Free historical fiction Kindle books for 07 Jan 19

Runaway Wallflower (Matchmaking for Wallflowers Book 3)

by Bianca Blythe

Ever since Louisa Carmichael’s brother unexpectedly inherited a dukedom, her mother’s expectations for her have veered in a distinctly vertical direction. Louisa dreams not of glittering ballgowns, but of exploring the tropical waters of the Caribbean with her latest invention, an underwater breathing apparatus.
Lord Rupert Haywood, future Duke of Belmonte, has no desire to manage an estate with his corrupt father. He prefers to roam the ocean with his crew of rugged pirates.

When her mother arranges a marriage for her, Louisa decides she might just don a pair of breeches and discover the Caribbean in disguise. The only problem is a certain very handsome captain…

Horologio: Novela Histórica â?? Finalista Premio â??Alféizar de Novela 2017â? (Spanish Edition)

by José Luis Guil Guerrero


Cercado por los cristianos en Granada, ya sin esperanza de victoria en una larga guerra y a la espera de la partida hacia el exilio en las Alpujarras, Boabdil decide celebrar una velada de ocio en la Alhambra para entretener a la nobleza palaciega. Acosado por la melancolía, dispone la lectura de los poemas de las Horas, obra escrita algo más de un siglo atrás por el místico sufí Ibn al Jatîb para uno de sus antepasados, el sultán Mohammed V.

Los versos se hallan escritos en rollos que paulatinamente surgirán de un horologio, un ingenio diseñado para medir el tiempo nocturno, cuyo mecanismo es accionado por el fuego de una vela que controla la apertura de sus doce puertas. La noche pivota pues en torno a un eje que marca tanto las rampas del tiempo como el ánimo del sultán. Puntuales e implacables, los poemas declamados por el recitador abren ocultas ventanas en la conciencia del nazarí, haciéndole reflexionar sobre el significado de su vida y llevándolo a situaciones en las que se enfrenta a los elementos que la han distorsionado.


José Luis Guil Guerrero

Nació en Almería, donde pasó su infancia y adolescencia, y en la actualidad reside en Garrucha (Almería). Realizó estudios de Biología en Granada y Farmacia en Madrid, donde se doctoró en Nutrición y Bromatología. Desarrolla investigación y docencia como Catedrático de Tecnología de Alimentos en la Universidad de Almería. Al margen de muchos libros científicos y artículos de investigación, ha publicado un libro de poesía: “La rosa candente. Punta del Sabinal” y una novela “Exilio en Berbería”. Además, es autor de varias novelas y libros de poesía inéditos. Sus novelas recrean leyendas olvidadas y periodos históricos, ambientados mayormente en la etapa musulmana de España.

An Ardent Affection: A Full Pride & Prejudice Intimate Variation

by Grace Reeve

The complete, collected short story series all about the Darcys’ marriage bed. From their wedding night to the birth of their first child, follow along on their intimate adventure.

All four volumes of the Ardent Affection series in one book.

An Ardent Affection is a completed series by Grace Reeve.

An Ardent Affection: Part 4 of a Pride and Prejudice Intimate Variation

by Grace Reeve

Elizabeth is with child, and along with that child have come trials and tribulations for the happy couple. Of course, it’s nothing that cannot be borne, it is simply a bump in the road. So to speak.

A Pride and Prejudice Intimate Variation/Sequel. The fourth and final part in a series of short stories about the Darcys’ marriage bed.

The final short story in a new intimate series by Grace Reeve.

A Free State

by Thomas Staaden

In the year 1860, the fragile American Republic was on the abyss of civil war. Such a horrible war was only avoided by the creation of The Jefferson Republic, a new nation for the newly freed slaves. This arrangement helped many of the slaves achieve freedom without a bloody war. Yet, others were affected more than others.
Towards one end of the spectrum is James, a recently freed slave, and on the other end is Stephan, James former master, whose life changes almost as much as James as a result.
Yet, when trouble shrouded in mystery threatens James new home, he calls upon his friend Stephan to help him save the freedom he now has. With their friendship, their fortunes, and their lives in a precarious balance, they must uncover the truth behind the mystery, before coming to a chilling discovery.

Voz Oracular (Portuguese Edition)

by Fabiana Rosa

“Enquanto as negras da senzala entoavam canções de ‘fazê mininu nascê’, Massemba coroava na Sinhá o mais branco de seus filhos, que é pra mostrar que somos todos iguais e que, um dia, todos os homens serão livres!”

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