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We live in a world of constant change. We meet new people. We watch new information. We see new technology. But few things are amazing. It can give us joy, motivation. Some amazing facts will give us a shock to our brains. Reality is more complex than ever. So, we need some trustworthy facts to handle them. This small collection of work will help you all.

Purpose Plus: What Really Matters at Work

by Amy Shenot

While other career guides focus on purpose alone, the short stories about ridiculously real jobs in this book illustrate what else really matters at work. Each story includes transferable lessons and models how to reflect on your experiences to discover what really matters in your work life.

Amy Shenot’s mother wanted her to be a comedian, and for years Amy’s career was a joke. She worked several odd jobs before studying and practicing career counseling and better judgment. Since the advent of the web she’s been authoring and teaching online courses.

You Better Learn Baby Talk: The Princess Edition

by Roger Haber

Do you have a little princess? Are you expecting a little princess? You better learn baby talk because it’s going to be a while before your little princess speaks the same language you do. This fun little book is a great little gift to give someone who is expecting a little girl or a way to inform family and friends a little princess is coming or has arrived at your castle.

Absolute Epic Memes: Epic Comedy Memes Book on Internet for Teens (2)

by Adam J.

The ultimate to an absolute epic comedy book (Funny Fortnite , Jokes , Fails) for entertainment and relax.
It ‘s in hillarious memes collection for all 2018-2019.

101 Poemas sobre você (Portuguese Edition)

by Aster Baronsky

Só compreenderá meus versos quem aos sábados voltou de mais uma balada sozinha.
E quem, claro, já se cansou de afogar Santo Antônio, mendicando por um amor�
Ele veio, mas existe outra nós e não estou sabendo lidar com explosões de sentimentos.

Schüler-Witze: Für Eltern, Lehrer und Schulleiter definitiv nicht geeignet! (German Edition)

by Felix Liebig


Wer zuletzt lacht, lacht am besten. Und wer zuerst lacht, hat mehr SpaÃ?.

Lachen ist etwas Schönes und ich will, dass du viel Freude an dieser lustigen Schülerwitze-Sammlung hast um dich, deine Freunde und deine Familie zu unterhalten.

Aber Vorsicht: Für Eltern, Lehrer und Schulleiter ist dieses Buch definitiv nicht geeignet!

In diesem Buch enthalten:

â?? Die besten Schüler-Witze aller Zeiten auf über 110 Seiten
â?? Inklusive: eine Auswahl der lustigsten Fritzchen-Witze rund um das Thema Schule
â?? Jede Menge Scherzfragen für Schüler
â?? …und vieles mehr!

Viel Spa� wünsche ich dir beim Durchstöbern und Lachen!!!

Jetzt kaufen und heute noch loslachen oder als tolles Geschenk für deine Freunde und Familie sichern.

Frank Got Abducted

by Andrew Heaton

Why do aliens travel thousands of light years just to vandalize cornfields? Would it hurt your feelings if UFO’s abducted your friends but not you? What, exactly, are extraterrestrials doing with cows? In this paranormal comedy about alien abductions a motley cast discovers just how and why Earth fits into the greater galaxy.

Frank doesn’t believe in aliens, and is scrambling to come up with logical reasons he keeps waking up in different states with his pants on backwards. His sister Hillary spots what appears to be a friend from college, but the man insists they have never met before. So do the next two doppelgangers she encounters. When one of these strange doubles tries to kidnap Frank, they must piece together how a serial killer, an extraterrestrial romance, and Frank’s intergalactic colonoscopies connect to a larger alien plot. And by doing so discover that aliens are just as bumbling as the human beings they suck up in spaceships.

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