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The Ultimate Anti Inflammatory Diet for Beginners: 30 Easy Recipes to Restore Health and Heal the Immune System

by Charlotte Moyer

â?? Learn How to Banish Inflammation and Eat your way to a Pain Free Lifestyle! Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now! â??

Learn How to Banish Inflammation and Eat your way to a Pain Free Lifestyle!

Inflammation indeed is a natural function of your body, but when it occurs in excess, it can do serious damage to your system. With the introduction of processed food, it has become increasingly difficult for people to control inflammation in check.

When present in excess, this inflammation can trigger autoimmune disorder, fatally damaging functions of the body. But this condition can be prevented. Preventing autoimmune disorder might sound like a complex notion, but it is only a matter of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

With the correct choice of ingredients, your meal can turn into a savior rather than pushing your toward your demise. In this book, we have included some handpicked recipes that contain ingredients full of vitamins, mineral and antioxidants to fight off your inflammation, and help you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Choose from an array of breakfast, main dish, salad, smoothie, soup and dessert recipes, and pave you path to a great, coveted lifestyle.

All these anti inflammatory dishes are thoughtfully selected so they can be:

  • Incredibly healthy to nourish your body and supply it with a variety of essential nutrients!
  • Totally economical so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get started!
  • Mouth-watering so you can enjoy eating them!

Don’t wait – It’s time to do the right thing for your body, you wont regret it!

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Delicious Easter Sushi Recipes

by Marshella Goodsworth

In this lovely edition you will find interesting recipes for various types of sushi with fresh, interesting fillings that are accentuated by elegant French Canadian flare and exquisite French Canadian tastes for your Easter celebration. You, your family members and your guests will enjoy these decadent, mouth-watering recipes, which will leave your taste buds wanting more. Get the book now!

The author Marshella Goodsworth is a superb chef with restaurant quality food and is the author of a whole series of fabulous cookbooks available online at that are sold around the world. Type her name Marshella Goodsworth in the search box on to see her full line of amazing cookbooks that you will want to be sure to get to add to your collection and to give as perfect gifts for all occasions. Get her books today for yourself for family and friends as perfect gifts for all occasions.

VEGAN: DUMP DINNER: 65 Vegan Recipes for Beginners on a Budget and High Protein Cookbook (One pot, Slow Cooker, Raw Food, Vegetarian)

by Healthy Living Publishing

h1>Lose Weight and Gain Lean Muscle Mass – The Healthy Vegan Way!
It doesn’t have to be difficult to cook delicious vegan meals at home!

Vegan: 35 High Protein Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss and Building Muscle by is more than a cookbook. Chapter-by-chapter, Charlotte Moyer introduces you to the most essential foods of a vegan diet. You’ll learn to prepare delicious dishes based around these popular vegan staples:

  • Beans
  • Quinoa
  • Nuts
  • Greens
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • and even Tempeh!

You don’t need a Kindle device to read this book – Just download a FREE Kindle reader for your smartphone, tablet, or computer!

You can save money and live better by cooking vegan dishes for yourself and your family. Protect the animals, the environment, and your health while enjoying wonderful meals such as Lemon Asparagus Pasta, Sweet and Sour Tempeh, and Almond Butter Pancakes!

Don’t wait – It’s time to do the right thing for your body and the world. Download Vegan: 35 High Protein Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss and Building Muscle right away!

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The Anti-Cookbook: Easy, Thrifty Recipes for Food-Smart Living

by Shelley Onderdonk

The Anti-Cookbook inverts the idea that cooking is simply about following a recipe. A “cookbook” method of completing a task implies a mundane, thoughtless process. This book seeks to do the opposite â?? to inspire readers to think creatively about making meals and independently about the deeper issues surrounding food and nourishment. We want readers to see the sweetness of committing to themselves, to locally sourced ingredients and wholesome recipes, to sitting down to a homemade meal instead of dialing one up or paying someone else to cut the broccoli. If you have found yourself too often eating out of a bag or ordering up take-out, indulge yourself with our food-positive philosophy. Cook better, eat right, be well.

Living Fresh Not Frozen

by Precious Swain

Scripture inspired mixture of cooking and devotion for today’s woman. Working to regain the importance of being a virtuous woman one meal at a time.

