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From Frantic to Fabulous: How to Raise Your Energy, Tame Your Work and Transform Your World in the Digital Age

by Rita Perea

Put down your device!  Pick up this book! Unplug and get a life!

As a business leader, entrepreneur or aspiring manager, are you barely surviving at work and in life? As you navigate this rapidly changing digital world, do your days feel disjointed, chaotic and out of control? Do you feel overwhelmed with the “shoulds”, “gottas”, and “must dos”, along with too many interruptions to accomplish them all?

Or, are you one of the lucky fabulous few waking up each morning feeling self-confident, pulled together and ready to take on the world to achieve success?

In this book, business strategist, executive coach, speaker and author, Rita Perea, shares Buddha-inspired wisdom and tactical success strategies to help you: 
  • Thrive in the new gig economy
  • Increase your focus and connection through meditation
  • Detox from digital devices to cultivate the maker-side of your brain
  • Reset your thinking to create your new, authentic life
  • Dump the drama to free up internal disk storage space
  • Change the job that’s draining your inner battery
  • Take action to live the highest version of your best self
  • Identify, and deal with, energy suckers at work and at home
From Frantic to Fabulous: How to Raise Your Energy, Tame Your Work and Transform Your World is written for busy people who are searching for a well-balanced and more fulfilling career and life. This book provides inspired, yet practical, techniques in 20 short, easy-to-apply chapters.  

Purchase your copy of the book today and receive the accompanying workbook as a free bonus gift from the author. 

MGTOW Musings Volume 1

by Happy Humble Hermit

The collected essays from the Youtube channel Happy Humble Hermit.

I’m Not Being Racist, But… (A Collection of Overheard Comments and Opinions)

by K. Lee

If there is one sentence that you know isn’t going to end well, it is one that begins with â??I’m not being racist, but’. It’s up there with â??no offence, but’ where you know what you’re about to hear next is going to be offensive.

This sentence has always fascinated me, and I’d like to think there was some part of our brain that could immediately hit the brakes whenever we feel the desire to let those infamous words bumble out of our mouth. One of the most interesting parts of it is the absolute and unpredictable choice of words that follow. Sometimes, and more often than not, the comment is outright racist. Sometimes it is an ill-thought, knee-jerk reaction, said without thinking rather than meant maliciously. Some of them are so bizarrely presumptuous and absurd it makes you wonder what on earth the speaker has experienced to make them come to the conclusion they have. However, a lot of the time the comment has nothing to do with ethnicity at all, it is a genuine and reasonable observation and sometimes it is even complimentary, kind and sincere. On many occasions it is said almost without thinking as a simple pre-warning or apology to reassure the listener of the speaker’s intent.

As a result, I thought it would be interesting to share a collection of some of the pearls of wisdom I have heard over the years. Many of these are from my own experiences, whether people I know, conversations from strangers overheard in passing or rare acquaintances proselytizing their righteous beliefs, while the remainder have been shared with me.

All of the quotes are true, however, I confess I have altered them. This has been done for several reasons. First of all, I believe it is important to make the quotes ambiguous, so as not to indicate the ethnicity of the writer or their target, I have done this by changing any references to groups of people to â??they and them’ or â??one of them’ when referring to an individual. This may seem like a cowardly cop-out but I think it is critical. Only by doing that can we see how absurd our own views can be and it is left to the reader to guess, if they wish, on who is being referred to (I suspect you’d be surprised by the results).

The second purpose is to ensure I do not reinforce any negative stereotypes. This is not the purpose of the book, the purpose is so strip people’s opinions down to their bare bones, without favour, bias or prejudice to examine our own irrational fears and beliefs.

Finally, I have altered any information which identifies individuals, this is not a name-and-shame exercise, and everyone is entitled to drop a clanger now and then, as long as we learn from it.

A final thought is that, if we knew this is what some people thought of us, and how ridiculous it was; would that give us the wisdom and understanding to realise how nonsensical our own beliefs could be in return? Do we actually think this tripe, or do we just say it because it’s something we heard an old grandparent say once upon a time?

