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SURVIVAL: BUSHCRAFT GUIDE: A Beginners Prepping Guide to Survive a Disaster in the Wilderness (Prepper SHTF Urban Survival Preparedness)

by Scott Colter

Could You Survive a Disaster in the Wild?

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In his book, Survival: A Beginners Guide Prepping Guide to Survive a Disaster in the Wilderness, Scott Colter teaches you how to keep yourself alive in the worst of situations. You’ll learn the essential psychology of survival – how to stay calm, remain focused, and give yourself the best possible chance of making it out alive!

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Scott Colter gives you essential, life-saving advice on the Five Classifications of Disasters. You’ll find out how to Create a Survival Kit, Prioritize the Essentials, and Survive in the Wilderness!

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Last of the Redmen: Memoir of a St. John’s Basketball Walk-On.

by Billy Mitaritonna

Do you want to read a “feel good” story? Are you ready to be inspired?
Last of the Redmen is a coming of age story about an underdog named Billy Mitaritonna from Rosedale, Queens in New York. This memoir chronicles the supportive relationship between Billy and his father Angelo, who used sports to teach life lessons. Starting in the 1980’s, Billy went through personal setbacks as a teenager that he needed to overcome. He loved the game of basketball but he was cut from the Archbishop Molloy basketball team all 4 years in high school. With the guidance of his father Angelo, he did not quit despite the odds and played Division 3 basketball for Jim Graffam at Westbrook College in Portland, Maine. After a family illness, he moved back to Queens to take care of his family and continued his education at St. John’s University.

*How did Billy become a walk-on for the St. John’s basketball team after never playing a minute of high school basketball?
*How did he get there?
*Who got him to believe in himself?
*What lessons did he learn?
*How did this change his life?

Read Last of the Redmen to learn how Billy Mitaritonna overcame adversity to become a college basketball player and successful high school teacher and coach. Sometimes you only need one person to believe you can succeed. Billy was lucky to have several people in his life to guide him in the right direction. Last of the Redmen is a feel good story that will motivate you never to quit on your dream no matter what people say or do.

Yang-style Taiji self-study course

by Andrey Shvets

This self-study course is representing comprehensive explication of the postures and movements of the long form of Yang-style Taiji. Following this explication and 3 principles, you will be able to learn it in a day and start to practise this superior art of self-control and fighting. It would be better to start with the first part of a Yang-style long form, which consists of 14 movements than to learn simplified forms. Kindly note that some important characteristics of Taiji Art have been taken away from simplified forms.

The Portrait of a Life: from the island of Terceira to Rio de Janeiro

by Antônio Carlos Lapagesse Corrêa

ANTÃ?NIO – The portrait of a life
My name is Antonio, my father and my great-grandfather were also called Antônio. I have a son and a grandson who is also called Antonio.
By researching facts, documents and reports about my ancestors and the origin of my family, I learned about the history of my great-grandfather Antonio. Increased my admiration for this bold and courageous man, charged with changing the destiny of several generations of a family.
Practically an opera in 5 acts, this tale based on real life will be told to the voice of my great grandfather Antonio, son of poor peasants, from the Azores.

Bothy Tales: Footsteps in the Scottish hills

by John Burns


John D Burns is an award winning mountain author:

I can move only with the aid of barrels of anti-inflammatory gel, sticking plasters and real ale anaesthetic. Martin and I descend from hours of walking to the small town of Middleton-in-Teesdale. I walk, stiff legged, into the campsite office and a plump, middle-aged woman looks up from her desk and can see the old timer is in trouble.
“Oh, what a shame you weren’t here last week,” she says, pity radiating from behind her horn-rimmed specs. “You’ve missed him.”
I look at her, puzzled.
“Elvis!” she explains. “You missed Elvis.”
Oh God, now I’m hallucinating.

From remote glens deep in the Scottish Highlands, John D Burns brings a new volume of tales – some dramatic, some moving, some hilarious – from the isolated shelters mountain people call bothies.

