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Babylon: A Captivating Guide to the Kingdom in Ancient Mesopotamia, Starting from the Akkadian Empire to the Battle of Opis Against Persia, Including Babylonian Mythology and the Legacy of Babylonia

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating History of Babylon

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The Babylonian influence upon its successors and even modern society knows no bounds. One of the leading civilizations of Mesopotamia, the Babylonians provided the fundamentals of mathematics, agriculture, architecture, metallurgy, and other influential and necessary fields required to develop other great civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, and even contemporary nations like China and the United States. Without them, no neoteric world could exist.

In Babylon: A Captivating Guide to the Kingdom in Ancient Mesopotamia, Starting from the Akkadian Empire to the Battle of Opis Against Persia, Including Babylonian Mythology and the Legacy of Babylonia, you will discover topics such as

  • The Land of the Babylonians
  • Life, Culture, and Gender Roles Throughout the Years
  • Where Superstition Met Science
  • Babylonia Before the Babylonians
  • The Amorite Dynasty or the First Babylonians
  • The First Fall of Babylon and the Rise of the Kassites
  • Assyrian Domination and Rule, 911-619 BCE
  • The Neo-Babylonian Empire
  • The Persian Conquest and Hellenistic Period
  • Religion, Mythology, and the Creation Myths
  • The Short Version of the Biblical Babylonians
  • And much, much more!

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The Battle of Kilsyth 15 August 1645: Montrose, Baillie & the Keys to Scotland

by Hugh Harkins

Detailed history of the Battle of Kilsyth fought in Scotland between the Scottish Royalist and Scottish Covenanter armies during the war of the three kingdoms

McALISTER’S WAY VOLUME 07 – Free Serialisation: McAlister’s Way Vol 07 – Chapters 12 & 13

by Richard Marman

MCALISTER’S WAY FREE Weekly Serialisation
Volume 7 Chapters 12 â?? 13

A Young Adult Action and Adventure Story for Baby Boomers

Chapter 12
The first time I flew to New Guinea as a Hercules C-130 co-pilot I was pretty excited, anticipating the spectacular views. It was pouring with rain when we landed at Port Moresby to refuel. We flew to Lae in cloud and spent the night there. The weather was the same on the return flight so I didn’t get to see at thing. Fortunately I often flew to PNG and got to see the mountains on many other occasions.

Chapter 13
I have fond memories of visiting Goroka, Papua New Guinea. We always brought back coffee which was in great demand at the RAAF Base in Richmond NSW. Although right on the equator, New Guinea Highland towns like Goroka and Mt. Hagen were over 1,500 metres / 4,920 feet above sea level and about 5 degrees cooler than Port Moresby â?? about 25°C all year round.

Richard Marman, Author, Sunshine Coast, Australia
FORMATS: ePub, Kindle & PDF

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Amazing Fun Fact The Series : Shark fact book for kids: Top 10 Amazing Shark Fact Book For Kids

by Robert Donald

Top 10 Amazing Shark Fact Book For Kids

We find these top 10 amazing shark fact for kids, and it seems like there’s always something new to learn about sharks. We hope these facts about sharks will let’s your kids know better about the shark.

O voto feminino no Brasil (Portuguese Edition)

by Teresa Cristina de Novaes Marques

Você sabe quem foi a primeira mulher eleita deputada federal? Sabia que já existiu um Partido Republicano Feminino? E qual foi o estado brasileiro a autorizar o primeiro voto feminino?
Esses e outros fatos e curiosidades da história da luta pelos direitos políticos femininos no Brasil são contados neste livro em linguagem acessível e descontraída pela historiadora e professora Teresa Cristina Novaes.
Ao destacar personagens notáveis como Bertha Lutz, Celina Guimarães, Josefina Álvares de Azevedo, Júlia Barbosa, Leolinda Daltro e Nísia Floresta, importantes mulheres que imprimiram força e personalidade, marcaram época e inspiram gerações, a autora revisita os principais momentos em que as ideias de participação feminina na vida política foram debatidas pelo Poder Legislativo.
Abordando a questão da igualdade de gênero na política, um tema bastante atual, essa é uma obra sobre democracia e coragem civil que convida as mulheres a continuarem a lutar, resistir, elevar a voz e se fazer ouvir.

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