book without writing it yourself
– How to sell your books to the right people
– How to outsource your book cheaply… step by step!
– How to choose the perfect book cover
– How to research the most profitable niches
– How to upload your book for maximum sales conversion
– How to write a book listing that sells!

You don’t need any huge capital, business experience or technical skills to get started.

Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Now

Legitime Online-Jobs (German Edition)

by Bernhard Eckert

In diesem Buch wird erläutert mit welchen Online-Tätigkeiten man sich nebenbei, nach der Arbeit noch etwas Geld dazuverdienen kann.
Hier eine kleine Leseprobe:
Wie viele andere Arbeiter haben Sie wahrscheinlich davon geträumt, von zu Hause aus zu arbeiten. Du fürchtest die Pendelfahrt wegen des Stresses und der Zeit, die es braucht, um dich zum und vom Büro zu bringen. Darüber hinaus erfordert das Arbeiten dort in der Welt, dass man sich mit vielen Persönlichkeiten und vielen arbeitsbezogenen Dramen auseinandersetzt. Wer hat nicht schon einmal auf das Gerede seines Mitarbeiters über einander gehört oder seine Beschwerden über sein Schicksal im Leben aufgelistet? Es ist mehr als genug, um zu wünschen, dass wir von allem wegkommen könnten.

Während es einige Jobs gibt, die sich für die Arbeit von überall her eignen, wie z.B. als Künstler, Autor oder Pflegedienst, benötigen sie eine Reihe von Fähigkeiten, die nicht alle von uns besitzen. Allerdings sollten Sie sich davon nicht entmutigen lassen, von Ihrem Traum, von zu Hause aus zu arbeiten.

Einige Online-Jobs, die verfügbar sind, erfordern nicht, dass Sie die Arbeit mit Kindern oder älteren Menschen lieben. Du musst auch nicht der nächste Monet oder Twain sein. Auf dem heutigen Markt finden Sie eine gro�e Auswahl an Arbeiten, die mit Hilfe des Internets und eines Computers einfach erledigt werden können.

Machen Sie sich nichts vor, wenn Sie denken, dass es einfacher sein wird, online zu arbeiten als au�erhalb des Hauses zu arbeiten. In der Praxis müssen Sie sich ganz auf Ihren Erfolg konzentrieren. Obwohl Sie vielleicht denken, dass es einfacher ist, motiviert zu bleiben, wenn Sie die lästigen Mitarbeiter und den Chef loswerden, kann es eine Reihe von Herausforderungen geben, mit denen Sie konfrontiert werden, wenn Sie selbst online arbeiten.

Zuerst müssen Sie noch jeden Tag zur Arbeit pendeln. Die Fahrt kann nur zu Ihrem Heimbüro oder zum Küchentisch erfolgen, aber Sie müssen körperlich und geistig bei der Arbeit erscheinen.

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