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The Dead Don’t Talk: A Tale of Murder and Mystery (The Danny Ryle Mysteries Book 1)

by Lawrence J. Epstein

Danny Ryle is a political fixer on Long Island. From a parking ticket to a damaged romance, Danny is there to make things right. But then he is asked to solve an old murder. Danny first seeks help from his fatherâ??a retired hit man. There are suspects galore. From the Hamptons west, Danny travels across Long Island seeking clues, searching for the comforting taste of doughnuts, avoiding attempts on his life, looking for love, and all the while trying to solve a mystery the police never could. Danny has to deal with an ambitious politician who wants to run for President, the world of art, and a boss that makes his life miserable. Armed with his brains and the help of two associates, Danny struggles to survive in the rough and tumble world of 1982 life.

You Choose (Falcone & Richards Thrillers Book 1)

by Phillip Tomasso

Someone takes an officer’s family hostage. Of the two people the officer loves most, one will live, the other will die. It’s up to him – and them.

Homicide Investigators Vincent Falcone and Farrah Richards take the case, and a team is assembled. Every effort is made for snatching the psychopath off the streets before the next murder.

The killer makes mistakes; it’s almost as if getting caught doesn’t matter. When the pattern of the killings becomes clear, the team has no time to spare.

But can they catch the one responsible?

Ivory Veil & Murder: Val Masters Wedding Planner Cozy Mystery Series Book 4

by Harper Harris

A costume. A date. And a gun shot that will change all their lives.

Halloween has come to Buckingham Downs, a picturesque coastal town in California. Valerie Masters, her Yorkie, Buttons, and her gang of friends are ready to throw on their costumes and party. And not only on Halloween, since the latest wedding Val is planning has a costume party reception. All sorts of creatures hit the dance floor: gangsters, vampires, a pumpkin andâ?¦ a knight in shining armor?

It seems like the perfect wedding to Val, and everything is finally coming together. But it’s hard to tell who’s who when the masks go on, and this latest murder hits way to close to home. It looks like an accident. Everyone wants to think it’s an accident. But something tells Val that there is more to the situation than the easy explanation.

In her desperation to find the truth, Val enters the world of MMA, takes on a stalker and even marches into the office of a local mobster. Can she convince everyone, including Buckingham Downs newest detective, to take her seriously? Or will she just end up planning a funeral instead of a wedding?

Ivory Veil and Murder is a full-length cozy mystery novel. It is Book 4 in the Val Masters Wedding Planner series, which can be read in any order and are best enjoyed all together.

Deceits of Borneo (Mac Ambrose Book 2)

by HN Wake

A disappearance. A murder. An ominous conspiracy in the heart of Asia.  

A determined, young CIA operative races to uncover the secrets of powerful interests that threaten Borneo’s rainforest.

Haunted by her last mission, solitary Mac Ambrose craves a fresh start.  But a call from Langley interrupts her undercover assignment at Legion Bank in Hong Kong–a fellow spy is missing. 

With the help of an activist, Mac plunges into Malaysia’s rainforest to track down the disappearance of the wily Josh Halloway.  But the search soon uncovers a mysterious murder with links to a powerful timber corporation. 

Back in Hong Kong, Mac finds herself entangled in a conspiracy of international finance, environmental destruction, and national security.  What will she risk to help Josh right his wrongs?  How far will she go to expose the complicity of governments and international banks? 

If you like Jack Ryan, Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne, and Lisbeth Salander, you will love Mac Ambrose.

If you enjoy page-turning thrillers loaded with satisfyingly complex twists, sabotage, and intrigue, then the Mac Ambrose series is for you.

What Readers Say About Mac Ambrose:

***** “Mac Ambrose is smart, confident, audacious and tough.” 
***** “Yes! Just yes! We have a new badass heroine!”  
***** “So, so, so much more than a spy novel.” 
***** “Loaded with suspense, taut pacing.” 
***** “I simply couldn’t put it down.” 
***** “THAT REALLY WAS a fun ride!”
***** “Mac is a consummate spy, but her flaws make her interesting and human.” 

Rogue Ghost (CIA Ghost Series Book 1)

by Mike Ryan

CIA operative Alex Parker is one of the most successful “ghosts” the agency has. Recruited as a 17 year old, she has over 100 kills to her credit. But ten years of blending in, disappearing, and assassinating targets has taken a toll on her and she’d like to get out. Now, she has a new problem….her partner’s gone rogue. After stealing government secrets, he intends to sell them to the highest bidder. It’s up to Parker, and her new partner, to find him and bring him in…dead or alive.


by Stevan Mena

Detective Jack Ridge is dying. But that isn’t stopping him from trying to find a missing girl. Concealing his illness, he stays on to continue the struggle to solve the case. Several other girls who’ve disappeared have all turned up dead, and Jack knows he doesn’t have much time. But the case goes cold, and Jack has all but given up hope until 9 year old Rebecca provides the clues which can catch the killer.

