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And They Danced Under The Bridge

by John Bentley

Southern France, 1348. A deadly plague has seized the walled town of Avignon.

Mortality is swift, and the city quickly closes to the outside world. Young Marius leads the struggle to combat the infection, but a liaison with the mysterious Alice distracts his efforts.

How can he reconcile passion with a duty to his wife, and responsibility to the townsfolk?

Meanwhile, Pope Clément harbors a burning desire for vengeance on the boy’s father. But what has driven the Pontiff to such unfitting thoughts, and how can he tame his own lust for Alice?


by Jose Ruben Amador

Imagine you are on the beach with your child or with some body that you love. It’s a nice day, and you have fun. After eating and resting have the idea to go swimming a little, to get on the beach.
You are swimming and playing in the water.
You feel good seeing that your child enjoys being in the water and sneaking into it.
Suddenly you see that a wave takes him, and he can die,…

What will you do?

Reckless Highlander (Legendary Bastards of the Crown Book 3)

by Elizabeth Rose

Book 3

Reed is the last of King Edward’s bastard triplets that has yet to fall prey to the king’s trickery. Feeling betrayed and abandoned by his brothers, Reed’s vengeance is now directed toward Rowen and Rook, since they made an alliance with the king. For years after the triplets found out that Edward was their birth father and wanted them killed at birth, they’d worked together as the Demon Thief to steal from the king to make him miserable.

Now, with a raid gone wrong, Reed and his men head back to Scotland. Reed swears nothing will ever make him change his mind about how he feels. But when his next raid leads him right to his childhood sweetheart, Maggie Gordon, things become more complicated.

Maggie has seen the death of her family and the destruction of her homeland years ago. As a child, along with her baby brother, she managed to escape Scotland’s devastation on Burnt Candlemas, and has been living in England for the last ten years as the ward of an English noble. She would do anything to assure her brother, Duff, has a good life – even marry an English baron she doesn’t know. But when her childhood sweetheart, Reed Douglas, comes over the castle wall, old feelings rise to the surface again.

Can friends be reunited but this time as lovers? Or will anger and vengeance keep friends and family torn apart?

Note to readers: Each book stands alone, but is still intertwined with recurring characters. Therefore, it is best to start with the prequel, Destiny’s Kiss, and read the books in order so as not to ruin any surprises. The prequel is followed by Restless Sea Lord – Book 1, Ruthless Knight – Book 2, and then Reckless Highlander – Book 3.

The Seven Colors

by Mark Taverner

Lacy is a young man who works for money in London, where drink and drugs are to hand and, for him, almost as routine as the job that pays for them. Though he gave up his true passion, he has found some small success. And though he fears he cannot love, he has one…until another arrives to test all that he thought he understood. Like many, Lacy struggles with troubles that run deep. But the characters he surrounds himself with, and those with whom he has no choice but to fraternize, may now harm the equilibrium he has worked so hard to achieveâ?¦

“…evokes the spare style of Ernest Hemingway.” – Kirkus Reviews


by Jose Ruben Amador

I see the world of today, and I swear I do not understand it.
We have everything; believe me, the world has everything and every crazy; as one friend of mine says we have all things, the most absurd and twisted, and we also have good and interesting things.
I confess that I am amazed by technology, and I am not one of the amateurs, I am not one of the faithful admirers and I am not one of its most devoted followers, those who wait for the new mobile device as if it were Christmas.
I am not one of the humans who await the last album of such an artist; I am not a follower of anything or anyone, and that does not mean that I do not notice things or that I like others, but there is a big difference between recognizing art in things and being an amazing fan of those things.

In the world we have everything; meals, the most wonderful meals, desserts, biscuits, fried chicken, caviar; we have luxuries and entertainment; we have all to drink from water to wine and alcohols rarer and better prepared… but you not think about the same things that I do?
Not you wonder: what happens in the world?

The wars, the disputes in the high range, between the peoples and nations of the world; disputes between families, in relationships of human beings.
You do not see this?

