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Heartless: Episode #1: A Sexy Alpha Billionaire Romance Series

by J. Sterling

New York Times best selling author J. Sterling brings you her steamiest novel to date paired with her most alpha male yet! The result is a leading man who will steal your heart and you’ll wish were real.

After being cheated on, Elizabeth Lyons has one rule for herself: No Distractions.
No distractions basically translates into No Men; which definitely means HELL NO when it comes to Daniel Alexander. He’s just like every other guy out there and Elizabeth has no interest in that kind of man.

But Daniel isn’t good at taking no for an answer and after a chance meeting at a professional function he’s not interested in letting Elizabeth walk out of his life. No matter how hard she tries to push him away and convince herself he’s all wrong for her, Daniel disagrees.

The chase ensues… and the real question is, will she actually let him catch her?

This is a SERIAL ROMANCE told over 3 episodes.
All Episodes are out now and available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

**Please note that this serial was briefly combined and sold under the title of Daniel Alexander**

A Girl’s Job is Never Done (Pleasurable Perils Book 1)

by Precious Swain

Precious is the author of the Pleasurable Perils series. Each volume will tkae you into the sexual escapades of Brandi Phatmuff and her business associates.
Vol. 1 A Girl’s Job is Never Done
Brandi Phatmuff is an entertainment manager. Dedidcated to the grind, and the success of her clients, but she has a naughty little secret. Travel with Brandi through her adventures in sex and hiphop.


by Debra Dirty

For those who want it ROUGH… come get your fill right here!

Taboo, menage, older/younger, students and bosses — you name it, it’s in here! Everything to satisfy your naughty craving, and then some!


by Kendra Hopes

Get nice and warm… then let those naughty fantasies run free with this hot collection of erotic desires!

A World With No Sadness, Baby

by R St Louis

After a series of mishaps ranging from being out of a job to losing her childhood home in a furnace explosion, Kassandra Acciari leaves her isolated, repressed life in northern Wisconsin behind on a whim to look for a lost Godspeed You, Black Emperor cassette tape in Moncton, New Brunswick. Triumph and disaster follow in equal measure as Kassandra tears down and rebuilds herself over and over again on her quest for something she swears is important to her, all while gaining (and losing) friends, insight, and a sense of purpose.

BIG & ROUGH – Explicit Story Collection of Big Alpha Lovers and Bigger… You Know What!

by Miranda Minxx

“How the hell am I going to fit it all?”

No fluff, no fuss – just hot action in this collection of messy finishes and all the great dirty stuff you crave!

THE HARDER THE BETTER! (Explicit Taboo Erotic Collection)

by Pepper Pounded

Take a peek inside to see just how hard she wants it… again and again!

No fluff, no fuss – just hot action in this collection of messy finishes and all the great dirty stuff you crave!

The Bleeding Vow: A Tale of Dark Romance & Revenge (Game of Lust Standalone Taboo Series Book 1)

by Emma Vikes

He skimmed his fingers down my shoulders to the swell of my breasts and I felt my breathing become ragged. I could feel the intensity in his touch and it blew my mind. His touch was making me forget reasoning and I wanted to get lost in it.

“W-what’s your name?” I croaked out. Trying my best to fight against the sudden pleasure I was feeling.

“Jason. Call me Jason.” he said, kissing the back of my neck.

“This is not r-right…my husband…is in the n-next room.” I managed to say, trying to hold on to the only sanity left in me.

“Alexa, you know he doesn’t give a fuck about you right? And you deserve so much better. Let me make you feel good.” he continued his path down my shoulders, trailing down hot kisses.

Then he pulled away and came closer to my lips. His lips brushing against mine and my heart pounding my ears. I so much wanted that kiss but was still trying to hold myself back from kissing him.

I knew I shouldn’t. It was wrong for me to feel this way about my husband’s employee, but I couldn’t help it. Mike and I had been married for a year now and he hardly touched me anymore, forget about of having sex. We had drifted apart.

Although it was an arranged marriage but he had not been like this at the beginning. When we got married newly, he showered me with all the love and care that any loving husband would shower on his wife. I felt loved and I loved him in return. The haze however cleared six months into our marriage when we started having serious arguments about nothing and everything: just to discover from an anonymous source that he’d been cheating on me all along.