PRESSURE COOKER: DUMP DINNERS: Healthy and Nutritious Recipes to Save You Time and Money (Cookbook, Quick Meals, Slow Cooker, Crock Pot)

by Charlotte Moyer

â??Over 100 + Tasty Recipes! 4 Free Bonus Books Included! Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now! â??

Pressure cooking is an underutilized way to cook food. Pressure cooking recipes usually only use one-pot and therefore save on the hassle and toil of washing up.

Pressure cooker recipes are also faster than nearly any other cooking method, cutting the time is takes to cook in half or even more.

Furthermore, pressure cookers are also spacious and perfect for batch cooking and recipes for large families or groups.

On top of this, pressure cookers often produce better tasting meals than other alternatives, locking in flavor and intensifying seasoning. They also retain all the moisture and juice of the cooked within, keeping the natural taste. This is particularly true for meat and poultry dishes, which become incredibly tender and mouth-watering.

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Fat Loss Forever: Magic slimming soups Confirmed results


Many dieters use weight loss pills, exercise, or slimming soup. Diet pills are effective in slimming because they contain a few calories and plenty of water.
The scientific secretariat needs to inform you of the fact that no one who is specialized or not specialized in the treatment of obesity and weight gain will tell you that losing many kilograms in a fast period will not only be unwanted fats, but will also lose a lot of body fluids and fiber residues And undigested foods, which is not safe.
According to the Academy of Nutrition, the natural loss of weight must not exceed 1 kg, which does not follow the risks or consequences of bad, but at the same time does not apply to everyone who suffers from a large increase in weight will be different with him, and may be the rapid weight loss for people with obesity Excessively better for their bodies than losing them slowly. We are pleased to offer a quick diet that can lose weight in one week.

Slimming Soup. An effective and experienced solution and its results are guaranteed
And absolutely harmless.
Just stick to the instructions and you will achieve impressive results
All these systems have been demonstrated, ensured and prepared by nutrition experts around the world.

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss: Complete Guide to Transforming Your Body in 15 Days or Less Guaranteed! (Meal Plan Included)

by VL DeAlexander

Obesity is a problem that is costing your happiness! Please allow the miracle of Intermittent Fasting to stay in your life and lead you to a happy body, happy Mind, and a Happy You!

Intermittent fasting is a type of lifestyle change that many people have adopted recently. Many tend to confuse this “lifestyle option” with a diet – it is not exactly a diet that a person needs to follow, but rather a way of eating – scheduling of food consumption is the most important part of this lifestyle plan.

Here, we will introduce you to intermittent fasting. We’ll consider what intermittent fasting really is, the different types of this “dietary” or “lifestyle” option that is available, how it works, and we will, of course, also consider the benefits and possible drawbacks that everyone should be aware of before setting out to implementing this “eating pattern” into their lives.

That is the purpose of this book! To guide you to right way of Intermittent Fasting

  • Why Fasting is good for health

  • How you can use Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight

  • Types of Intermittent Fasting

  • Fat Loss Forever Method

  • Developing an Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan

  • Planning your Meals for Specific Goals

  • And much much more

Don’t sit around! Take action and make the small decision of purchasing this book that will bring you BIG RESULTS! I’ll see you inside!

WHEAT BELLY: Wheat Belly: 31 Delicious Wheat Free Recipes to Lose Weight Fast

by Charlotte Moyer

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Now You Can Finally Stay In Shape & Supercharge Your Health Easier Than Ever Following the Wheat Belly Diet

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Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Aren’t you sick and tired of diets that never bring the advertised results?
  • Do you want to burn several pounds of fat, lose weight and boost your physical well-being?
  • Do you want to live a life of vitality, health and energy?

Wheat Belly: 31 Delicious Wheat Free Recipes to Lose Weight Fast will…

show you the principles of the “wheat-free diet” without over-complicated information and unnecessary clutter. The wheat-free diet consists of foods that are gluten free and contain zero traces of refined sugars. All in all, it’s an extremely healthy option for those who want to take the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Here Is a Short Preview Of What You Are Going To Learn In This Life Changing Book:

  • Wheat Free Breakfast Recipes
  • Wheat Free Lunches
  • Wheat Free Main Courses
  • Wheat Free Appetizers, Snacks & Side Dishes
  • Wheat Free Desserts & Treats
  • And Much, Much More!