We have everything in the world, and yet the world continues to grow hate and evil at levels that astonish me and astonish you, if you saw with reality and truth, but the same technology and advances in art, culture, science and knowledge.

Then I force me to ask my self…
Because obviously we lack something.
I wonder: Why taking everything we have, the world does not progress in terms of peace and goodness?

This is where this book makes sense with brief words and a great truth that will make you seek happiness, but not momentary or partial, but complete happiness, which includes what we lack in each one.

I confess… I wanted to commit suicide.

by Jose Ruben Amador

What I tell you?
Humans do not understand anything; you tell them what you feel, and they do things as disappointing as referring you to a psychologist or psychiatrist; those who want to boast of wisdom tell you that everything is going to be fine, that in reality it is not so serious what happens, and my favorite, they tell you that you are exaggerating.

Then you ask yourself:
Could it be that no one sees me inside?
Can anyone see my pain?
I’m dying.

I’m talking about hell; of a deep and dark abyss; a ruthless abyss that makes you hate everything around you, to the point of rejecting it outright.

It is an abyss that torments me and blinds me.
It’s frustrating, and I keep thinking about it.
It is such a deep pain, it is the climax point of disappointment.
You do not understand?
Everything causes me pain, even air and light.

How do you tell me it’s not that serious?
You ignore the truth, but I live, and you tell me I’m overreacting?

These few pages will make you stronger.

The Curtain of Hope

by Steven Sanderson

Great trouble requires but a small place. In a small dying town in Southeastern Georgia, three lifelong friends reunite to save their home and themselves. Each is facing middle age in self-imposed loneliness. Faris Turner, prodigal son of the town patriarch, has never sustained a job or a personal life worthy of the name. Sister Angeline Bruce, a former nun with a dark secret, runs the local food bank and acts as the town conscience. Henry Jeffords, retired schoolmaster and resident intellectual, owns a bookstore that is the putative hub of municipal renaissance. The book opens with a calamitous fire that claims the life of Faris’ father, leaving the town bereft of moral leadership. It is but the first in a chain of calamities, including murder, accidental electrocution, criminal vandalism in a roadside wildlife attraction, fraud in the white-owned funeral home, and the collapse of municipal institutions critical to the survival of the town. The three friends, who plot to spark a public dialogue about the town’s collective future, instead unleash a bitter battle over the injustices of small town life. In response, the townspeople momentarily embrace unreasonable hope, which morphs into recrimination, sabotage and vengeance. Racism, class prejudice, greed, snobbery, petty villainy, and the desperate effort to replace traditional rural life all play a part in the town’s collective undoing. These three solitaries, through their bumbling leadership, play out a farce in which the road to hell truly is paved with good intentions. In The Curtain of Hope, our protagonists take for themselves by ostensibly giving to others, unaware of the price of real social obligation and ignorant of the consequences of their actions. Each of them is undone by their self-regarding altruism. Set in a changing South unrepresented in regional stereotypes, The Curtain of Hope is a book in which place is also a principal character. It aspires to address eternal themes: the necessity and illusion of hope, the claustrophobia of small places, the anxiety of middle age, and how the individual addresses isolation in a crowd of others. The text carefully invokes regional poetry to reflect these themes and the constant threat of loss.

God. ‘N Weirdo. (Afrikaans Edition)

by Jose Ruben Amador

Die eerste ding wat ek wil, is om die onderwerp van my boek te verduidelik.

Sommige sal aanstoot neem van die onderwerp, en as dit jou beledig, is dit goed, as jy nie aanstoot neem nie en net nuuskierig raak, dink ek hierdie boek is perfek vir jou.

Het jy al ooit ongemak langs iemand gevoel as gevolg van die manier waarop iemand jou behandel?
Miskien by die skool of by die universiteit.
Miskien het ‘n ryk kind jou ongemaklik of minderwaardig laat voel.

Jy het gelyk asof jy anders was, van ‘n ander wêreld wat al s haat?
Het hulle met minagting na jou gekyk?

Het jy al ooit geweet en beskuldig?