Then I met Jason, Mike’s P.A. I had never been more sexually attracted to anyone the way I was attracted to Jason. Oh God! I was in trouble.

Would I be able to come out of this attraction or take it as a revenge in response to Mike’s infidelity?

Warning: Hold on to the roller coaster ride of dark romance as the forbidden affairs build between the characters and lies & truths unfold an unexpected turn of events.

Jackson Hole: Uneasy Eden

by Warren Adler

The truth about the impact of “new” people on a mountain resort.

In this collection of fictional short stories, the reader will find insights and truths engendered by the modern invasion of “new folks” to glorious mountain enclaves now dubbed “resorts.” These acclaimed stories capture the truth, warts and all, of how modern life can both corrupt and enhance a traditional environment. Based on the author’s experience as a long-time resident of this pristine valley in Wyoming nestled in the heart of the Grand Tetons, America’s most beautiful mountain range. Warren Adler is the Founder of the Jackson Hole Writer’s Conference and the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Jackson Public Library.

Just Say Yes: Indianapolis Eagles Series Book 1

by Samantha Lind

What will it take for her to Just Say Yes?

Scott Taylor has the perfect life. He gets to fulfill his dream playing professional hockey, has a loving family, and a tight group of friends. But the one thing missing in his life is a partner to come home to. He knows exactly who he wants to fill that position- the only woman he has ever loved. The one who got away, who constantly consumes his every thought. What it would take to get her to Just Say Yes to a second chance?

Becca Phillips is an independent woman who has made her career as an ER nurse a priority in her life. She has a loving family and a best friend by her side, but she can’t seem to get over her first love, Scott. Insecurities led her to break up with him years ago when he started climbing the ranks in professional hockey and, for eight years, Becca has avoided Scott when he returns home each summer. Can she overcome her fears and allow love back into her life? All she has to do is Just Say Yes to the one and only man she has ever loved.

MERMADMEN (The Mermen Trilogy Book 2)

by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Book 2 of the Mermen Trilogy.

He never wanted this. He only wanted her.

EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ISLAND OF EL CORAZÃ?N IS WRONG. The men are ruthless warriors who call themselves mermen but don’t have any fish parts, the island isn’t exactly an island, and the women…well, let’s just say their story isn’t pretty. More like a nightmare. Which is exactly why billionaire Roen Doran will do anything to protect the woman he can’t live without from that violent place. Including becoming the island’s leader and giving her up forever.

in the North Pacific after being shipwrecked, she didn’t just leave behind the horror, she left behind Roen Doran. A man she didn’t know, but who risked everything to save her. And now her heart can’t seem to move on. So part of her wonders if it’s somehow her fault she’s been taken against her will and locked inside a ship bound for El Corazón. But an even bigger part wonders if Roen will lift a finger to save her this time. After all, now he’s one of them…

C’Yani and Meek: A Dangerous Hood Love

by Tina J

C’Yani Bailey is your average workaholic and will do anything, for anyone. However; society portrays her to be conceited, a woman who turns her nose up and looks down on others that aren’t in her position. Unfortunately; it’s the exact opposite of who she really is.

Something tragic happens in her life, which makes her shut down. The man in her life doesn’t seem to care and finds comfort elsewhere; leaving her to deal with the devastation alone. She decides to enjoy a night out with her sister that ends up in a disaster as well.

Two months later, a man enters her life and is the exact type she’s sworn off. It’s nowhere near a love connection between the two. However, C’Yani decides to step out her comfort zone and ends up in a world she knew nothing about.

She enjoys the ride, but the obstacles to staying happy, constantly overshadow the relationship. Her past can’t seem to stay there, while her future has skeletons of his own. Will C’Yani go back to living in a bubble or will the love she has for the new man make her stay where she is?

The Sissy Collection: 7 Sexy Sissy Stories from Eva Long Erotica

by Eva Long

7 of the sexiest and grittiest sissy stories going today. Don’t miss this deal from Eva Long Erotica

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