In total, you will get 31 super delicious and super healthy recipes that will help you stay in shape, become fit and rejuvenate your health!
Don’t miss this chance!

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Ramen for Beginners and Pros: The Cookbook with Japanese Noodle Recipes for Every Day

by Kentaro Asano

JUST FOR A SHORT TIME THE EBOOK FOR £0.99 (instead £5,99) and the paperbook just £7,90 (instead of £14,99) without shipping costs!

Ramen for Beginners and Pros

The Big Cookbook

The Cookbook with Japanese Noodle Recipes for Every Day

A new trend is sweeping the land, a food trend that seems to stand against the Clean Eating ideology. Anything but vegan, the ramen soups from Japan are coming to Europe and continue the hype about bone broth from grandma’s times. For the first time a Japanese dish that is not sushi is gaining ground in Europe. Ramen are a specific kind of Japanese noodles. Traditional Japanese soups that were made with these noodles were also called ramen. They capture us with an umami taste explosion while the vegan Clean Eating trend is trying to tell us that it is possible to do without strong flavors and spices. And yet, the two trends are not necessarily in conflict with each other. Food can be pleasantly intensely flavored and still vegan and healthy. Thus it happens sometimes that European restauranteurs make the original ramen soup without any meat or fish and use ready-made sauces to mix seasoning sauces instead of long fermentation processes. Nonetheless, we are trying to stick close to the original in this book and find a compromise between the hearty Japanese broth and the European palate.

We will teach you the art of preparing this particular soup in this book. The beauty of the ramen culture is that there are no dogmatic recipes that you need to follow exactly. It is more of a variable modular system. You will learn different basic recipes that you can combine as you wish or following some recommendations in this cookbook so that you will ultimately have your home-made ramen soup that you can enjoy. Most of the time, you prepare a basic broth first, then refine it with a sauce or some sort of seasoning broth and finally, as a third component there will be soup additions, so called toppings. The finished soup is usually named after the base broth that is used. Basically to differentiate here are Miso, Tonkutso, Shoyu and Shio. Miso soups are known for their strong fermented soy paste taste. Tonkutso is the meat or bone broth from Japan. Shoyu ramen are mostly based on the flavor of soy sauce and Shio is the seafood soup, which tastes salty and is made from fish and seafood. In reality, every ramen chef swears by their own secret recipe. Become one of those chefs yourself. You just need a certain fondness of experimenting. Take the recipes in this book and use them as inspiration to begin your own ramen journey.

VEGAN: VEGETARIAN: 32 Dump Dinner Recipes on a Budget (One pot, Slow Cooker, Raw Food)

by Charlotte Moyer

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Learn These Delicious & Affordable Vegan Recipes So You Don’t Have To Starve Until Your Payday

** Get this book by Amazon Best Selling Author Charlotte Moyer **

Vegan cooking isn’t only insanely healthy. It’s also really inexpensive. Vegans can enjoy the benefits of eating fresh and nutritious foods without breaking the bank to satiate their hunger.

If you would like to follow a vegan diet and save some money in the process, then this book is a must-buy for you!

The “Healthy Vegan Dump Dinner Recipes On A Budget” contains 32 exceptionally delicious and easy to prepare vegan dishes.

Now you can finally satisfy your tastebuds and follow a healthier diet. And you can do it without settling for bland, boring food!

All these vegan dishes are thoughtfully selected so they can be:

  • Incredibly healthy to nourish your body and supply it with a variety of essential nutrients!
  • Totally economical so you don’t have to starve until you get the next paycheck!
  • Mouth-watering so you can enjoy eating them!

An Ideal Book That Every Cost-Conscious Vegetarian Should Read!

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Cocoa for Connoisseurs: Best Hot Cocoa Beverages, Bakes & Bites; Recipes from Around the World to Celebrate National Cocoa Day

by Martha Stephenson

Wherever you are in the world, a winter’s day is the ideal time to enjoy a mug of hot cocoa, and never more so than on December 13th’s National Cocoa Day.

Not to be confused with drinking chocolate, which is made using ground chocolate, hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder. Not only does it have lots of health benefits and contain less calories but it also has very little fat. The cocoa is generally combined with either water or hot milk.