So grab a coffee, sit down for half an hour and enjoy a selection of quotations to make you laugh, frown and be bewildered.

Daily Devotionals For Metaphysicians: Consciousness Building

by Cecelia Kendall

This book is intended to be a daily Spiritual nourishment for metaphysicians as reminders of principles they ought to follow each day in being effective practitioners.

There and Back There Again

by Andrew Alsup


Welcome to my book, There and Back There Again by Andy Alsup ~ Village Savant.

My story has a few themes:
– technology
â?¨- music
â?¨- culture
â?¨- Seattle
â?¨- religionâ?¨
– Aspergers
â?¨- schizophrenia
â?¨- psychic musings

I write a lot about my daily experience. It primarily revolves around my ongoing conversation with a variety of voices I hear in my head. I call this experience a couple of things. It is psychic. It is a network of identities. It is public. It is hilarious.

This is an introduction to give you an idea what I’m talking about with the conflict oriented stuff I write, and what I call chipmunk.

I hear voices. They are best described as auditory hallucinations. Sometimes they’re identifiable. Sometimes they’re words in my thoughts that don’t have sound, they don’t belong there, and they’re clearly someone else’s words.

I have called them a psychic phenomenon. I believe these are real people. They sometimes identify themselves. Sometimes I can hear who they are. Almost always they lie about their identity. They are always consistently wrong about people I know. They attempt to be identified as these people for a variety of reasons, but mostly to try to establish credibility because they have none and to attempt to manipulate.

I always tell the voices I will not accept them trying to do that.

I call the voices chipmunk because they sound squeaky, clown car because it’s one after another, and douchebag because they’re intrusive and self satisfied losers.

The reality is that the attempts to manipulate are trying to control me or lure me into doing something for reasons they are never honest about.

The voices are abusive, hostile, immature, and nonstop nonsense. They are factually wrong about everything. They lie about their motives, their information, their coordination with each other, and people that I know are not how the voices describe them.

The voices constantly attempt to indicate they are interfering in my life or are people I would want to have input from. They do this for a variety of reasons but it comes down to stupidity and probably people just wasting their time who have nothing better to do.

Sometimes they describe this as entertainment. They say they watch me either through their computer, or that they experience the same phenomenon I do in their head, and they see me remotely. I don’t know what that is like. I do sometimes see people doing things, and I can sometimes hear their thoughts.

I have the ability to give them words I make them say. I can also give them thoughts, or make them do things.

I sometimes smell or feel things that are also psychic.

The voices are real people behaving badly.


a learned person, especially a distinguished scientist.
synonyms: intellectual, scholar, sage, philosopher, thinker, wise/learned person
~~â?¨People have asked me about the choice of the word savant for my Facebook page.

I’ll put it this way. Genius doesn’t cover it. I’m beyond that.

Savant indicates epic level wisdom in an area that also accompanies a deficit.
My savant is people.

I can see your soul at a glance. I can write and speak words on every day topics that make you stand with applause. I can talk you under the table with logic. I can explain the universe in a few words. I can make science deliciously funny, 12 hours in the brisket lab with a pbr. I have done it all with technology, and I can take you into the future. I am fluent in music and film that people resonate with, but can’t remember why. I think things that happen because I think them. I can change your words in your mouth. I know what to tell you to freak you out or calm you. I can describe you to yourself in ways you know but never knew.

I’ll need your help to meet a girl.

~ Andy ~ Village Savant ~ The Smartest Guy On the Planet

Dios existe y te ama (Spanish Edition)

by Maya Rebeca Benmergui Esayag

Escribí este libro porque me cansé de leer que provenimos del mono, que somos una suerte de experimento genético o un simulador creado por seres extraterrestres. El presente libro busca que la gente vuelva a creer en Dios. En el presente la gente no cree en un Creador porque lo ven como alguien vengativo, cruel con favoritismos. Dios no es culpable de nuestras decisiones ya que para ello nos dio el libre albedrío. Dios creó todo por amor. Pienso que Dios es siempre compasivo y desea que sus hijos sean felices con su creación. Para el Creador todos los habitantes del cosmos somos sus hijos. Nos dio a cada uno su chispa divina. �l nos dio la vida para ser eternos pues somos almas en cuerpos que proseguimos nuestra evolución eternamente. Hay demasiadas religiones que nos dividen y sólo necesitamos creer en una sola. Mi credo es el amor y mi templo favorito es una noche llena de estrellas. Espero que mi mensaje les llegue.