Unaware of the secret that she’s carrying, Rebecca is tormented by nightmares and visions she can’t understand. While undergoing therapy, her doctor uncovers the root of her fear, the memory of a horrific murder. But the identity of the victim is the most shocking of all. When Jack learns how the girl’s story was acquired, it challenges everything he believes. Jack dismisses her account until an incident reveals her story to be irrefutable. The events that follow will change Jack forever, and prove to him that there’s a reason and purpose for every life…and death.

Murder At The Rocks (A Fitzjohn Mystery, Book 2)

by Jill Paterson

When Laurence Harford, a prominent businessman and philanthropist is found murdered in the historic Rocks area of Sydney, Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn is asked to solve the crime quickly and discreetly. After barely starting his investigation, uncovering a discarded mistress and disgruntled employees, a second killing occurs.

Meanwhile, Laurence’s nephew, Nicholas Harford, has his certainties in life shaken when he becomes a suspect in his uncle’s death, and receives a mysterious gold locket that starts a chain of events unravelling his family’s dark truths.

The Dark Side of the Mirror: Book 7 in The Reverend Bernard Paltoquet Mystery Series (A Reverend Paltoquet novel)

by Pat Herbert


Twins run in families, or so it has been known. The Fentiman family have their fair share of twins, past and present.

Robespierre and Danton Fentiman, identical in appearance, but not in personality, were hanged for two different murders back in 1937. Their ghosts appear to Robespierre’s twin sons, Carl and Basil, nearly twenty years later, asserting that their convictions were wrong and asking them to rectify two miscarriages of justice.

Carl asks his local vicar, Bernard Paltoquet of St Stephen’s church, Wandsworth, for help and he in turn seeks the help of an experienced clairvoyant. His close friend, Dorothy Plunkett, is still away in Exeter looking after her ailing father, so she sends him Anbolin Amery-Judge in her stead.

What follows is the unravelling of two twenty-year-old mysteries, culminating in wrongs being righted, with many a misunderstanding along the way.

Bernard’s friend, Dr Robbie MacTavish, is along for the ride, although he is distracted by a romantic entanglement with a much younger woman, much to the disapproval of the Reverend Paltoquet.

Meanwhile Mrs Harper, Bernard’s faithful housekeeper, keeps her beady eye on both men, ever ready with a caustic comment or a fondant fancy, as occasion demands.

Readers who have read and enjoyed other novels in this series, will easily recognise the characters and their foibles as they take the journey with them through the twists and turns of a plot that moves backwards and forwards from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s.

Titles in the Reverend Paltoquet Mystery Series are:

The Bockhampton Road Murders
Haunted Christmas
The Possession of November Jones
The Witches of Wandsworth
So Long at the Fair
The Man Who Was Death
The Dark Side of the Mirror

Sweet Montana Sky: Contemporary Western Romance

by Lisa Mondello

Someone is using superstition to cause trouble on the rodeo circuit.

An upside down horseshoe made Tabby Swanson’s skin crawl, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from training her prize horse, Tenterhook, for barrel racing so she could get a sponsorship. When Kasper Dobbs shows up the ranch, she’s intrigued and hopeful. The handsome businessman, and former local hockey star, has deep pockets. It doesn’t hurt that he’s devastatingly handsome and makes her heart pound in her chest more than barrel racing. It almost makes her forget about the strange happenings on the ranch until someone turns up dead, and she and Tenterhook suffer a devastating accident in competition, threatening her rodeo days forever.

Kasper knows Tabby’s fall was no accident. Being told you may never compete again is a fate he knows well. He won’t let Tabby give up and insists on getting her back into training as soon as he can. But how can he know if whoever caused her accident will try again? He calls the Knight brothers to investigate the mysterious death and strange happenings surrounding Tabby so they can catch whoever is responsible before she takes another fall. He wants to believe he’s doing it all in the name of business. But he’s fallen hard for the cowgirl whose sunshine smile makes him want more than just to ride again. He wants the girl for life!

Sweet Montana Series:

Sweet Montana Sky
Sweet Home Montana
Sweet Montana Rescue
Sweet Montana Outlaw
Sweet Montana Secrets
and more.

THE PALTOQUET MURDER-MYSTERY SERIES: Books 4 – 6: E-book boxset of 3 novels in the Reverend Bernard Paltoquet series

by Pat Herbert

The three e-books in this boxset of Rev. Bernard Paltoquet murder-mystery novels include:


The other 7 novels in the Paltoquet series include:

Book 1: The Bockhampton Road Murders
Book 2: Haunted Christmas
Book 3: The Possession of November Jones
Book 7: The Dark Side of the Mirror
Book 8: Sleeping with the Dead
Book 9: The Corpse Wore Red
Book 10: Seeing Double

Die Muntstuk het twee kante (Afrikaans Edition)

by Susan Kloppers

Wanneer Kate besef die nuutste saak waaraan sy werk is n reeks moordenaar is dit reeds amper te laat vir haar. Die moordenaar het reeds sy visier op haar toegespits. Met die dat sy n nuwe liefde aan die vlam probeer kry en die feit dat haar boetie parool geborg is voel dit vir Kate of alles net te veel word. Sal sy hierdie moordenaar wat haar so tempteer oor die foon en al hoe meer grusame tonele vir haar agter laat vang of gaan hy vir haar vang…..