This day of national celebration honors all uses for cocoa and not just as an ingredient for hot drinks.

So along with a steaming hot cup of cocoa, enjoy a slice of decadent Moroccan chocolate cake or a batch of warm Dutch cocoa cookies straight from the oven, and much more.

Cocoa for Connoisseurs is a collection of hot cocoa beverage and bakes from around the world.

What began with the Mayans in 900AD has gone global. This year, why not celebrate National Cocoa Day with a cocoa beverage, bake or bite from around the world?

Let’s Get Cooking! Scroll Back Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

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Then, you can immediately begin reading Cocoa for Connoisseurs: Best Hot Cocoa Beverages, Bakes & Bites; Recipes from Around the World to Celebrate National Cocoa Day on your Kindle Device, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

PRESSURE COOKER: DUMP DINNERS: Delicious Quick and Easy Recipes for all the Family (Cookbook, Quick Meals, Slow Cooker, Crock Pot)

by Charlotte Moyer

â??Over 100 + Tasty Recipes! 4 Free Bonus Books Included! Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now! â??

To many people, the pressure cooker is an out-dated appliance, having been replaced with microwaves and slow cookers. The notion of using pressure to cook food may seem impractical, but it is in fact as fantastic application of science with numerous advantages.

Pressure cookers can cook food faster than almost any other method. Furthermore pressure cooked food retains all of the embedded taste of other methods and leaves very little cleaning or washing up.

Finally, as the pressure cooker has been available for several decades, there are hundreds of recipes for all the traditional family friends meal you are used to. From creamy risotto, to beef stew and from rice pudding to crème caramel, the pressure cooker is versatile and powerful cooking tool.

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30-Minutes Indian Vegetarian Cook-Book: 30 Delicious Vegetarian Indian Dishes that can be prepared in under 30-Minutes!: Indian Cookbook, Indian Cooking, … Indian Cooking, Vegetarian Indian Cook)

by Salma Kaur

30-Minutes Indian Vegetarian Cook-Book

You’re about to discover how to Cook up Vegetarian Indian meals within less than 30 Minutes! The 30 Minute Indian vegetarian Cook-book contains 30 different delicious drinks, recipes and dishes to satisfy all your cravings. The ingredients used are readily available in most spices store. This book contains step by step methods to cook up the Indian meals you have been wanting to try. Hope this book will serve you as a great guide in satisfying your hearts desires!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Healthy drink (Kashaya)
  • Instant Rava Idli
  • Split green moong dal Khichdi
  • Girmit
  • Onion Sambar
  • Spicy Tomato Rasam
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Simply Grace

by Katina Horton

Simply Grace is a compilation of healing poetry that deals with issues of everyday life, along with simple, healthy recipes for busy adults.

THE MOROCCAN TAJINE : Enjoy the Moroccan tastes


Tagine means both the container, the typical terracotta dish, and its contents. The TAJINE was born in North Africa, Morocco. All the dishes prepared in the TAJINE are called TAJINE (for example: chicken tagine and lemon, TAJINE with small weights and artichokes, TAJINE fish …).
The sealed lid allows the ingredients to steam.
The lid ball makes it easy to lift to check cooking or add ingredients.
Once the TAJINE is ready, place it on the table and remove the lid in front of the guests.
By its shape, the base facilitates the service of the dish.
In Morocco, traditional TAJINE is cooked (or rather cooked) in a (KANOUN). This small stove (kind of barbecue), round terracotta, which is filled with charcoal is used to support the TAJINE. The embers of hot coals give a low and regular temperature, essential element to the sweet and long cooking tagine.
on this book you will enjoy many of tagine recipes that prepared with meat, chicken or fish.

Fierce-Mason (The Fierce Five Series Book 3)

by Natalie Ann

It’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for…

Mason Fierce was the smart one. The quiet one. The least fierce of the Fierce Five. He’s a force to reckon with running his own brewery and doing what he wants…the way he wants it. He’s still the smart one, still the quiet one, but he’s out to prove that brute strength isn’t what makes you fierce, but accepting who you are and embracing it makes you the fiercest of them all.

Jessica Corning has always loved science. She’s what many would call nerdy. Geeky, even. Never had a boyfriend, never even wanted one. She just wanted to focus on school and her hobbies. Her new love. Beer. So a part-time job giving tours at Fierce Brewery is a dream come true for her. The last thing she expects is to find that maybe she wouldn’t mind having a guy in her life after all. If only her new boss would even notice her.

