Free literary fiction Kindle books for 09 Jan 19

Illiterary Fiction

by Chris Angelis

I’m a professional reader
I read so that you don’t have to
I can read for you and your colleagues
I can make you look smart
And I can throw your life into disarray

Paul is a professional reader, struggling in a world that snubs literature. His luck seems about to change when Stanley, a rich Wall Street analyst hires him to read for him and his girlfriend, Stella.
But soon Paul enters a life where deception and misery lurk beneath the gilded surface, and where things are never what they seem.

A Forbidden Love Novella Box Set Two: Four Novellas in One Book: 5 – 8 (A Forbidden Love Novella Series Box Set Book 2)

by Bree Wolf

Four determined ladies. Four charming gentlemen. And four forbidden love stories.

If you like forbidden love stories filled with intense relationships, vibrant chemistry and strong characters that will captivate your heart, then you’ll love these four novellas. Grab them now and start reading today!

#5 Rules to Be Broken

A scandalous lady. A virtuous gentleman. And rules that need to be broken.

After a minor faux-pas, DIANA LAWSON finds herself the centre of whispers and stares of society. When Diana finally decides to live by her own rules alone, she meets ARTHUR ABBOTT who is a stickler for propriety.
For Diana to uphold society’s rules, Arthur must break them. Can scandalous and virtuous ever walk hand in hand?

#6 Hearts to Be Mended

A lady in love. A gentleman with a reputation. And a secret that keeps them apart.

LADY ELEANOR ABBOTT is in love with HENRY WALTHAM, a man her mother does not approve of. While Eleanor finds herself faced with an endless stream of appropriate suitors, Henry is torn between simply whisking her off to Gretna Green – and let propriety be damned! – and the deep desire to prove himself an honourable man.
Is their future doomed or will they find their happily ever after?

#7 Winning her Hand

A list of suitors. A rational-minded lady. And a gentleman who vows to win her hand.

When it comes to choosing a husband, WINIFRED is at a loss. The only man who constantly occupies her thoughts is her brother’s oldest friend TRENT HENWOOD, Earl of Chadwick, who could not be more unsuitableâ?¦at least for her.
Will Trent be able to change her mind and win her hand?

#8 Conquering her Heart

The most awful woman in England. An honour-bound gentleman. And a pact that will benefit them both.

When ABIGAIL finds herself swarmed with eligible suitors, her only solution to evade a marriage of convenience is to reinvent herself in a most awful way.
Agreeing to his sister’s suggestion of choosing each other’s spouse, GRIFFIN RAMSEY, EARL OF AMBERLY, finds himself confronted with the most awful woman in all of England.
Is there any chance for a happily-ever-after when both parties dislike one another?

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The Runaway Duchess: Regency Rogues

by Francine Howarth

A Regency Romance (Steamy Content)
Having dined with Napoleon, the Duchess of Rochester is en route back to British lines in southern France, her mission accomplished, but who is she truly spying for, and did Napoleon believe her explanation for having strayed into enemy territory? Thus despite a company of French troopers supposedly escorting her coach, she and the coachman finds themselves suddenly abandoned in the midst of blizzard conditions, the escort having vanished. In fear for her life, an unexpected encounter with a French Cuirassier officer is about to turn her secretive world topsy-turvy, for the life she must return to is not near as inviting as the life of a Runaway Duchess in the arms of Captain Jean-Marc Faber.

The Island of Bad Mother F***ers: Jimmy Fallon Must Die

by Aaron Braswell

This is a book. You should read it.


by Don Taylor

Simply written. A night when a troubled man can’t sleep. An insomniac. Does he know where he is? Is he dreaming or otherwise? He’s read a little Freud. Maybe he can come up with answers? Then again, maybe not. It’s the reader’s decision.

Replicator 2: Heat Wave

by Dan Davies

The story continues on from â??Replicator 1′ as Hyary Cadre and Lyn contend with the president’s further outrageous strategems to squelch the self-replicating Replicator.

There are monsters and then there are monsters. Replicating human blood may present ethical concerns. So might also creating a market for mass extraction.

Now That You’ve Come This Far Along …: 3 Novellas

by Kickapoo Edwards

Three stories of middle aged people used to living on their own, and how they deal with new people in their lives, how they are still affected by the past, and how they deal with the uncertainties of daily living, all while trying to retain some positive picture of the future.

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