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Nothing Without Honour

by Martin Hicks

It is the Spring of 1864 and the Confederate raider Palmetto is off the Philippines, pursuing her campaign against US shipping. For her captain, Thomas Grover there is much to consider, for with the ship’s previously sustained engine damage not fully repaired, he learns that these seas are now patrolled by a new Union warship that vastly overmatches his own ship. As the war turns increasingly against the south, Grover must redouble his efforts against the enemy, but the hidden threats facing him are as dangerous as the known ones.


About the author:

Martin Hicks lives in Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire and began writing after a career in education. “Nothing Without Honour” is his eleventh book and continues the “Palmetto” series. He is currently working on a further title.

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An Instrument of War

Young Lions Feast

by Andrew Mackay

Sam, Alan, Alice and Aurora continue to fight against the German forces occupying England. The guerrillas sabotage SS plans to build a concentration camp and also prepare for L-Day: the Allied liberation of the Occupied South. The partisans take steps to deal with a traitor amongst their ranks.

Young Lions Feast is the sixth book in the Young Lions series and is a fast-paced, gritty novel set in an alternative history of the Second World War.

The Young Lions series:

Young Lions

Young Lions Roar

(winner of the NGP Publishing Prize 2012)

Young Lions Hunt

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The Bitterest Enemy

by Martin Hicks

It is the late summer of 1863 and the third year of the war in North America. In the wake of the defeat at Gettysburg, Robert E. Lee has returned, with his Confederate army, to Virginia. But a further crisis to the west, in the Tennessee theatre of the war, compels the general to detach a part of his army, to journey west to north Georgia in order to reinforce the beleaguered southern forces there. Daniel Ryan and his comrades of The Ogeechee Volunteer Rifles are among those making this journey, which leads them to a savage battlefield at Chickamauga Creek. There follows a dismal season of endurance and hardship, testing, as never before, the courage and resolve of the men of the Company B, who are called upon face an ordeal of blood and death, worse than any they have yet encountered.


About the author – Martin Hicks lives in Fraserburgh in Scotland and commenced writing after a career in education. “The Bitterest Enemy” is his seventh book, based on the experiences of Daniel Ryan, an Irish recruit in the Confederate States army. The author is currently working on a further title, set also in the war of 1861-65. By the same author: A Gathering of Soldiers Hard Passage North The Rappahannock Line Mirage of Victory A Season for Killing A Deepening Twilight

Dragon Light

by Shaun Clarke


Alice Davis – a woman at war. Shot down while flying a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter and taken hostage. Incarcerated in Saddam Hussein’s vast underground complex in Baghdad, repeatedly beaten and humiliated, Alice knows only one thing – she must not break down or give in to the terrible memories that threaten to destroy her.

US Special Forces Sergeant Mike Kilroy is also haunted by his dark past. But he must concentrate on the mission at hand – codename Operation Dragon Light – to rescue six captured Special Forces troops from Saddam’s heavily guarded cells before they are publicly executed. And Kilroy doesn’t like the fact that a woman has been added to his rescue list.

Travelling across the harshest desert terrain, the best fighting men in the world combine to pull off one spectacular feat after another. But for Kilroy and Alice, it is the war within themselves that they must escape from…

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