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Lake Placid Series

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Check out where it all started for the Harpers in the Road Series!

Road to Recovery – Book 1 – Lucas Mathews and Brooke Malone
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Ketogenic Diet: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To A perfect Keto Diet

by Flora Sanders

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered if you could ever lose those fats and get yourself an awesome physique? How about being free of conditions like high blood pressure and less than ideal cholesterol levels to enjoy a wholesome, healthy and active life?

If that sounds good, step up and get ready to dive into the world of the Ketogenic Diet!

Through this book, Flora takes you through the significance, advantages and challenges of Ketogenic Diet.

In Ketogenic Diet:The Ultimate Beginners Guide To A perfect Keto Diet, you will get to enjoy

  • Over 100 delectable Keto recipes to bring variety in your kitchen and make your weight loss life a breeze
  • Practical ways on how to pick quality and fresher foods for your meal prep
  • Detailed 4 week meal plan with grocery shopping lists for an Easy Keto journey
  • Actionable tips and practical advice on how to activate the Keto fat burning process
  • Knowledge on what to expect along the ketogenic journey
  • Keto Recipe index for that easy-find-to help with smooth preparation in the kitchen
  • Weight loss principles and the impact of the ketogenic diet
  • A special list of foods that demands your attention for ketogenic success!
  • And Much, Much More inside!

If you have been on the same route as me, trying all sorts of diets known on earth, popping expensive weight loss pills and spending loads on exercise machines but end up finding that the weight keeps coming back, then it is time for you to start the Ketogenic Diet!

Does it sound too good to be true? Let us get to facts and prove the benefits to you. Click “Buy now” and start your new life!

Sri Lanka recipes and traditional Indian cuisine. : Cookbook: 50 recipes for perfect home cooking.

by Tim Allen

What makes Indian food so special is the use of simple ingredients to make tasty dishes. The wide range of spices and herbs used in Indian not only add a great flavor to food but also has therapeutic properties. Cumin, coriander, red chili, cloves, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, ginger root etc used extensively in Indian cooking are known to have immense health benefits. For example, turmeric is widely used in Indian cooking. Including turmeric in everyday diet can significantly cut down your risk of cancer. Studies suggest that turmeric can help fight several diseases including diabetes, dementia, inflammation, arthritis, and obesity. The spice is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties that help boost immunity system.

WHEAT BELLY: SLOW COOKER: Cookbook of 25 Grain Free Recipes for Weight Loss (Weight Loss, Low Carb, Grain Free,Healthy)

by Charlotte Moyer

If so, let the Wheat Belly Cookbook for Weight Loss: 25 Grain Free Recipes for Your Slow Cooker help you enjoy the wealth of other foods you can eat on this diet. From main courses and meat dishes to sweet slow-cooked meals, you’ll love to try the delicious recipes in this helpful book!

Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!

When you download Wheat Belly Cookbook for Weight Loss: 25 Grain Free Recipes for Your Slow Cooker, you’ll discover many new favorites:

  • Rosemary, Garlic, and Ricotta Cheese Dip
  • Greek-Style Roast Turkey
  • Cajun and Thyme Jambalaya
  • Rustic French Chicken
  • Oriental Barbecued Pork

and many more!

It’s time to take care of yourself. Order Your Copy of Wheat Belly Cookbook for Weight Loss: 25 Grain Free Recipes for Your Slow Cooker right away!

You’ll be so glad you took this step!

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Eis selber machen: Die besten Eisrezepte für Eis ohne Eismaschine – Eis für GenieÃ?er – Leckere Eisbecher wie im Eiscafé (German Edition)

by Larissa Schustkamp

Machen Sie genau jetzt die Erfahrung von selbstgemachtem Eis in den unterschiedlichsten Variationen!

  • Wollten Sie schon immer mal selbstgemachtes Eis essen?
  • Sie wollen ein wunderbares Dessert für das nächste Essen zaubern?
  • Der Weg zur nächsten Eisdiele ist Ihnen zu weit?
  • Oder wollen Sie mal was Neues für den nächsten Kindergeburtstag für die kleinen als Nachspeise probieren?

Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig!

Hier ist das einzige Rezeptbuch was Sie benötigen, um leckeres Eis ohne Eismaschine herzustellen!

Egal ob Frühling, Sommer, Herbst oder Winter – die Leute lieben und essen Eis. Ob an einem heiÃ?en Sommertag im Garten oder am Strand oder an Weihnachten als verzauberndes Dessert nach dem Weihnachtsessen – Eis geht immer.

In diesem Buch erwarten Sie Milcheis, sowie Fruchteis Rezepte in diversen Variationen und zusätzlichen Tipps für exotische Abwandlungen der verschiedensten Eissorten.

Lassen Sie Ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf – Kombinieren Sie Eissorten und fügen Sie Ihre Lieblingstoppings hinzu!

Wenn Sie wissen wollen, wie man Eis ohne Eismaschine ganz einfach selbst herstellen kann, warten Sie keine Sekunde länger und holen Sie sich dieses Rezeptbuch!

Ganz einfach den “Jetzt kaufen mit 1-Click” Button oben rechts drücken und heute noch mit Ihrem selbstgemachtem Eis anfangen!

Kantine, nein Danke!: 33 Meal Prep Rezepte, die Ihre Kollegen neidisch werden lassen (German Edition)

by Anna Stingl

Nur noch für kurze Zeit um 0.99 EUR statt 2.99 EUR

33 leckere Meal Prep Rezepte für Büro/Uni/Schule!

Sie möchten abnehmen, aber das Essen in der Kantine passt nicht zu Ihrem Ernährungsplan?Sie haben Kinder, die in die Schule gehen und etwas vernünftiges essen sollen?Sie wollen bewusster essen und etwas für die Umwelt tun?

Dann ist dieses Buch genau richtig für Sie!

In diesem Buch erfahren Schritt für Schritt, wie sie am effektivsten Ihr Essen vorbereiten und vorkochen. Sie bekommen Tipps zum Transport, den verschiedenen Boxen und der Aufbewahrung des vorgekochten Essens.In diesem Buch finden Sie au�erdem 33 Rezepte zum Vorkochen, die Sie kombinieren können.

Unter anderem sind folgende Rezepte in diesem Buch:

  • Bunte Gemüsebowl
  • Hähnchenbrust mit mediterranem Gemüse
  • Quinoa-Taboulé
  • Garnelen mit Wildreis und Spinat
  • Brokkoli-Käse-Bällchen
  • Kaufen Sie JETZT dieses Rezeptbuch und planen Sie noch heute ihre Mahlzeiten für die kommende Woche. Viel SpaÃ? beim nachkochen!

    Top Fried Samosa Recipes Cookbook: Presenting 40 Exceptional Samosa Recipes

    by April Blomgren

    Cooking mouth-watering samosas does not require a PHD in cooking, neither does it need more time nor energy to prepare and cook. It only requires passion, dedication and proper preparation. Cook this for friends and families and you will get an embrace of the year (for thank you and congratulations). Make these samosas recipes you best friend.

    Top fried samosa recipes cookbook is a compilation of different samosas recipes from all over the world since variety is like adventure in the woods. You want to enjoy more and more. They vary from Indian, Italian, African among others, incorporated together to give you a better choice for your easy and fast snack in more than half the time used to prepare.

    Let’s Get Cooking! Scroll Back Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

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    Then, you can immediately begin reading Top Fried Samosa Recipes Cookbook: Presenting 40 Exceptional Samosa Recipes on your Kindle Device, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

    THE BEST HOMEMADE KETOGENIC BREAD: 15 Instant & Easy Gluten-Free Recipes for Breakfast & Dinner to Weight Loss on Paleo Diet & Keto Diet Journey

    by SANDRA M.

    Most of the people think of that they need to give up some of these foods such as bread, waffles, muffins, breadsticks or the food they love is made from grains if they want to adopt the ketogenic diet.

    But with keto bread, that is an amazing solution, you can still make it when using others ingredient that is keto friendly, instead of conventional wheat flour.


