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Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Breakup

by Bradley Poage

Lexi has decided it just won’t work for her and her boyfriend Travis. But he may not feel the same way. The question is, will he let her go, or will she be another photo on his wall?



With no memories of his identity or where he came from, Baal finds himself trapped in a strange street surrounded by anomalies. The only person available to walk him through is some weird creature by the name of Miles Douglas. The only choice he has is to uncover the truth of the strange place before he loses his sanity.

Just Another Scary Story

by Ante Milos

When a girl and two boys disappear overnight, two detectives take it upon themselves to find them. All clues lead to the Passage, a mysterious gateway behind the church altar and a source of many town’s legends and stories.

As the investigation unfolds, the detectives are quick to realize that nothing is as it seems–the secret they unveil will change what was, what is and what could be.


by Woody Rodriguez

Kurt Jefferies has just retired from a life in the U.S. Army and is looking to discover a new life. Never having had children of his own he discovers what a father’s love is when he meets Hannah. But in order to keep this newly found treasure, he must fight off an ancient evil that has come to claim the souls of all humanity, including Hannah. The Headslinger will stop at nothing in order to kill the child and to fulfill a prophecy that has been told for generations.

Road Games and Other Weird Tales : Short Stories: Tales of the Weird and Paranormal

by Marlin Williams

This short story collection is a cocktail of one part Twilight Zone, one part Tales from the Crypt, one part Outer Limits with a splash of just plain weird then blended together smoothly to satisfy the eclectic reader’s perusal palate.
Lickety Split: Murder and mayhem kicks off this collection when desperate Coaly Banks strikes an outrageous deal to shed some unwanted pounds.
Life Form: Brenda Vascar and Daniel Bankum make a terrifying discovery in deep space while on the run.
Them: A group of restaurant patrons take matters into their own hands when they discover that space aliens may be right here in their little town.
The Killing Kind: Don’t take rides with strangers. Ever.
The Same Old Nightmare: Wake. Work. Sleep. Repeat.
Boucherie: The LAPD takes on some of the most iconic monsters of Hollyweird.
The Agency: Give that guy an Oscar! This is an old, washedâ??up Hollywood star’s last shot.
Lint: Who, or what, is lurking in the shadows of the basement of the Glendale Hotel?
Cracked: Coaly Banks faces her demons once again.
Road Games: With no job, a bleak future, Nathan Wilder is on a path that quickly turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Excerpt :
Nathan rode the top of the eighteen-wheeler like a surfer rides a wave. It was going at least eighty and the wind threatened to rip him off the cab. He aimed the shotgun. He knew he had one armor piercing shell in the chamber, but he didn’t know if there were any in the magazine. So, if he wanted to get out of this alive, he’d better make the shot count.
The moment he pulled the trigger, the truck encountered a bump; for a brief moment, he suffered the pain of disappointment of a spoiled shot. But in the darkness, Nathan saw sparks and heard the clink of metal impacting metal. Fire spread rapidly across the hood of the pursuing car and it became a rolling ball of fire. It suddenly veered off the road and came to a halt. The glow of the flames highlighted the Wilkerson brothers as they bailed out and high tailed it away from the inferno. A second later, BOOM!
Goddamn! It was just like in one of those high budget Hollywood movies! A big ball of orange fire rose up as pieces of shattered metal scattered through the air. A small shard whizzed by and nicked the lobe of his ear in its passing. He felt the sting. Warm blood trickled down his neck. He was about to jump through the roof hatch to the safely of the inside of the cab until he saw the obstacle in the middle of the road. He braced himself for the impact.
This day had been a living nightmare right from the start.

Healing Spirits: Living with the Dead

by S. K. Dines

Carrie has been severely emotionally damaged by the divorce from her husband who cheated on her. She was unable to have children and felt completely devastated and inadequate.
She is an artist and that helped her to survive. She manages and teaches at a newly remodeled art center where she meets not only a new man, but many spirits. With the help of her psychic grandmother who raised her and her new friend they are able to deal with the spirits from the past in the new art center that used to be a funeral home.
This novel is full of suspense, paranormal and romance. I don’t think you will be able to put it down.


by Teresa Coppola

A father has to protect his princess. Yes, he murdered the monster who stole his baby’s innocence. Now he has two options, immediate execution, or a prison without walls for less than a decade.
Easy choice, right? But his jailers are jackal-headed demons, and he is left wondering, is this the “social experiment” he agreed to? Or is he already in hell?
This is a slow, painful, descent into the abyss as one man is incarcerated by the monster who stole his daughter’s soul.