Who Can Beat Trump?

by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Who can beat Trump in 2020 is less about the actual Democratic presidential candidate who can beat Trump, then what it will take to beat him. The names of potential Democratic presidential contenders by the close of 2018 filled a small telephone book. There were the usual suspects, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and even Hillary Clinton. There were plenty of relative newcomers on the scene—senators, congresspersons, a couple of mayors, a reality TV attorney, and even Oprah. The field will eventually whittle down to just a few names who have any realistic chance against Trump.
Whoever ultimately claws their way to the top will bump hard up against several brutal realities in going toe to toe with Trump. He’ll have the aura of incumbency. He’ll have a king’s ransom in his campaign war chest, He’ll have a united GOP behind him. He’ll have a load of GOP controlled states most notably Ohio and Florida that elect presidents and their redistricting and gerrymandering friendly districts and voters by his side. He’ll have a slavish mainstream media that no matter whether they love or hate him they still give him tons of free media coverage.
He’ll have a massive base that lives and dies on every slur, name call, and dig he makes at Democrats, the media and anyone else Heartland America loves to hate. He’ll have the unabashed willingness to hurl gutter insults at any contender and, more often than not, make those insults stick. Just ask “Crooked Hillary.”
The polls that consistently showed Trump as “unpopular” with “low disapproval” and even loathed by a majority of Americans are offset by those hard-political realities.
It will be a hard, uphill battle for Trump’s opponent. The battle will not only be about personalities, though much of Trump’s tact and attacks will be personal, it also will be about organization, messaging, political focus, and the ability to mount a hard in the trenches ground game. It will be about rallying the Democrat’s base supporters and expanding its base of young, women, Hispanics and Black voters. It will be about putting forth a vision of change for America to counter and overcome the Trump edge.
Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson takes a laser look at those issues in Who Can Beat Trump? He provides a message to, and guidepost for, Trump’s Democratic presidential opponent to emerge triumphant.

Empowering Women : What All Women Should Know About Men, Power and Patriarchy

by Björn Lindman

Many of the world’s economic and political problems are a result of male minds and masculine values, a system of global patriarchy by which our top leaders rule the world. Its key tools are fear, violence and aggression, lies, fraud and trickery – and the goal is total dominance.

In their bid for power, many leaders develop a pathological interest in control and domination: archomania; (an obsession with reaching the top and staying there).

Men suffering from archomania will never be able to change their destructive path. They represent a clear and present threat to all humankind and all life on Earth. We are in dire need of a new, wiser, global leadership.

Empowering Women promotes the idea that women and female leadership represent a much-needed alternative to men’s self-centered and destructive rule. This book describes ways of empowering women and argues that men in power will need to step down from their present positions and move to the sidelines until a new order is established.

To illustrate the challenges facing such change, the author presents New Definitions of Power, The Law of Great Power and archomania. The Power-Obsessed Personality and Power Devotees are also given an urgently needed analysis and diagnosis.

Bringing patriarchy to an end will likely demand the greatest single shift of values in human history. Empowering Women explores how we can go about this and is for everyone – both women and men -who see the dangers posed by today’s patriarchal leadership and who are looking for a sustainable solution.

EMPOWERING WOMEN gives women new knowledge and tools to overpower the present male domination and introduce a new kind of leadership. A leadership that can be used to organize women and eventually helps save the world by overthrowing the present male domination and its destructive ruling patriarchy and introduce an alternative.
This book is dedicated to all the children, women and men, who have been – throughout history, today, and doubtlessly also in the future, -killed, mutilated, tortured, raped, humiliated and abused by men, with personal power as their only goal and who rule by force and violence, cunning and lies.