    15 Instant & Easy Gluten-Free Recipes for Breakfast & Dinner to Weight Loss on Paleo Diet & Keto Diet Journey

    In this Book You Will Get:

    • The basic knowledge of Weight Loss, the ketogenic diet, Ketosis, Ketones

    • Health benefits of Ketogenic Diet

    • Grocery list for your perfect keto plan

    • Foods list to avoid on Keto Diet plan

    • 15 Ketogenic bread recipes for breakfast and dinner

    This cookbook contains healthy 15 ketogenic bread that will help your weight loss and also help you in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

    Grab Your Copy of This Book Today!

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    Detox für Anfänger: Entgifte deinen Körper für ein Leben ohne Krankheiten (German Edition)

    by Klara Braun


    Umweltgifte und schädliche Nahrungsmittelzusatzstoffe lagern sich mit der Zeit im Körper ab und schaden der Gesundheit. Zu den möglichen Folgen zählen: fahle Haut, stumpfes Haar, Erschöpfung, Müdigkeit und chronische Rücken- oder Kopfschmerzen.

    Detox für Anfänger unterstützt Ihren Körper bei der Ausleitung dieser Gifte durch eine Detox Kur. Die Ergebnisse werden Sie spüren und sehen: Sie werden sich fit und vital fühlen, ihre Haut wird strahlen und Sie werden um Jahre jünger wirken. Von Erschöpfung und Müdigkeit, chronischen Schmerzen und dem ein oder anderen überschüssigen Pfund können Sie sich verabschieden!

    DETOX FÃ?R ANFÃ?NGER: Leckere Rezepte und wertvolle Tipps

    In diesem Buch finden Sie wertvolle Tipps und Tricks, damit Ihre Detox Kur ein voller Erfolg wird. Sie lernen, worauf Sie achten müssen und welche Zutaten die Entgiftung Ihres Körpers und damit Ihre Gesundheit besonders gut unterstützen. Au�erdem bekommen Sie viele neue Ideen und Rezepte für leckere und exotische Smoothies. So wird ihre Detox Kur zum Genuss!

    DETOX F�R ANF�NGER: Für wen ist das Detox Buch geeignet?

    • Menschen, die sich gesünder ernähren und etwas für Ihre Gesundheit tun möchten.
    • Menschen, die abnehmen und dabei den Körper mit allen wichtigen Nährstoffen versorgen möchten.
    • Menschen, die ihren Körper entgiften möchten.
    • Menschen, die sich wieder fit und vital fühlen möchten.
    • Menschen, die müde und erschöpft sind oder chronische Schmerzen haben.

    Was erfahren Sie in diesem Detox Buch?

    • Wie Sie Ihren Körper schnell und einfach entgiften können.
    • Was Smoothies für Ihre Gesundheit tun.
    • Wie Sie sich dank Smoothies wieder fit und vital fühlen.
    • Welche spür- und sichtbaren Vorteile eine Detox Kur mit Smoothies für Ihren Körper hat.
    • Viele leckere Rezepte und wertvolle Tipps und Tricks zur Zubereitung gesunder und leckerer Smoothies.
    • â?¦und vieles, vieles mehr!

    Machen auch Sie den ersten Schritt zu einer besseren Gesundheit und einem neuen Körpergefühl. Lernen Sie in diesem Buch alles über die Detox Kur mit Smoothies und lassen Sie sich von den leckeren und exotischen Smoothie-Rezepten überraschen!

    Easy Thai Recipe Book: 41 Time Saving Recipes You Can Make in Your Kitchen

    by Gordon Rock

    Harmony is the name of the game when it comes to Thai cooking. The ingredients in the Thai recipes in the book are as basic as salt and pepper are to a Western kitchen.

    We’ve collected 41 of the best, tastiest recipes for you to try in your own kitchen.

    Who says you have to go to Thailand, or even to a Thai restaurant to have a delicious meal?


    Vegan kochen & genieÃ?en: eine kulinarische Reise – Bd.2 (German Edition)

    by Antoine Le Claire

    Das, was ich Ihnen mit diesem Kochbuch geben werde, sind köstliche vegane Gerichte.
    Ich bin mir sicher, dass Sie in diesem Kochbuch sehr wohl fündig werden und das Ihnen viele der Rezepte ans Schlemmer-Herz wachsen werden. Sie erfahren auch, dass es nicht immer zwingend notwendig ist, Tofu für alle Gerichte zu verwenden.