Devin’s Dilemma (The Victorians Book 2)

by Simone Beaudelaire

Brighton, England, 1856.

For young solicitor-at-law Devin Bennett, building his career is his foremost goal. Love and the future are far from his thoughts.

The last thing he expects is Harry. Lady’s maid and chaperone to his client’s daughter, Harry is an intense, intelligent and interesting girl Devin can’t stop dreaming about.

But Devin is aware Harry is hiding something from him; something that might tear them apart and whisk Harry off to the far side of the world.

Praise from readers:

â??â??â??â??â?? – “Devin’s Dilemma is not just a love story – it’s a beautiful, heart-wrenching tale of survival and hope.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “A lovely story of faith, courage and love… Wonderful.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “I love this author’s writing. Right away, I was invested in the characters’ story.”

Includes graphic sexual content.

Dancing With The Dead: A Culinary Cozy Mystery With A Delicious Recipe (Return To Milburn Book 2)

by Nancy McGovern


This is Book 2 in Nora Newberry’s NEW SERIES, “Return To Milburn”! Be sure to check out the first book, Berry The Dead, as well as Nora’s original series, “A Murder In Milburn”! They are all right here on Amazon and you can read them for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Or for just 99 cents each!

About Dancing With The Dead:
When Nora’s daughter, Grace, and her boyfriend suddenly decide to get married, Nora can’t help but feel torn. On one hand, she is thrilled that her daughter is in love and wants her to be happy. But the groom’s family is more than a little bit crazy, especially his domineering & intrusive mother. Nora doesn’t even want to imagine that woman as her precious daughter’s mother-in-law!

But she may not be around to interfere for long. After all, she’s the main suspect in a murder case and things don’t look good for her…

Did Nora’s new in-law-to-be do it? Or is she as innocent as she claims? And, if she is, can Nora set aside her personal feelings and help find the real murderer?

Find out in Dancing With The Dead!

Hunt For Justice: Judge Willa Carson Books 1 – 2

by Diane Capri

Special edition! Limited time only! HUNT FOR JUSTICE: Judge Willa Carson Books 1-2

“Intricate and Ingenious. Make some coffee. You’ll read all night.” — Lee Child

Contains the first two #1 Bestselling Willa Carson novels from USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author Diane Capri

Due Justice â?? When Judge Willa Carson’s “little sister” Carly’s in trouble, she’s forced to ask Willa for help. Carly knows too much about a powerful Tampa conspiracy. When Carly becomes the number one suspect in the murder of a prominent plastic surgeon, Willa risks everything to uncover the conspiracy and keep Carly alive. Can she do it?

Twisted Justice â?? War hero General Randall Andrews has been nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court and Willa’s husband George Carson leads the fight to defeat him. Until George is arrested for Andrews’ murder and Willa pulls out all the stops to free her husband. Can Willa defeat the powerful forces against him or will her beloved George die on death row?

Open this set and you’ll agree with fans of Sue Grafton, Margaret Maron, William Kent Krueger, Louise Penny, John Grisham, Lee Child, and more:

“Diane writes like the maestro of the jigsaw puzzle. Sit back in your favorite easy chair, pour a glass of crisp white wine, and enter her devilishly clever world.” – David Hagberg, New York Times Bestselling Author of Kirk McGarvey Thrillers

“Expertise shines on every page.” – Margaret Maron, Edgar, Anthony, Agatha and Macavity Award Winning MWA Past President and MWA Grand Master 2013

“When Judge Wilhelmina Carson returns, I’ll be waiting!” – The Contra Costa Times

“Judge Willa is the nicest, most likable sleuth to come along in years!” – Harriet Klausner

Grab your copy now and start reading today!

I Spy with My Little Eye (A Nursery Rhyme Mystery short story): A Marlow and Sage Mystery

by Lee Strauss

Praise for I Spy with My Little Eye: “A GREAT READ”

“I liked it so much that I immediately read all the books in the series.”

When what you don’t know will kill you.

A dead Santa throws Marlow and Sage together in this Nursery Rhyme Mystery short story.

The target isn’t Santa, it’s Sage, and she and Marlow aren’t the only ones who want information from the would-be assassin. Temporarily recruited by CISUE, Central Intelligence for Special or Unusual Events, Marlow and Sage are tasked with finding out the identity of CISUE’s main nemesis, and while they’re at it, smoke out the company mole.

Marlow and Sage surprise themselves by what appears to be a latent skill set, perfect for taking down bad guys. They’d pat each other on the back later if only they hadn’t agreed to have their memories wiped.

Who are you again?

Micah Goes On a Date: A Micah Reed Thriller Short Story

by Jim Heskett

Bullets and… Beef Stroganoff?

Micah Reed finds himself in a fancy restaurant, in a suit and tie, waiting on a blind date. Should be in for a good time, right? A nice, quiet evening?

If you know Micah Reed, you know things usually aren’t what they seem. Micah might not survive the night…

A FREE short story in the award-winning Micah Reed series. Grab this quick, fun thriller now to read it all in one sitting!

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