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Married in the Nick of Nine (Cass & Nick Book 1)

by Alretha Thomas

Cassandra Whitmore is facing yet another Valentine’s Day alone. Her love life is as dry as the Sharpie pen she uses to mark an even more dreadful day on her calendarâ??her upcoming 30th birthday. Driven by the maddening ticking of her biological clock, Cassandra is determined to meet, fall in love with, and marry “The One” within nine months. When Cassandra accompanies her cousin to a night club, her Type-A quest to meet a man is quickly rewarded by a stranger’s velvety, baritone voice asking if he might occupy the seat next to her. He’s Nicolas Harte, whose good looks leave Cassandra speechless, but not for long. After mustering enough courage to strike up a conversation, she learns Nicolas is everything she wants in a manâ??smart, successful, and available. There’s only one catch: He’s “GU” (geographically undesirable). Nonetheless, Cassandra falls in love with Nicolas and makes the uncharacteristic decision to move from Los Angeles to New York to be with him. But Cassandra gets a rude awakening when she discovers there’s something rotten in the Big Apple.

Tempt Me: The Macintyre Brothers Series: Book One

by S. E. Lund

Mistaken identity leads to love in TEMPT ME, the first book in the new steamy contemporary romance series THE MACINTYRE BROTHERS SERIES from USA Today Bestselling Author S. E. Lund:

I thought my life was all mapped out Рmarriage to my very ambitious fianc̩, a career in business writing and a family.

Then I found my husband-to-be in the middle of more than just dictation with his nubile young ‘sexretary’ Bunni.

That’s Bunni with an ‘i’ just so we’re clear.

Brokenhearted, I swore off men in general and office romances in particular. I escaped to Manhattan with the plan of starting a new life on my own two feet, free of my cheating fiancé.

Despite an initial disastrous encounter with sexy bicycle courier Josh, I couldn’t help but admire his buff body, sharp mind and sense of humor. On top of it, he was a real gentleman, offering to help me when my life crumbled around me.

Maybe a crass and meaningless relationship of sex, sex and more sex with his hunky and very buff cyclist body would be good enough. He might not be my own Mr. Big, but a fling with him would sure beat another session with B.O.B.

Then I discovered that the sexy bicycle courier who stole my heart was none other than Joshua Macintyre Jr., one of America’s richest bachelors.

Not only that, he’s also my boss.

Now, I’m afraid I’m going to break all my rules about office romancesâ?¦


Five brothers. One hell of a last will and testament. Five couples find their happy ever after.

BOOK ONE: TEMPT ME is the story of Josh and Ella’s beginning.

BOOK TWO: TEASE ME continues the story of their growing romance.

BOOK THREE: TAME ME follows the couple as they find their happy ever after.

Whisper Falls

by Elizabeth Langston

Behind the waterfall waits 1796–and the girl who is slowly capturing his heart. But if Mark travels through time to save Susanna, will her brutal world trap him too?

While mountain biking in the woods, Mark Lewis spots a mysterious girl dressed in odd clothing, standing behind a waterfall. When she comments on the strange machine he’s riding, he suspects something isn’t right. When Susanna claims to be an indentured servant from 1796, he wonders if she’s crazy, yet he’s compelled to find out more.

Mark enters a long-distance relationship with Susanna through the temperamental barrier of Whisper Falls. Curious about her world, Mark searches through history to learn about the brutal life she’s trapped in. But knowledge can be dangerous. Soon he must choose between changing the past–or dooming the girl he can’t stop thinking about to a lifetime of misery.


“… I would recommend [Whisper Falls] to any reader who is interested in historical fiction, thrillers, fantasy, love stories or time travel.” – Youth librarian, Boyd Co Libraries WV, USA

“Whisper Falls is a fun, action-packed storyâ?¦” [School Library Journal]

“Whisper Falls is captivating! The themes of love and hate in it’s many forms and nuances are timeless and will appeal to all generations… I had a hard time putting this book down until I had savored the last page. And I certainly didn’t want it to end. Another book? Yes, please!” – M. Ward

AWARDS: Winner of a Bronze Medal in the Moonbeam Award for Excellence in Fiction (YA historical/cultural category)

Cramming Her Candy Bag: MFMMM Halloween Reverse Harem Romance

by Farrah Paige

Trick or treat? How about both… times four!