��தி� நுணு�்��்�ள் (Tamil Edition)

by Dr. Seetha Murugesan

This unique book is about the nuances of eastern astrology that revolves around lunar movement. With sidereal calculations, it delineates the ethical conducts of the astrologers and how the seekers of futuristic answers should find peace and hope in astrology

Manifestieren ist (k)eine Kunst: Mit der energetischen Metamorphose das Gesetz der Anziehung neu verstehen (German Edition)

by Fabian Wollschläger

Der wahre Grund für alles, was dir im Leben (nicht) begegnet�

…liegt tief in dir verborgen.

Jeder Mensch besitzt (un-)bewusste innere Blockaden. �ngste, Selbstzweifel, Wut, �rger, Enttäuschung und eine Unzufriedenheit, die meist unkontrolliert in unser Leben treten. Ebenso besitzt jeder Mensch unterschiedliche Wünsche. Gesundheit, Erfolg, Wohlstand, Liebe und Erfüllung. Anhaltende Glückszustände, die uns meist seltener erreichen, als Konflikte und Probleme. Was den meisten Menschen ihr Leben lang entgeht, ist die Verbindung zwischen ihren inneren Blockaden und ihren äu�eren Lebensumständen. Schaffen wir es, die innere Macht in uns zu finden und lernen, sie zu lenken, dann können wir alle Türen öffnen, die uns derzeit noch verschlossen sind.

â??Manifestieren ist (k)eine Kunst” ist nicht nur ein Ratgeber, sondern eine praktische Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung für ein Leben, das von Blockaden befreit und von Ã?berfluss gefüllt wird. Dieses Buch eignet sich für Anfänger, bietet jedoch gerade Fortgeschrittenen, die sich bereits mit dem Gesetz der Anziehung befasst haben, neue Erkenntnisse. Die energetische Metamorphose basiert auf einem tiefgreifenden Verständnis für die Energie als Ursache aller Veränderungen. Sie verbindet Verhaltenspsychologie, Neurobiologie und Quantenphilosophie mit dem transzendentalen Wissen östlicher Weisheitslehren und moderner Spiritualität. Dabei lernst du nicht nur, wie das Gesetz der Anziehung wirklich funktioniert, sondern erhältst auch hocheffektive Techniken, um es allgegenwärtig anzuwenden. So schaffst du es:

  • Ã?ngste zu bewältigen
  • Selbstzweifel zu überwinden
  • Schmerzen aus deiner Vergangenheit loszulassen
  • Widerstände in deiner Gegenwart umzuwandeln
  • und die Wünsche deiner Zukunft zu manifestieren
  • Zusätzlich entdeckst du neue Methoden, um alle deine energetischen Blockaden aufzulösen und du erfährst, wie du sogar im Alltag in die Quelle deines unendlichen Schöpfertums findest und dort verweilst. Dadurch setzt du deine innere Energie frei, durch die sich genau das Leben manifestieren wird, das du dir wünschst.


    Mit dem Kauf dieses Buchs erhältst Du auf Anfrage kostenlos die darin vorgestellten

  • Affirmationen als Audio-Mantra
  • die Bewusstseinsreise als geführte Audio-Meditation
  • und meine Kontaktdaten für Rückfragen und eine kostenfreie persönliche Unterstützung bei Bedarf
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  • Taschenbuch mit über 160 Seiten
  • Wichtiger Hinweis

    Diese Buchreihe legt höchsten Wert auf die praktische Anwendbarkeit ihrer Inhalte. Deswegen wurde das Modell der energetischen Metamorphose für die kritischsten Lebensbereiche wie Liebe, Gesundheit und Erfolg individualisiert. In dieser Buchreihe unterscheiden sich ausschlie�lich die praktischen Beispiele und die weiterführenden Erklärungen des jeweiligen Themas. Dieses Buch konzentriert sich dabei auf die Auflösung innerer Blockaden und die Manifestation von Wünschen. Während die anderen Bücher Spezifizierungen für die jeweiligen Themenbereiche bieten, ist dieses Buch ein Kompendium und enthält Anwendungsbeispiele aus allen Lebensbereichen.

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