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The Kepos Problem (Kepos Chronicles Book 1)

by Erica Rue

Dione Quinn is a biology nerd, not a fighter, but when a school research trip goes wrong and the Venatorians attack their ship, she doesn’t have much of a choice.

In fact, she has even fewer choices when her best friend, Lithia Min, jumps them to a planet outside the Alliance-protected Bubble. They’ve escaped for now, but they are stranded where no one will find them, and one of her classmates has been injured in the attack. The only thing that can save her is on the uncatalogued planet Kepos.

As Dione discovers the truth about the planet and the lengths to which she must go to save her friends, Kepos presents a problem. One that will force Dione to decide:

What is her future worth?

Love Machine: The Dipole Series

by Chris Lowry

They stole his ship.

He watched it happen.

After winning the NC 17 in All Jacked Up, erstwhile pilot Tinker has two things on his mind. Docking at a station to find a bar and brothel and he really doesn’t care which order they’re in.

But some crapping thief runs off with his new ship while he’s watching and now he’ll do anything to get it back.

Almost anything. The hookers keep trying to rob him, the madams want him as an indentured servant and there’s this bit with gangsters that run the routes and space stations between earth and Mars.

They all have ideas on how to help him get his property back. If he’ll pay the price.

Love Machine is a comedy sci fi adventure about the adventures of the lusty pirate smuggler Tinker from THE DIPOLE SHIELD. Fans of space laughs, dumb luck heroes, and folks who like to snort out snickers at just how dumb a leading man can be are going to enjoy this series.

Grab your copy now and flip through this fast paced action adventure. The future of Mars ain’t exactly rocket science.

Check out:





ALL JACKED UP (coming in January)

NASA’s 1st Mission to Mars – For What?!!!

by Michael D’Agostino

Penniless, flat broke, sleeping in a cardboard box in a tent city on the South Side of Chicago, this formerly undistinguished man, Stanley Marczek, becomes the first man to walk on Mars. How is it possible? Why would NASA select a civilian, non-career astronaut for the mission? Obviously, living in a confined space for nineteen months for the journey to Mars, is one consideration. Another, his screening test results prove to be exceptional, better than all other candidates. And this is a man of grit and incredible courage. He accepts NASA’s offer, seeing it as an opportunity to remake his life, earn a cool three million bucks, and return to Earth a hero. But the story isn’t just about Stanley Marczek, (aka Joksey), and the mission to Mars. It is also about his relationships with his loyal friends: Gnidek, a Viet Nam veteran, his dog Chichi, his girlfriend Hannah, and all his friends at tent city. His journey is clouded with almost insurmountable personal and technical challenges, and it is his friends who provide invaluable moral support; they are all in it together. But what is the catch? There has to be a catch. The catch is that Joksey is a man of strong will who freely expresses his mind. So when the mission is complete, and Stanley Marczek returns to Earth, he publicly questions the wisdom of all manned missions to Mars, to the embarrassment of NASA. And he does not mince words. He tells it like it is, straight out! This novel features realistic science-fiction. Although it is a comedy at heart, it makes a very poignant argument about manned missions to Mars. As a contemporary work, it contains profanity.

The Blood Will Dry

by Kate L. Mary

Five years after an alien invasion, the earth is unrecognizable. The human race has been decimated and the sun completely blotted out by dark clouds that bring constant rain. All indigenous plant life has been killed off and replaced by vegetation that has proven to be as deadly as it is invasive, and the aliens that have taken over the planet are seemingly invincible.

Living in a crowded building with other survivors, Diana Foster wants nothing more than to forget what she lost the day the aliens arrived. But an incoming platoon brings a familiar face, one that not only opens old wounds, but also forces her to deal with the painful memories she’s worked hard to forget. Bryan may not be the same cocky kid he was before the invasion, but his sudden appearance still turns Diana’s world upside down in ways she never expected. When he showed up she knew it would mean finally facing her past, but she never thought she’d find a future that was actually worth living.

After years of struggling to find a weakness in the aliens’ defenses, Diana stumbles upon a solution just as a new and more deadly threat surfaces. Faced with an attraction she never expected and a battle that most believe can’t be won, Diana must work through her painful past as the survivors mount a battle that may determine the fate of mankind. If her plan fails it very well could be the end of humanity, but if works it will mean having a real future, and a chance to allow the blood to dry once and for all.