Travel with Burns to secret places hidden amongst the British mountains and share his passion for the wonderful wildness of our uplands. Meet the vivid cast of characters who play their games there, from climbers with more balls than sense to a young man who doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’s letting himself in forâ?¦

Blacke Hole’s In The GeoSphere: Dime Store Novellette’s

by Donald Johnson

My Worke Took me To Odd Place’s Around The “Worlde!” Where We Experienced AbNormal “Wiggle’s!” In The “Magnetic!” Field’s That Influenced Our Electronic’s On A “Dramatic Level!” That I Noted For Future Reference! & Here It Is! Don Johnson!

BAGUAZHANG: key to understanding

by Andrey Shvets

The book explains basic Baguazhang techniques which appointment by today is almost lost. Each technique is explained not only from the point of view of application, but also in the context of the trigram philosophy, which gave the name to the style. Authentic Baguazhang through a minimum set of techniques and practices can serve as an effective method of protection and a universal method of knowing oneself and the world.
Introductory video:

How to Become a Pro Hockey Player: What I wish I knew

by Brodie Melnychuk

My name is Brodie Melnychuk, like most Western Canadian kids growing up hockey was my life. From the age of 2 my dad had me on skates, when I was 3 I played on my first team. For 18 years after that I never looked back.

During my career I played for

Notre Dame Bantam AAA – 1 season
Notre Dame Midget AAA – 1 season
Brandon Wheat Kinds WHL – 5 seasons over 300 games

Won the Macs Midget tournament with Notre Dame
Played in the World under 17s winning Bronze
Played in the 2010 CHL Memorial Cup

Personal awards in Brandon
-Top Defensemen 2010-2011
-Most Improved 2008-2009
-Top Graduating 2011-2012
-Most Inspirational 2011-2012

Attended the San Jose Sharks training camp as an 18 yr old
Attended the Anaheim Ducks training camp as an 19 yr old

I wrote this book to pass on some knowledge. As well as what I would have done differently. If I can help just one youngster make the big leagues this will have been a success.

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All the best and good luck


Power Legs & Sculpted Back: Fired Up Body Series – Vol 1 & 3: Fired Up Body

by Paul Martin

Fired Up Body Series – Power Legs & Sculpted Back: Fired Up Body Series – Vol 1 & 3
Paul Martin & William O’Brien have over 27 years experience in health & fitness and finally decided to open their vast array of knowledge to the public again. After many years of people asking the same questions, a collection of tried and tested exercises and methods are now available.
*William O’Brien MSc, PGCert, BSc(Hons), CertNatSci
Bodybuilding and health & fitness expert, international author and writer of numerous articles
Competitive bodybuilder 1993-1994
Latham’s West Coast Championships – Intermediates 2nd place 1993
Latham’s UK Championships Men’s 80k – 4th place 1994

Finish Your Marathon inside 5 hours with Dr Jim (A Dr’s Sport & Lifestyle Guide Book 4)

by James Graham

12 to 16 week Training Schedules for runners and triathletes aged from 18 years to 75 years. For all abilities from beginner to elite. The easiest Training Schedule starts with just 11 miles running each week and has a Peak Training week of 24 miles. The hardest plan has Peak Training of 60 miles in a week.
This illustrated book contains detailed (mile-by-mile) Marathon Race-day Plans for Finish Times from 4:14 to 5:14.
Common running injuries and runner’s ailments are described and discussed. Insight from a physician who has studied the sport and personally raced more than 60 marathons. The aerobic and anaerobic energy releasing systems of the body are explained.
These methods can work for you. Go for it !!!!!

