Free fiction Kindle books for 09 Jan 19

San Francisco Longing: Billionaire Dom Secret Society Club Romance (San Francisco Trilogy Book 1)

by Lila Dubois

From International Bestselling Author Lila Dubois comes a story of passion, lies, and love.

She never meant to lie to him, let alone submit to him. 

When Christiana discovered the secret BDSM club she threw caution to the wind and snuck in, hoping only to watch the things she’d been fantasizing about.
Until James. 

Dominant and charming, he’s everything she never knew she needed.
And he wants her. 
Three amazing nights together, but then the party’s over. He thinks he’ll see her again. Christiana knows this is the end.
But how can she say goodbye to the man who claimed her, body and soul?

~*~*~*~*~*~San Francisco Longing is the first part of Christiana and James’ story. It continues in San Francisco Lost. 

Heather & Mike: The One That Got Away (Echoes of the Heart Book 1)

by Jean Joachim

Mike Sullivan’s dating Amy, the perfect woman. Everyone says she is, even his best friend, Bill. She urges him to move in with her, and he agrees. To Mike, living together means getting engaged. He’s picked out the ring and is ready to pop the question, isn’t he?
If Amy is the one, why can’t Mike forget Heather? He’d spent a magical ten days with her on Fire Island, ten days that changed his life. Then he’d screwed it up. As quickly as she entered his world, Heather disappeared, blocking his calls, and leaving him bereft.
That was five years ago. Finally ready to accept the fact that he’ll never see Heather again, Mike’s poised to take the big step — until a magazine article turns his universe upside down.

Shared by My Dad’s Friends: An Intense Gay Erotica Story (Man to Man Book 1)

by Lucas Loveless

WARNING: This stand alone story contains explicit, hot gay content. It is only for mature readers who want sizzling intense man-on-man sex.


Man to Man Book 1: “Shared by My Dad’s Friends”

When I was 22, I had a secret. I wanted to have sex with men. I wanted it so badly that sometimes I couldn’t think about anything else. Little did I know, my fantasies were about to come true.
My dad’s old marine buddies Parker and Gregory came to our house for a weekend, rock climbing trip at Diamond Park. Parker and Gregory weren’t just handsome. They were the kind of alpha hot that makes women’s panties hit the floor at first sight. I wanted both of my dad’s friends, and they wanted me!
It was supposed to be a reunion for my dad and his buddies. It became the hottest, no-holds-barred gay sex experience of my life.

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