Beyond Hope (Tales from the Brink Book 4)

by Martyn J. Pass

Sarah is a woman struggling to find peace in a world trapped in the shadows of the past. But when Alan Harding and Moll enter into her life, the chance to take a different path is just too tempting to resist. This rocky, emotional journey into a bleak future is made all the more difficult by the strange reverence the people around her have for the Old-World, one which Alan knows only too well. As the threats of attack from a powerful gang of slave traders increases, it isn’t long before Sarah realizes that just surviving the end of the world isn’t going to be enough.

The No Good

by Hamish Campbell Oates

The final war left the world a scarred, broken place. Life was lost. Art and history were forgotten and abandoned, replaced with violence and the battle for survival. The new generation, the children born in the broken aftermath, found themselves in a culture-less world, completely disconnected, shunned and abandoned.

The four members of The No Good, however, carry a torch. The twentieth century art form of â??punk rock’ speaks to them, a pure shout from darkness, filled with a restless energy that mirrors their own frustration and anxiety.

â??The No Good’ is the debut novel by Hamish Campbell, chronicling the story of a post-societal punk rock band, and their trek across an unrecognisable Australian landscape, as they head cross-country to meet their destiny at a music festival in the Far North, one that promises to spark a brand new identity for the children born in the ashes, generation zero.

The Problem of Morgan

by Stephen Sanford

“The Problem of Morgan”
Earth, a back-water spec of habitation, far from anything important has mostly been left alone by the advanced civilizations of the Milky way galaxy. Everything changes when a war erupts between two powerful empires. It just happens that the backwater planet known as earth lies very near the front lines where the war is being fought. It’s suddenly an important place. Morgan is the flight systems operator/ pilot in the back seat of the two-place space fighter. During a fight near earth Morgan, the ace pilot is shot down, forced to eject into the God forsaken planet of earth. The pilot in the front seat doesn’t make it out, and for the first time in her life, Morgan is alone. She had been with him her entire life. She can’t be alone.
Two attempts to rescue her come at once, the Alien Imperial Battlefleet for whom she flies, and the U.S. Navy, responding to a crash in the Pacific Ocean. An American fighter pilot spots Morgan first, her battered body floating on the surface of the green water. The American Pilot, Lieutenant Oscar Hall, only see’s Morgan’s life jacket, then is promptly shot down by Morgan’s friends, also coming to her aid. Morgan and Lt. Hall are both pulled from the waters of the Pacific Ocean by the Imperial Fleet. Once the aliens figure out they have a pilot that isn’t theirs they take the opportunity to establish diplomatic relations with earth. Earth will make an excellent forward base for the war they are fighting.
Morgan doesn’t much care about diplomatic relations, she is concerned with her own situation. Her navy won’t let her fly anymore, and it takes two to fly the fighter, no exceptions. Deciding to take matters into her own hands Morgan knows one person who can fly and doesn’t have a partnerâ?¦ Lt. Oscar Hall of the United States Navy. She’s determined he’ll be hers, and she’ll stop at nothing to get the American pilot in her bed. It’s very confusing when Morgan is turned down the first few times she offers the American pilot sex. Why doesn’t he understand that She’ll show him the universe in exchange for a littleâ?¦ DNA? She’s beautiful, laughs at his nerdy jokes, and is the best pilot he’s ever seen. Maybe too good? She isn’t used to not getting what she wants and doesn’t understand the Aliens. Why won’t he just put out?
Questions start to rise in the mind of Lt. Hall. Are all aliens beautiful sex crazed fighter pilots, or is Morgan even different form her own people? why does she have so much porn? While other women might snicker at his hand-built model ship collection, Morgan doesn’t. She knows that muscle memory and fine motor skills have other usesâ?¦.
When they finally learn to talk and begin to understand the other, things take off. Morgan gets someone to fly with, Lt. Hall gets to see the universe. Oscar may have forgotten, there’s a war on. After racking up a good score of enemy fighters Morgan and Oscar are confronted with a choice. One of them must sacrifice their life for the other. It is only then that they both learn that this isn’t just casual sex and flying. Will they learn in time?

Vosha and Fashye: The Source One (Unity Fall Book 2)

by Thomas Ransdell

The migration failed. Ten thousand lives were lost to space. Only one remains.
Vosha has served his time on the dreaded planet, Tethte. He is a scarred and broken man with nothing left but his sorrow. In the hopes that he might put his nightmares to rest, he joins a salvage vessel on a mission to the very planet his people hoped would be their new world. He journeys to the planet his people died for.
However, he learns that the torment of his past has followed him across the Star Seas. His hopes of finding peace are destroyed when he finds that his nightmares are far from over. The mysteries of deep space are unveiled as the truth behind the Endeavor is revealed.
Nothing is as it seems. A greater conflict guides the fates of the people. Can Vosha survive his own darkness and reclaim his people’s home?
Part One of a three part series, “The Source One” is a thought provoking science fiction adventure about trauma, hope, and struggle in a time of great danger.