Het jy die woede of pyn gelyktydig gevoel dat dit lyk of dit lyk?

Onverskillige lyk, … aggressief en pynlik.

One Day

by Nicole Powell

That’s what Ivy is. Trapped in a life on repeat – an abusive boyfriend, worsening options and the only thing keeping her going some final remnants of hope.

Will it be enough when she gets her chance to change everything?

The worst abyss that a human being can fall into. The human who thinks he is God.

by Jose Ruben Amador

I spend time thinking about how to enter these few pages, even I do not know, of course.
I will try the following…

If you realize in the title, I use a capital D not a lowercase d, that’s because in the abyss you do not believe yourself an idol, do not think you go against a force, it is because you think the great, the wise, you do believe God yourself.
You believe the almighty.

I think that believe in you as God is the worst abyss of mind and heart in which a person can fall.
When you’re in that place it is because you’ve crossed boundaries of consciousness and morality that humans are not ready to cross.

No one is ready for limits, and fewer people who have a reputation for being corrupted in all things, such as humans.

That abyss is creating your own God entity with understanding of and wisdom included; so perfect.

It is so difficult to fight against perceptions.
You have to fight and strive for some nonsense, because filling the requirements and requirements of your mind and position is stupid.
Your mind creates a whole new philosophy and independent knowledge of your philosophy and knowledge, but does this new slave to yours because makes it dependent on it, because you are creating a greater being than you. That being comes with his respects included.
You know what I mean?
Creating your own version of God makes you a slave to your own creation.

God is in hell: …With me.

by Jose Ruben Amador

This is a book of a few pages, but without cover.
This is real.

When the professionals of the meteorology center see that a cyclone, hurricane, a storm is coming, as authorities they recommend not to leave their homes, look for a shelter that supports the storm, one that will not fly away; the authorities recommend having food and supplies, such as water, lanterns, canned food; the authorities recommend having blankets for the cold.
In short, caution first of all, right?

Yeah right yes.

When a storm comes we can cover and prepare for it, but think about this for a second…
What would you do if the storm found you without shelter?
What would happen if the storm finds you outside?
What would happen?

Think about it.

HITLER. The point of No Return. The Infinite Consequence.


I will speak of a very serious matter.
I hope you are prepared.

Have you heard people say that God forgives?
They are right, but there is a fault that will never be forgiven.
Have you heard about her too?

In the Bible there is a warning with infinite consequence, that warning is the offense to the Holy Spirit. It is an infinite consequence because God will not forgive you after crossing that line. That is the point of no return.
So the best question is:
How do you offend the Holy Spirit?

Eine Heimat in den Highlands (German Edition)

by Morag McAdams

Mit ihrer lieblosen Beziehung unzufrieden flüchtet Juliane aus ihrem Alltag und sucht Erholung in den schottischen Highlands. Schon bald wird ihr Geld knapp und sie sucht nach einem Weg, um die Rückreise zu ihrem aalglatten Verlobten Hannes hinauszuzögern. Auf dem Hof des verschlossenen Bauern Harry McNeill findet sie Arbeit und nach dem plötzlichen Tod seiner Tante jede Menge Geheimnisse. Beinahe vergisst Juliane darüber ihre Probleme, die sie mit ihrem kontrollsüchtigen Verlobten hat, bis er plötzlich vor ihr steht �

Eine Geschichte über Heimat, Heilung und vieles mehr.



Many people believe that the world will have an end. Others just believe that the world is over for whoever dies.
People make up things, ah?

In the world there are wars between countries, between people; The end of the world will be something like a super war?

I also think the world would end, it would end soon.
Right now there is a war in the world, but it is not with weapons, it is not territory, it is not even for territory or gold, it is not for diamonds, it is not for nothing material or anything of this world.

BE THE SUN. The last act of the Apostle Peter in this life.

by Jose Ruben Amador

I have always believed that all humans are the same, but today I think that is not the case because there are humans who are better than others.

There are good humans in mathematics, others good in technology, others good in chemistry, but the best humans are those who are good … in GOODNESS.

