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Lisbon and the River: Photographic Essay (Lisbon Series Book 1)

by Helder Sanches

Expo ’98 (1988 Lisbon World Exposition) resulted in a dramatic change in the way the people of
Lisbon relate to their river. The implementation of the riverside zone, north of the city, for leisure,
sport, and recreational activities, generated a wave of rediscovery that expanded to the mouth
of the Tagus and greatly affected the neighboring Oeiras and Cascais counties.

This photographic essay intends to illustrate the relationship that Lisbon and its citizens have
with the Tagus, from the mouth of Trancão in Loures county, to the first beaches of Oeiras
county – always from the point of view of a population dazzled by the recognition and
acknowledgement of what can be possible and achievable when the will is at least as strong as
the dream.

MOSCOW TOUR: Complete Guide

by Shubham Pal

The city of Moscow is a fantastic city to visit. Here you will locate a lively cosmopolitan city which joins the excitement of present day life alongside the appeal of its rich past. This city which is situated in the European piece of Russia is arranged close to the Moskva River. As you check out Moscow you will discover there are many fascinating spots for you to visit. Many spots of intrigue can be effortlessly achieved going by walking. As there are many fascinating and bright places that you can visit while you are in the city it is further bolstering your good fortune in the event that you set aside the opportunity to list down a portion of the sights which you wish to investigate at recreation along getting a charge out of the advanced delights of living.

You will discover there are various agreeable inns and other way of cabin where you will have the capacity to stay while you are investigating the city of Moscow. Notwithstanding investigating the wonderful sights to be found here you may wish to see the parks and shops where you can see about purchasing blessings and trinkets of your stay in this amazing city. Obviously while you are investigating the city of Moscow you will have the shot of seeing the Moskva River winding its way around the city.

Other than getting a charge out of this beautiful ponder there are different sights that you will appreciate seeing amid your stay in Moscow. Of these you may appreciate a visit to the Red Square. This Square is situated in the core of the city itself and it is typically one of the primary places that guests to the city come to see. While you are here you will have the capacity to see many fascinating structures which encompass the square. These will incorporate Lenin’s Mausoleum, St. Basil’s Cathedral, one of the Kremlin’s long block dividers and the State History Museum. As you see by simply going by the Red Square you can begin going to a portion of alternate renowned sights of Moscow.

An intriguing truth about this square is the name originates from the Russian word “krasniy”, which signifies “wonderful”. The name of the square does not mirror the shade of the cobbles which can be seen underneath as they are dark in shading. From the Red Square with its various spots of intrigue you may wish to visit Gorky Park. This stop is fairly notable of the many parks which can be found in the city. Here you will have the capacity to appreciate various bistros, spots to walk around, subjects rides to have a good time on and an enchanting looking lake.

Extreme Budget Backpacker: Remove Money As The Barrier To Living Your Dream

by James Thompson

You have wanderlust, but you’re poor? This guide will show you that lack of money for travelling can be overcomeâ?¦ and abundant cash can even hinder your enjoyment of travel in many ways. I wrote this short guide to prepare others for travelling on limited financial resources. NOTE: This was written by a first-world, young, unattached, middle-class male. Honestly, many people in the world are not in the position to implement my strategies. You’ve been warned 🙂