I was starting to think my boyfriend was a waste of time.
And I had to learn the hard way that he wasn’t worth it.
When he cheated on me with two girls, I finally got the message.
At least I have a great job.
My four hot bosses are so good to me.
Too bad the only way I’ll ever be with them is in my dreams.
Or that’s what I thought, until the office Halloween party.
Each of my bosses had something to tell me.
And they all had some special Halloween treats to give me and tricks to show me.

Is it the dress or my new found confidence that draws them irresistibly to me?
I don’t want to come between them, but it will break my heart to choose.
How does one girl decide between four successful and competitive men?
Or maybe I don’t have to.

Can I always be with them all together or is this a rare Halloween treat?

Cramming Her Candy Bag
is a full length standalone reverse harem romance in which four men focus on pleasuring one lucky lady emotionally and physically- no swords cross and it’s all about her. It doesn’t have a cliffhanger or any cheating. It does have a very happy Halloween and ever after!

The Prodigal Captive: A gripping mystery with suspense and romance (A Palmchat Islands Mystery Book 1)

by Rachel Woods

A mind-blowing mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat until the shocking ending.

On a gorgeous morning in paradise, tourists find a dead body on the pristine white beach of St. Killian, an island in the Caribbean.

The victim was killed in a ritualistic murder. The dead man was castrated and branded. Burned into his skin is a strange wordâ??“eros.”

Investigative journalist Vivian Thomas-Bronson heads to the scene of the crime. She’s got to cover the story alone. Her husband, Leo Bronson, has to do a mysterious favor for his father.

Leo is less than thrilled when he’s asked to find the missing son of a billionaire. There’s only one clue to go onâ??something known as “eros.”

Could the missing scion be connected to the dead man on the beach? And what is the mystery behind “eros”?

Their investigation uncovers an ultra-secret cult whose members perform bizarre rituals.

When Leo goes undercover to get more information, he finds himself face to face with a demented killer. Can he escape with the truth? Or, will he fall prey to a psychotic villain who believes that murder is a sacrifice worth making?

What readers are saying about THE PRODIGAL CAPTIVE:

“This reader was on the edge of her seat flipping pages as quickly as they were read.” Bobbie

“The storyline is excellent with lots of twists and turns.” LeMiliere

“It is full of suspense and twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” Heather

“A fast paced action filled story.” Helen





Capturing You (Maple Grove Romance Book 1)

by Katana Collins

Capturing You is a steamy, full length, single dad, small town romance!

After discovering she can’t have children, Lydia Ryder has all but convinced herself that she doesn’t need a family to be happy. But when her job lands her in the small town of Maple Grove, NH, a precocious ten year old and her single father barge into Lydia’s life, turning what she thinks she wants onto its head. In this town full of happily ever afters, Lydia finds herself wishing for things she had sworn off long ago…

Cameron Tripp leads a simple, predictable lifeâ??go to work, raise his daughter, and take care of his mother and siblings. Not included in that list? Falling in love with a vivacious and argumentative outsider who awakens his dormant heart.

So, what could a big city journalist and a small town single dad have in common? Other than the amazing, mind-blowing sex, of course. But Cam quickly learns that, like him, she knows all about misplaced trust, heartbreak, and how quickly a family can fall apart if you let it.

Naughty Nights: A Bad Boy Romance

by Sophie Brooks

Luke Larson is friendly, funny, flirty, and off-the-charts hot. No surprise he’s my favorite person in my new city. The problem? Luke is the only friend I’ve made since moving to town. I’ve tried the whole friends-to-lovers thing before. It ended badly.

Luke’s the night manager at the hotel where I’m staying until I find an apartment. He’s been kind, helpful, even protective of me since I checked in. Walking me to my room, claiming a cute single girl like me needs a hotel bodyguard. Ordering takeout from his favorite places for us to share. Talking with me late into the night. I don’t want to lose that, so my rule is – Friends Only. But the way he sometimes looks at me with those smoldering blue eyes makes me question my rule.

Like last night after his shift ended. It was supposed to be just pizza and a movie. Nothing wrong with that, right? Except we fell asleep, and if his boss catches him in my room, she’ll fire him.

It’s hard enough to resist him when we’re on opposite sides of the front desk. Now that we’re trapped in a room with a king-sized bed, the temptation is overwhelming. And I can’t help but wonder if Luke is interested in exploring something realâ?¦ or if he’s only looking for a few naughty nights.

Naughty Nights is a steamy romantic novella with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happy ending.

Note: This standalone novella was previously published as Darcy’s Deskman.

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