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Seeking Mr. Perfect (The Jane Austen Pact)

by Jennifer Youngblood

Broken trust, broken hearts, and a twist of fate that could change everything.

Sierra McCain has her life figured out with a fabulous job in New York City and a perfect boyfriend who is the modern-day equivalent of Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy. The type of guy Sierra always wanted to find. 

Then, a frantic call from an old friend sends her rushing back to South Carolina where she comes face to face with the very guy she’s spent the past seven years trying to forget–Dalton Chandler whose slow, Southern smile unleashes an army of butterflies in her stomach and sends her heart into flips. Under no circumstance can she fall for him again, and she certainly can’t tell him her long-kept secret.

Caught between two worlds and two very different men, Sierra must decide which love she’ll choose–Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right.

Real Life Stories Told by Stewards

by Sergio Novikoff

This book features the most amazing stories told by stewards about their job.

Read this book to find out:
– the super-ingenious methods devised by girls to attract good-looking stewards;
– how and why a plane headed to the sunny Egypt had to land in the frosty Siberia due to one passenger’s grouchy mood;
– how much stewards get tipped;
– why stewards make champagne onboard, and what recipes they use;
– how bees can stop a plane’s takeoff;
– in what circumstances a passenger aboard a plane may receive the stewards’ permission to sing a song.

All the stories are told by the stewards themselves, each story accompanied by a photo. All the stories in this book are true, and nothing is made up.

Funny Memes: Funny And Hilarious Memes (2)

by Adam J.

Funny Memes: Epic Funny Memes And Hilarious Funnies Memes.

Three Teeth and a Toenail

by Elaine Littau

Three Teeth and a Toenail is a collection of events in the life of the author and her family. While most people live through such things and don’t care to reflect on them, Elaine sees the humor in almost everything.
This is the book family and friends have been waiting for her to write. Those who enjoy her humorous speeches as well as anyone who loves good, clean humor will want this enjoyable read.

A Repo Girl Christmas (Repo Girl Series Book 2)

by Jane Fenton

She never imagined her part-time job would be so dangerous!

Life was going well for twenty-five-year-old Repo Agent Andrea Sloan. She hadn’t stumbled across any more naked dead guys at work, and her love life was pretty much wonderful. Her biggest problems were keeping warm in a car with a heater that’s on the fritz and figuring out what to get her boyfriend for Christmas.

When she picked up a part-time job working at the mall for some extra cash as an elf, she never imagined she’d witness Santa gunned down in the parking lot. Just like that, Andi became tangled with friends and foes from her past in a race to find Santa’s stolen bag of cash before Christmas. Her life depended on it.

Join Andi and her hilarious friends as they maneuver through this dangerous holiday season.

SUPER FUNNY JOKES!!: *77 Conversational Jokes*

by Rob Thomas

77 Hilarious Conversational Jokes for Everyone!

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Conversational Jokes are the fastest way to make everyone smile and laugh because we can relate to many of them!

This book is created for light-reading with the intention of easing your stress on any day!

This book contains 77 Conversational jokes which can entertain you during your break time or coffee break.

Here Is A Preview…Enjoy!!

TEACHER: Where can you see yourself in 10 years?
Student: In a mirror

TEACHER: What are the 3 fastest ways of Communication?
Student: Television, Telephone & Tell a-Woman.

Frank: Nice phone, where did u buy it?
John: I won it in a race.
Frank: Which race?
John: Me, the phone owner & the Police.

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Video Marketing – You Can Do This: Production, Distribution, and Promotion – The Triple Threat For Today’s Leaders

by Paul Bass

In my 20 plus years of video production I have witnessed many people who have feared the process. Now, with YouTube and all the other platforms available, along with the affordability of the medium, it it nothing to fear.
In this handy guide, we visit three key factors in online video marketing.
Learn very important factors in creating the videos that you want to produce. Discover how to determine what your audience wants. Take a look at what works on YouTube and implement these strategies.
Video is such a fun and profitable way to bring customers to your store or web site.
My goal is to encourage small business owners who are interested in video to make the commitment and follow through. I encourage ministries to start sharing their teachings and promotions now instead of waiting for the right producer to step through the door.
Video Marketing – You Can Do This! And you should start right now.

101 Funny Lame Jokes: Funny Short Jokes to make you Laugh! (Jokes & Riddles)

by Rob Thomas

101 Funny Lame Jokes!

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101 Short Lame Jokes. A quick read to clear your mind of any stress by laughing at the jokes or smirking at the lameness.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • 1.At the burial ceremony of a famous prostitute. A man said, “At last, the two will finally be together”. Another person then asked which two will be together? The man said her legs.
  • 2.A little shop in Benin is called the seven bells, yet it has eight bells hanging outside. When the owner was asked why? He said: “originally, it was a mistake”. But the store keeper found that so many people came to the shop to point out the mistake and that has increased their patronage.
  • 3.A patient on his clinic day complained to the doctor, “Doctor, I have a serious memory problem, I can’t remember a thing. The doctor asked. “So since when did you have this problem?” patient asked: “what problem”.
  • Much, much more!

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I Am Sarge (The Dachshund Escapades Book 1)

by Mavis Hinton

“I am Sarge the super dog, named after my Papa Duke, who was a sergeant in the Armyâ??and I am very proud of my special name. I was a scared little puppy when Mama and Daddy adopted me at eight weeks of age, but quite a handsome and intelligent dachshund now.”