Eternal Love Book 2 of Her Submission Series

by BA Rhea

Warning: This book contains explicit sex and mature language. It is intended for mature audiences. 18+ Heartbroken over the loss of her child with her handsome Cambion lover Sebastien Dubois, Alesia Benoit breaks off their relationship, so she can mourn and start a new chapter in her life without him. But her love for Sebastien haunts her every thought, and when she receives a letter from Sebastien informing her of his plans on seeking justice for her and their baby, he asks her to meet him before he leaves. Alesia must decide if she is ready to see him again. After seeking advice from her best friend, Ema Jones, Alesia realizes Sebastien is the only man she will ever want. They rekindle their sensual love affair after she signs a new agreement with Sebastien, but what he doesn’t know is that Alesia is harboring her own secrets. Erotic, dangerous, and suspenseful, Eternal Love is the seductive second part of the Her Submission series.

The Agony of After (The Bones of the Earth)

by Scott Hale

The Agony of After
Scott Hale

is an anthology of four interconnected horror novellas that take place after The Blood of Before and before The Bones of the Earth series.

A social worker arrives at a low-income housing complex for a routine intake, only to discover it will be anything but, as he is given a firsthand account of his client’s own form of therapy for the world itself.

A group of twenty-somethings who take pride in their ability to label and judge others discover their LGBTQIA community has become the target of a series of hate crimes by a culprit who appears motivated by the writings of their peerless leader.

The community of Bedlam is shaken as four children from four separate families are abducted on the same day, at the same time, in the same neighborhood, without any witnesses or apparent motives.

A wanderer with a memory longer than his lifespan drifts across the Trauma-wracked wasteland of Earth, finding companionship and purpose where he can, until he is taken in against his will by a creature with nefarious plans for the distant future.

Horrific, satirical, and necessarily uncomfortable, The Agony of After is a realization of what followed the events of The Blood of Before, and a pivotal piece of the secret history of The Bones of the Earth series.

The Garage

by J. Dispenza

The only thing more frightening than driving down a deserted stretch of road in the middle of the night is realizing that you’re not alone.

It’s 1996 and high school sweethearts, Zoe and Stefano, are enjoying a valentine’s night in when Zoe realizes she is about to miss her midnight curfew. Worried about losing her car privileges, she jumps into her Ford Escort and begins the long and dark drive home. Meanwhile, Stefano is caught off guard by a troubling psychic premonition of blood – lots of blood.

As the clock ticks down to midnight, Zoe comes to the bone-chilling realization that she has a bigger problem than answering to her strict father about the time.

Will Zoe and Stefano survive the night?

If you like paranormal thrillers, don’t miss this fast paced short story.

Comments from goodreads:
“Excellent short read with unexpected twists all the way through!”
“A very fun and fast read”

Silent Escapes: Thrill of the Hunt

by C.C. Winter

When you’re Her you only live by the code of impulse and trigger. They question her way like she ever gives a fuck. Under the law but still always done by one detective the same who’s the best. Sometimes a Killer’s dream prey quickly turns his worst nightmare.

I eased my coat off my shoulders. His eyes glowed jaw tightening to the unveil of the short red dress that clung to my mocha chocolate skin from the waist up, my breasts appeared swollen curves above my toned belly. The bottom end was laced with loose flares suitable for concealed weapons. I tied my straight dark hair high in a ponytail and wore bright, scarlet red lipstick to go with the dress. “You lookâ?¦fabulous, very fabulous. I might be the envy of every man in this restaurant tonight.” He said ardently.
“You’re too much sometimes, Fredrick.”
I hooked the chain handle of my black purse over my shoulder.
“Fredrick, huh, so we’re finally on a first name basis, Alice?”
I simpered nodding my head modestly.
“It’s a habit of mine. I’m generally use to professional conduct.”
“I understand I’ve shook hands some stiff rivals. I once wondered if they came with batteries and a remote.” I released a chuckle, a genuine, non-forced chuckle. My god, normal and outgoing, even humorous, the popular cliché for his type was antisocial loner missing a personality.

Alni (Tales of Desin Book 1)

by K. Fisher

A world once filled with unity and trust has now been thrown into chaos. With a new King controlling the dragons and reigning over the lands with an iron fist, the only hope lies with two travelers brave enough to face him. After the death of his parents and bad hand in life, a half-elf named Alni desperately seeks a change of pace. Leaving everything he knew behind and starting off on a new adventure, he finds himself thrown into a world of darkness, magic, and betrayal. With a mysterious partner in crime, Dora, the two race off into the grasps of evil in hopes of saving their home. Will they defeat the evil that reigns over the lands before it’s too late? As feelings for each other grow with each passing day, the two are plunged into a fight they can only win with luck and trust in each other. But it’s only a matter of time before that trust runs out…


by Paul Skelton

This is a very disturbing, perverse and genuinely demented short horror story, in which pre-concieved notions of church, figures in authority and supposedly self serving types are thrown into the pits of hell. An off-roading site that hides a criminal secret, breast milk drinking vampires and a recording studio beneath a town diner are woven into a tale based at the mythical town of “Hanging Junction” as created by author Jason Greenfield. Skeltons twisted tale is as vile and irreverent as you would expect from a man of hideous taste and in possession of a warped mind. I would ban it quite frankly . . . But, please . . if you have the stomach; GIVE IT A TRY I DARE YOU!

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