Lo que los árboles callan (Spanish Edition)

by Maya Rebeca Benmergui Esayag

“Lo que los árboles callan” es un llamado de atención al ser humano a que regrese a la naturaleza. Hoy en día veo con estupor cómo la gente sabe del último celular inteligente pero no tiene idea de cómo sembrar un árbol. Me pregunto: ¿Si tuviéramos que empezar desde cero cómo haríamos? Sin los árboles no existiría la vida en esta estrella. Nos dan oxígeno y frutos. Es más importante que los niños de hoy aprendan a sembrar que a usar una tablet. Esta es la razón por la cual escribí este libro. Para que este mensaje llegue a la mayor cantidad de gente posible. La tecnología no es mala si es usada con mesura. Lo que no está bien es que ya no tengamos contacto con la naturaleza. Tampoco es correcto que sigamos destruyendo nuestros bosques. Es un libro que te invita a recapacitar. Además muchos remedios naturales que vienen de los árboles son mucho mejores que las medicinas caras que nos venden. La gente no tiene ni idea de todo lo que nos dan los árboles. Si plantamos árboles en ciudades muy calurosas eso ayudará a regular la temperatura. Son tantos los beneficios que creo que después de que leas este libro entenderás porqué debes sembrar un árbol antes de morir.

Pilates für Anfänger: Dein Ratgeber für einen erfolgreichen Start (German Edition)

by Katja Larsson

Du möchtest Körper und Geist stärken und endlich mit Pilates durchstarten? Dann ist dieses Buch das Richtige für dich!

Taschenbuch nur 4,90� statt 12,90� 
E-Book nur 0,99â?¬ statt 5,99â?¬

Pilates birgt viele verschiedene Vorteile, die sich positiv auf dein Wohlbefinden und deine Lebensqualität auswirken. Mit diesem Ratgeber legst du den Grundstein für deinen Einstieg in ein erfolgreiches Pilates Training. Du wirst die Hintergründe und Geschichte dieser Sportart kennenlernen. Ebenfalls wirst du erfahren, was die wichtigsten Ziele sind und worauf du beim Pilates-Training unbedingt achten solltest. Im Bonus-Kapitel findest du die beste Möglichkeit, wie du schnell und professionell mit �bungen von zu Hause starten kannst.

Kaufe jetzt dieses Buch zum Angebotspreis, damit du möglichst schnell deine Erfolge beim Pilates verzeichnest!

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The Ultimate Easy Peasy (& Cheap) Horse Feeding Guide: By One Stop Horse Shop (Easy Peasy Horse Feeding Series Book 1)

by Sarah Walkerden

Confused about feeding your horse or pony? Too many choices at the feed store? No clue what’s best for your horse? One Stop Horse Shop have produced this guide to demystify horse feeding – particularly when it comes to many of the major brands and feed products.

Find out how simple it really can be – when you need speed, convenience and pre-packaged feeds.

SOCCER MEDITATIONS: How To Mind-Hack Your Inner Football Game & Unleash The Soccer Superstar You Were Born To Be

by Madison Bound

Don’t buy this Soccer Meditations book unless you are ready to discover the greatness within.

These meditation secrets aren’t for sad-sack soccer players who are content with the ordinary.

These mindset hacks are for Football’s daring explorers. Predators, like YOU, on the hunt for better, faster, greater levels of development in ‘the beautiful game’. 

Through these 31 back-of-the-net, mind-expanding meditations and visualizations, you’ll uncover strategies to kick-start your on-pitch greatness and bang in your footballer goals. 

Your sporting mind will be stretched and pulled and turned upside down and inside out as you learn to tap more of your rich inner resources. 

If you’re tired of sensing all that potential for soccer brilliance inside you, but not being able to match up to it quickly enough, then dive in. 

You’ll stimulate your soccer mindfulness as we tackle:

  • Wacky ways to direct and produce your inner mind movies and soundtracks for maximum impact

  • Strange substitutions that will unlock the way you think about the game

  • Ego-scaling tricks to defeat overwhelm and dominate any opponents

  • Mysterious methods to boost team spirit, togetherness, and on-field flow

  • Superstar player skill templates and overlays that skyrocket performance

Plus, a whole heap of frankly bat-s**t crazy stuff that will hit you like a ball to the gut and leave you breathless with excitement at what is possible. 

Hey! The whistle has blown.

If you’re ready to unleash the champion soccer star you dream of being and know you CAN be – Grab your copy now! 

Xing Yi Quan: the authentic techniques

by Andrey Shvets

The authentic techniques of Xing Yi Quan. Application of Xing Yi Quan restored through family archives

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