I’m known as a chow hound extraordinaire, and believe me, I have earned the title! Papa calls me his granddawg, and I know I’ll do great and mighty things someday. Grandma says I’m not only a granddawg, but also a grand dog.

Daddy and mama love me, and inside my home is all the warmth, fun, laughter, and love that I could ever want or need. The only thing lacking is people food. I never get enough of that, but don’t blame a dawg for trying. I also do my best to protect them, but Mama says I’m too loud. (Isn’t that the point of barkingâ??to be heard??)

Papa thinks like I do, a remarkable ability for a human. So does his buddy, Sellarsâ??both of them are chow hounds like me, and they sometimes sneak me some good food when no one is looking. That makes me feel loved.

I have lived through some zany times in this family–I even saved Papa’s life when he was attacked . . . by a fence. Such experiences only seem to happen to Papa.

All in all, my humans are tricky to figure out, â??cause they don’t always say what they meanâ??but I can handle them. After all, I AM SARGE.

A heartwarming tale of family, joy,
good food, and unconditional love, Sarge’s story
will bring warmth and smiles to readers of all ages.

Virtue at Market Price: A Saucy Tale of Airborne Pirates and Sins Personified (Empyreal Privateer Trilogy Book 1)

by E. Pluribus Van Slyke

In April 1924, airship pirates descend on the luxury liner S.S. Paris and make off with a bounty of young female captives. When the various authorities appear powerless to act, one man steps forward, pledging himself to recover said booty and thereby render American womanhood secure.

Unfortunately for all concerned, that man is E. Pluribus Van Slykeâ?¦.

Motivated by his twin appetites for personal enrichment and female companionship, this transoceanic con man and cashiered naval officer deftly persuades a succession of equally ignoble characters of his suitability for the task. Then, given command of a decrepit airship, Van Slyke heads into the empyrean with a crew of half-wits, misfits, and felons.

But this voyage into the unknown is doubly so, for it soon becomes obvious the pirates who raided the Paris descended from fictional skies. In this parallel world our would-be hero finds himself at the mercy of rum-running cutthroats and throat-cutting buccaneers. Will he survive his confrontation with the fastidious Jack Tigue, a pirate renowned for his tasteful wardrobe and his habit of eviscerating opponents? Not to mention the anachronistic Jean Lafitte and his diabolical manicure of torture? Or outlive the perilous meal of passion served by a demonstrative Tortuga innkeeper?

Barely. But most dangerous of all is yet to come: Captain Bonnet, the mad pirate of Barbados. For on departing his company, Van Slyke finds himself betrothed to not one, not two, not three, but five of the Mortal Sins!

The Lawless Book of Love: Online Dating Laid Bare

by John Murray

It is 2014 and Joe Lawless is a foreign correspondent who has retired to Kalamos island, Greece. One night in the small hours his great-uncle Wilfred who has been dead since 1965 turns up in his bedroom on an urgent mission. Having passed beyond and also having acute supernatural powers Wilfred is able to tell him that before long Joe’s daughter Sarah will put her widowed Dad on the UK dating site He has come to warn Joe that the search for lasting love will not be easy and among the Lovebirds clients there are certain women with unusual and idiosyncratic agendas. These range from being Shaman initiates, to a lady with a one-eyed singing parrot, to the yoga practitioners who listen to the radio with an unexpected part of their anatomy, to the Desert Island Discs addict who has a profound erotic addiction to the legendary show.

Brexit’s Benefits: Reasons why leaving the EU will be great for Britain, and YOU

by Joris Bohnson

On 23 June 2016, about a million confused pensioners sent Britain careering towards an exit from the European Union. Anyone who questions the wisdom of this is a traitor, communist, and quite possibly foreign.

This victory for angry bald men everywhere except within the M25, Merseyside and Scotland resulted in: a Prime Minister constructed from leftover League of Gentlemen characters, a Cabinet drawn from Eton’s “safety scissors only” class, threats of war with Spain, threats to the Northern Irish peace process, and half a dozen UKIP leaders losing various elections.

But it can’t all be good news, surely?

Yes it jolly well can! This book contains all of the ways in which glorious Brexit will enrich the lives of you, your nearest and dearest, and even all those wretched foreign coves in Euroland, because of course no one who voted to leave the EU was in any way racist. Tush, what a thought.

So next time the Remoaner in your life comes complaining about their holiday spending money suddenly only covering the airport wifi, hand them this volume packed full of reasons why they ought to be gosh darned cheerful.

[Owing to treacherous EU technocrats, almost all of the pages in this book seem to be BLANK! Dashed awkward, but we’re sure you can think of enough benefits to leaving the EU that you can write yours in, along with other notes.]

Unicornio Violento: Caso Cupido I (Spanish Edition)

by Don Nieve

Un atípico detective debe resolver una serie de asesinatos relacionados con el amor� Es un mundo fantástico, una distopía en el que se combinan elementos de la época que abarca desde los años 20 a los 90. Con acción, intriga, aventura, y grandes dosis de violencia, humor negro, y amor erótico (por decirlo suave).
Este eclecticismo pretende crear acidez, risas, lágrimas, agrado, desagrado�, algo.

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