All those humans who are good in goodness live in a world different from ours, even if they walk on the same land as us.
They change the world every time.
They have a great mission, worthy and sacred …
They seek to BE THE SUN.

The apostle Peter looked for the same thing?
What was Peter looking for with his last act in this world?
Was it pure ignorance?
Pedro did not have the slightest idea what it would cause?

I will speak to you now of the apostle Peter in a sense that you have never seen elsewhere.

Hitler. Die punt van geen terugkeer nie. Oneindige dienooreenkomstig. (Afrikaans Edition)

by Jose Ruben Amador

Ek gaan oor ‘n baie ernstige saak praat;
Ek hoop jy is voorbereid .

Die Onbeweeglike Toestande . Onkwetsbaar. En onbereikbaar . (Afrikaans Edition)

by Jose Ruben Amador

Iets oor die onderwerp.
Hierdie toestande waaroor ek gaan praat, is:
Onveranderlik omdat hulle nooit sal verander nie.
Onverskoonbaar omdat niemand hulle kan kul nie.
En onherroepbaar want maak nie saak hoeveel mense is teen, nooit verander nie, en dat ons terugkeer na beginsel wat ek nmutables is.

Die oopmaak van die bladsye.
Ek het baie gedink voordat ek hierdie boek geskryf het, en Ek het meer geleer voordat ek dit gepubliseer het; Ek het selfs nog ander boeke geskryf en gepubliseer, maar ek het gedink dis tyd om dit te deel.

Ek dink baie aan mense en ek wil nie iemand aanstoot gee nie, maar as ek jou ondersteun of jou in slegte dinge verdedig, vererger ek jou net; Daarom het ek hierdie boek van enkele bladsye geskryf, maar dit bevat baie sterk en regte dinge, ‘n werklikheid wat teen die fantasie val wat vandag die werklikheid van mense vervang.

Dit is om die blinddop te verwyder.

Met baie respek en liefde,
Van jou vriend

Jose Ruben Amador.

Ek bely… Ek wou myself doodmaak. (Afrikaans Edition)

by Jose Ruben Amador

Wat vertel ek jou ?
Mense verstaan niks nie; jy vertel hulle wat jy voel, en hulle doen dinge so teleurstellend as om jou na ‘n sielkundige of psigiater te verwys; Diegene wat met wysheid wil spog, vertel jou dat alles goed gaan, dat dit in werklikheid nie so ernstig is wat gebeur nie, en my gunsteling, hulle vertel jou dat jy oordryf.

Dan vra jy jouself af:
Kan dit wees dat niemand my binne sien nie ?
Kan iemand my pyn sien ?
Ek is dood

Ek praat van die hel; van ‘n diep en donker afgrond; ‘n meedoënlose afgrond wat jou laat alles haat wat jou omring, tot die punt om dit reguit te verwerp.

Dit is ‘n afgrond wat my pyn en my blind.
Dit is frustrerend en ek dink daaroor.
Dit is so ‘n diep pyn, dit is die hoogtepunt van teleurstelling.
Verstaan jy nie ?
Alles veroorsaak my pyn, selfs lug en lig.

Hoe vertel jy my hy is nie so ernstig nie ?
Jy ignoreer die waarheid, maar ek leef dit, en jy sê vir my ek oordryf ?

This Was Not the Truth & Other Collected Stories

by Drew Griffiths

Isaac had disappeared again, his mother was desperate, and Christopher is lost in dreams of river boats, the Congo, and his fathers approval. This Was Not The Truth and Other Stories is collection of three literary novellas that weave its tales around common themes of family, trust, race. In “And Building Something” Kyla’s low slender voice hides a secret world tattooed across her body but when the rain and the revival come to the dusty town of West Medford it unleashes a flood of truth that cannot be contained. “Melody” carries the reader through a complex family history that is intertwined across generations sending Leslie, Preacher Boy, and the entire Durpree plantation headlong into a battle against the cultural misgivings of the past. Three stories, three families, all struggling against the ceaseless tide of the past while desperate to change their future.

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