UPGRADE: Book 2 of the Obsolescence Trilogy

by Chris Muhlenfeld

Billions are dead. The world is still smoldering. A terrifying new threat has emerged from the ashes.

Returning safely from their expedition, James and Alexa deliver the weird news to the survivors at Winona Station. Everyone still alive is now faced with an impossible decision: betray their very humanity to survive, or watch the human race regress into a new stone age.

The stakes could not be higher.

Will they choose wisely?

Make time now because once you start reading UPGRADE, you’ll be instantly hooked. Get it now!

UPGRADE is the second thrilling book in The Obsolescence Trilogy. Plausible, near-future sci-fi that’s full of rich, insightful characters and compelling ideas.

Something Nice – Ten Stories

by Andrew Lawston

An acclaimed collection of ten short stories by Andrew K Lawston. A blend of science-fiction, fantasy, philosophy and the supernatural. From the friendly neighbours with a nasty hobby in Throwing Up With the Joneses, to the lovelorn robot of Cyberstalking, via metaphysical space adventures with the dashing starship captain Sharp Johnson, these stories all made the author’s Mum ask the same question. “Why don’t you write something nice?”

Well, now he has.

The Final Five: An Oracle and Awakening Bridge Novelette

by Carissa Andrews

A witch, an angel, and an oracle. Three souls with one destiny: Find the Final Five.

Who said finding the remaining five protectors was going to be easy? As it turns out, it’s going take more than I ever thought possible. It’s going to take an Oracle with some kickass gifts and a plan to even locate him or her. I just hope I can do it before its too late.


The Final Five is a bridge novelette spanning across Carissa Andrews’ fiction worlds of Oracle and the upcoming world from Awakening…bridging the two together. Awakening will be released in 2019.

If you like mystery, magic, and a little bit of humor… you won’t be disappointed with the Final Five.

Download your copy of The Final Five today!

Awakening: Ancient Purge Book 1

by MC Bass

“Awesome book!!! Had me from the first.”   “On the edge of my seat from page one.”

History is wrong! The bubonic plague, smallpox, and many other diseases aren’t what we think they were. It’s something far worse!

An evil Russian billionaire seeking immortality steals an ancient chest lid from a secret society, and unknowingly unleashes hell on earth.

His chief scientist watches in horror as her patient transforms into something otherworldly. She fights for her life as the creature goes on a killing spree and escapes the laboratory.

Can the ancient evil be stopped before it destroys humanity?

If you like the books of great authors like Jeremy Robinson, James Rollins, and Greig Beck then you’ll love M.C. Bass.

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life!

Lost Sentinel (Earth Survives Series Book 1)

by R.R. Roberts

The Past isn’t what it used to beâ?¦

When reclusive telepath Wren Wood finally emerged from her forest hideaway, ready to face the avalanche of noisy minds in the city, she is shocked to find only silence. She is alone in a completely altered and dangerous world. She must somehow scavenge enough supplies to survive on her own and slip back to safety unnoticed.

With millions of future lives depending on their success, Coru and Payton Wisla follow outlaw time-jumper Moses Zhang through an illegal Time Bore to three hundred years in the past. Coru arrives alone, missing his target date by ten years, landing during a horrific event not in the histories.

What did Zhang do!?

Is there any chance Coru can find Wren Wood â?? if she’s still alive â?? and gain her trust and help to restore his home world? And, if and when they meet, can he hide the fact he’s a time traveller from the future from her powerful psychic ability?

Coru must battle savage Outlanders and a brutal environment in his bid to fulfill his mission. As he becomes entrenched in the lives of the few survivors he meets, he begins to question the promise he made in his home world, reluctant to leave the courageous people he has come to love and respect in this time, to the destruction brought on them by one of his own.

If you enjoyed Justin Cronin’s The Passage Trilogy and Stephen King’s classic, The Stand, you will love The Earth Survives Trilogy.

Read all the Earth Survives Series Books:
Book one – Lost Sentinel
Book Two – Cursed Apprentice
Book Three: Deadly Messenger – will be released summer of 2019

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