    Gehen Sie auf eine köstliche, kulinarische Reise, die Ihnen dieses Kochbuch offenbaren wird. Von der Vorspeise über Suppen und Hauptspeisen, das Backen und Grillen, bis hin zum leckeren Dessert.
    Bei 90+ Rezepten, ist für jeden etwas dabei.

    Das gro�e Diabetes Kochbuch: schmackhafte und einfache Rezepte für Diabetes Typ I und Diabetes Typ II (German Edition)

    by Matthias Schweiger

    Zum Buchstart als eBook nur â?¬ 0,99 (statt â?¬ 5,99) und als Taschenbuch nur â?¬ 11,90 (statt â?¬ 15,99) versandkostenfrei!

    Das groÃ?e Diabetes Kochbuch

    schmackhafte und einfache Rezepte für Diabetes Typ I und Diabetes Typ II

    inkl. Behandlungs- und Präventionsma�nahmen

    â?? Sie wollen wichtige Zusatzinformationen über Zubehör und Anwendung erfahren?

    â?? Sie wollen auch mal kochen können ohne verzichten zu müssen?

    â?? Sie benötigen eine groÃ?e Auswahl an Rezepten für verschiedene Anlässe?

    â?? Sie wollen wissen, wie Sie Ihre Familie und Freunde am Wochenende begeistern können?

    Diabetes ist eine Volkskrankheit und das schon seit sehr vielen Jahren. Mitunter lässt sich die Diabetes vorbeugen oder auch rechtzeitig behandeln. Spricht man von derDiabetes, dann wird damit die Blutzuckererkrankung beschrieben, die mit zu den klassischen Stoffwechselerkrankungen gehört.Beim Diabetes geht es darum den Blutzuckerspiegel im Gleichgewicht zu halten. Dazu kann das benötigte Insulin verabreicht werden. Mit einer gesunden und ausgewogenenErnährung hat aber jeder Betroffene die Chance sich sein Leben angenehm zugestalten. Die gesunde Ernährung und die bestehende Ernährung bei einer Diabetes sind gleichzusetzen. Die Nahrungsaufnahme spielt im Leben eines Diabetiker eine enormeRolle. Eine Ernährungsumstellung ist als kaum abzuwenden. Häufiges Ziel der Ernährungsumstellung ist eine Gewichtsreduktion, die oft schon durch bewusste und gesunde Ernährung erreicht werden kann. Kommt dann noch ausreichend Bewegung dazu, ist in vielen Fällen schon ein Teilerfolg erreicht.Wer an dieser Erkrankung leidet muss in seinen Speiseplan viel Gemüse, Obst, Salate und Hülsenfrüchte sowie Vollkornprodukte, Reis, Nudeln und FettreduzierteMilchprodukte einbauen. Obwohl auch hier Obacht zu geben ist. Wei�mehlprodukte sind nicht geeignet, sondern es sollten Vollkornprodukte in den Mittelpunkt gerücktwerden. Natürlich ist so eine Ernährungsumstellung nicht immer einfach.

    Hierbei gehen wir auf folgende Bereiche ein:

    â?? Habe ich überhaupt Diabetes? Wo liegt der Unterschied zwischen Typ I & II?

    â?? PräventionsmaÃ?nahmen

    â?? Früstücksrezepte

    â?? Hauptgerichte

    â?? Nachtisch, Snacks

    â?? Desserts und vieles mehr

    Deswegen wollen wir Ihnen helfen. Um Ihnen in der Anfangszeit die Ernährungsumstellung zu erleichtern finden Sie in diesem Ratgeber unzählige Rezepte. Bedenken Sie während der Behandlung Ihrer Erkrankung immer an eine ausgewogene und gesunde Ernährung.

    Kitchen Aid: Die besten Rezepte für die Küchenmaschine (German Edition)

    by Victoria Roth

    Kitchen Aid: Die besten Rezepte für die Küchenmaschine

    Wenn Sie regelmä�ig und gerne mit dem Kitchen Aid Ihr Essen zubereiten, dann ist dieses Kitchen Aid Kochbuch ein absoluten MUSS für Sie! Neben der Zeitersparnis haben Sie mit dieser Küchenmaschine auch noch eine Menge Spa� beim Kochen.

    Dieses Kitchen Aid Buch bietet Ihnen