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Once Stung

by Gretchen Allen

Renatta walked away from the corporate world to established herself as a season trail guide at River Willow Ranch, a horse and honey bee estate. Work was a breeze as she lived her dream, riding horses everyday. When ex-husband Mitch turns up dead, Renatta joins a the mountain top investigation with Detective Tom Short. They work together to expose a drug ring and a dog fighting ring, and eventually uncover the inspired murderer. Not quite a Cozy Mystery.

Lady Molly of Scotland Yard

by Baroness Orczy

From the author of The Scarlet Pimpernell, comes a series of 12 stories featuring one of literature’s first female detectives. Molly Robertson-Kirk a.k.a. Lady Molly shares the same mental prowess as C. Auguste Dupin and Sherlock Holmes but brings a woman’s wit to the table making for a formidable crime buster. Join her as she solves the crimes that plague the hills and highlands of Inverness, Scotland.

This eBook includes all 12 Lady Molly stories:


Unforgiving Shadows (A Brad Frame Mystery Book 1)

by Ray Flynt

Brad Frame lived a serene but aimless existence on Philadelphia’s Main Line until his mother and sister were kidnapped and murdered. The tragedy transformed his life. After helping the police catch their killers, and with the aid of his mentor, Philadelphia Detective Nick Argostino, Brad opened his own private detective agency vowing to help bring justice to others whose lives had been turned upside down.

UNFORGIVING SHADOWS opens eleven years later when Brad is invited to the execution by lethal injection of Frank Wilkie, one of two men responsible for the death of his mother and sister. Thinking that Wilkie might have something to say, Brad reluctantly attends. Wilkie remains silent, but as Brad exits the prison the chaplain races after him, thrusting the condemned man’s Bible into his hands. Within hours another man is anxious to get his hands on Wilkie’s Bible, and Brad suspects the motivation could involve the still-missing ransom money. But as the reason becomes clear, Brad’s world is once again turned upside down. Aided by his associate, Sharon Porter, Brad unravels an eleven-year-old mystery that casts new suspicion on family, neighbors and business associates alike.

UNFORGIVING SHADOWS is the first book in the successful Brad Frame Mystery Series. Prepare to be amazed by a surprising plot full of unexpected twists and breathtaking turns.

Suicide Med (Prescription: Murder Book 1)

by Freida McFadden

“I don’t want to die like this. Not here, not nowâ??in the anatomy lab on a Saturday night. I know I’ve done some bad things in my life, but I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve thisâ?¦”

It happens every year.

Every year at Southside Medical School, nicknamed “Suicide Med,” one student dies by their own hand.

The press cites the heavy workload as the culprit in the high suicide rate. Students believe the school is cursed.

Still others believe the deaths may not be suicides at allâ??that it’s no coincidence Dr. Conlon, Suicide Med’s quirky but beloved anatomy professor, joined the staff on the very year the suicides began. Is there more to the bespectacled professor than meets the eye?

Either way, there is no doubt in the minds of every student:

Someone will be next to die.

A Passover in Peshawar (A Charlotte Holmes Mystery Book 2)

by AM Sardar

A re-imagining of the Great Detective and his partner as Charlotte Holmes, a traumatized woman, and her companion as Dr Watan, an Indian doctor, as they investigate nefarious activities.
The further adventures of our Edwardian odd couple as they attempt to foil a rebellion to drive the British out of India.

Dr Watan, profoundly melancholic, tries to seek solace in marriage by advertising in the Calcutta Advertiser for a wife.
However, a lonely widow with a grossly deformed child, The Elephant Boy, proposes a companionship-marriage and, moved by her plight, he accepts; much to the annoyance of Charlotte.

Charlotte herself must visit her husband’s family to inform them of recent events and must also negotiate with the Viceroy’s office as they threaten to confiscate the estates.

Charlotte is charged with thwarting a rebellion in the Northern Territories, led by the Warlord Walid Khan who is using the emergence of a miracle child, The Mahdi, to start a Jihad.
The Mahdi is prophesied to deliver the Muslims from bondage and herald the End of the World; the British have bitter experience of this prophecy and are eager to forestall it.

When circumstances turn against the British, Watan is obliged to accompany Charlotte to Peshawar, burdened by relatives, to learn the truth about the Mahdi; they find the Russians are in league with the Warlord and plan to invade British India from the North.

An epic, perilous journey to the Khyber Pass to thwart foreign agents, foil a blood-thirsty Warlord and determine the provenance of a miracle child, prophesied to herald the End of the World.

JENNERCIDE: A whistle-blower goes too far (Mickey from Manchester series Book 11)

by Mike Scantlebury

Mickey doesn’t often make a mistake, but this time it’s a bad one and a man dies. Not that Mickey knew Dr Jenner very well, or even understood what the scientist was asking him to do. Mickey had been told the Doctor worked for a multi-national food and chemical company, and that he had got himself in trouble for being a ‘whistle-blower’, but as to what secrets the researcher knew, or what damage it could cause, Mickey had no idea. But then he finds outs. Mickey goes to see the family and finds they are being harassed. The Doctor is dead but the persecution goes on. Mickey feels sorry for them. It’s a dangerous emotion. At first, all he wants to know is who killed Dr Jenner, but investigating that, leads Mickey deeper and deeper into the world of food, trading, chemicals and even Genetically Modified food and seeds. There’s big money at stake. Some companies will stop at nothing to make a profit. Is this what Dr Jenner found out? Is this why there’s such a crusade against him, his family, and his company? Mickey can’t help but get involved. He wants to do what’s right, especially after his girlfriend Melia is attacked too. He has to protect her. If only she wasn’t pregnant!

Everett: A Dark Psychological Suspense Novel (Brooke Walton Series Book 1)

by Jenifer Ruff

From Amazon bestselling author Jenifer Ruffâ??a dark suspense thriller featuring a fascinating, twisted protagonist. Everett will make you wonder just how well you know your friends, neighbors, and classmates. Fans of James Patterson, Karin Slaughter, Hannibal Lecter, the Dexter series, and Gone Girl will be hooked.

At Everett College, perfection has a DARK sideâ?¦

Beautiful and brilliant Brooke, a transfer student with a mysterious past, aims to graduate first in her class at Everett and attend medical school. Her classmates and professors are captivated by her achievements and appearance. Only Jessica, a wealthy socialite fueled by prescription pills and a huge case of snobbery, senses there’s something not quite right about the perfect student. What happens during a historic blizzard will settle their differences once and for all.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

The Wind Whispers Her Name

by Mary Irvine

On the Greek island of Spetses, author Kenneth Graham is trying to finish his novel.

Not impressed by the place, he wants to finish his work quickly and return to civilization. But after the local history, customs and mysteries draw him in, Kenneth meets the enigmatic Kyria, who is unlike any woman he has ever met.

His internal conflicts soon become stronger. Kyria and the island have a hold on him he does not understand, and fact and fiction begin to blend. What malign presence does the island hold, and can Kenneth get to the bottom of it?

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