Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 09 Jan 19

Cosmocraft: The Practical Guide To Manifesting The Life You Dream

by Andulairah *

Cosmocraft: A Practical Guide To Manifesting The Life You Dream is a no frills, comprehensive guide that will teach you how to manifest anything you desire, based on the schematics of quantum theory, and how existence actually operates. It is a step-by-step guide to showing you how to clear and prepare yourself for this type of esoteric work, and ultimately gives the reader instruction of how to implement the techniques described and outlined into every day life. Dream big, for you deserve it all!

Under A Prairie Sky: Clean Amish and Cowboy Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

Sadie Hershberger never thought she would leave the quiet Amish community of Quarryville, Pennsylvania to cross unknown territory with five other families to seek a godly life. She never expected to care for the injured, quiet man who fell on the street of her village. Little did she know that she would begin the challenge of her life far from the security of her faith. Luke Ramsey was a hardened young man who left the East and chose the life of the cowboy, herding cattle and writing his own rules. When he travels back home to the wedding of his younger sister, Luke finds himself running from outlaws who have trailed him to Ohio.

Wounded and alone in the backwater village of Sugar Creek, Luke is tended by the gentle Amish family whose daughter shows him kindness. Their adventure unfolds under a prairie sky.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Create a Life You Love: 10 Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life Now

by Chantal Cox

You were not created to live a mediocre life consumed by stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. However, only you have the power to create an extraordinary life and accomplish goals you never dreamed possible. By intentionally implementing the 10 incredibly simple practices outlined within these pages, you will begin a beautiful adventure.

Whether you want to move carefully, making small changes in baby steps, or if you feel ready to embark on a complete personal overhaul, the simple practices you are about to read will help you change the way you show up to your life every day. It’s time to radically change your perspective and to begin Creating a Life You Love.

Echoes of Narcissus in the Gardens of Delight

by Jo Robinson

Donna thought that there was something wrong with her. That she was suffering from a mental illness that had caused her husband to despise her, distance himself from her, and cheat on her. She blames herself for the desolate, miserable thing that is her marriage and her life. Then she comes across a book that will change everything for her, and reading it, she discovers that there’s nothing wrong with her mind at all, but that there is something very wrong with her husband instead.
Marco, she realises, is a malignant narcissist. A textbook case. He has a real and documented mental disorder, and that he’s been controlling, manipulating, and abusing her for decades. The sudden full knowledge of all that he’s purposely done to her enrages her. Not sure how to leave after thirty years of what she finally knows has been intentional mental and emotional abuse from him, and believing that she has nowhere to turn, and also being so physically isolated, she bides her time.
Then she meets and befriends a group of unusual people who share her passion for gardening, and so begins her journey to escape. She joins her new friends in their project to assist elderly people in old age homes care for their small gardens, as well as secretly supplying those suffering from painful and terminal illnesses with medicinal herb and plant remedies. As weeks go by, she delves into her memories, relearns what it is to be respected, liked, and loved again, and slowly she formulates a plan to safely leave her dangerous husband. But unbeknownst to Donna, Marco is in serious trouble, and has desperate plans of his own, and absolutely no regard for her safety.

** This is a work of fiction, but malignant narcissists really do exist, and it is a recognised mental illness. Unfortunately, many people never realise that they are involved with a narcissist, because their actions are so demonically bad as to be unimaginable and unbelievable, and so they spend their lives in misery, depression, fear, and isolation. If only by the accidental reading of a fictional story, I hope that this book will help even one person, unknowingly suffering narcissistic abuse, to realise that they don’t have to, and that it’s never too late to start over, be happy, be fulfilled, to love and care for yourself, and be truly loved and respected by others.

The Redemption Of An Outlaw: A Clean Western Historical Romance

by Evelyn Boyett

Beth Hampton was a pampered, privileged daughter of the Arizona governor. Jesse Crane was an outlaw.

Beth wanted to find purpose in her life, to escape an unwilling marriage arranged by her father and overcome the tragic loss of her mother. Jesse wanted to live a quiet life on his ranch, fleeing from a criminal past and a difficult childhood.

Circumstances throw the two of them together in the most unlikely way and they discover that survival means they must rely on each other. However, trust isn’t something either of them is familiar with nor does it come easily.

With outside forces trying to drive them apart, Beth discovers an inner strength she never knew she had, while Jesse learns there is a good man hiding behind all of his past misdeeds.

Will the two of them be able to overcome all of the obstacles that are separating them or will they find that there is no redemption when others want to control one’s destiny?

“The Redemption Of An Outlaw” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Investigate the Bible Study Tools – Did God Die?

by A M Appenzeller

“Did God die?”

Adrian’s question stopped the study group’s conversation.

In a small New England town, ten people had opened the Bible and were investigating what it said. Five were Christians. Five were not. Two had never opened a Bible. One hadn’t heard of Jesus Christ, except as a swear. What they read, discussed, and discovered gripped their hearts.

Did God Die? is the Bible study guide they used, and now it’s available for all. This Bible study help is broken into three lessons:
*What happened at the cross?
*What’s the significance of the cross?
*What does the cross mean to me?

The Bible study lessons use a workbook format with questions and passages. The Bible study discussions include insights shared among the group. The honest conversation will challenge your thinking and encourage your heart. If you’re wondering what is the Bible about or curious about other Bible study topics, pick up any of my Investigate the Bible study tools and explore for yourself.

A.M. Appenzeller has spent over two decades writing, leading, and hosting Discovery Bible Studies in New England. Now, these Bible study resources are available for individuals and groups outside that region to use.

God’s Love – Stronger than Death

by Joshua Izugbara

Many books have been written on different aspects of life. There are volumes of books written about God. But most of the books written about God present a distorted view about him. The truth about God has not really ever been told. So, the search for the knowledge of God continues. We therefore need a clear and accurate presentation of the true nature of God. We are happy to announce that we now have a book that clearly and accurately present God in his true form.
This book gives the revelation on which every life on earth should be built. Why?

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, believers have found themselves trapped in depression and anxiety. They try much to free themselves from depression and anxiety, but all to no avail. Churches are filled with believers struggling emotionally and even spiritually. Fear has gripped their lives with a very tight grip. Believers are living lives that do not reflect God’s help and are dying prematurely. They are tired of trying to get better because things are not getting better for them. Presently, the quality of life of the believer is no better than that of the unbeliever. The struggle continues for most believers. Yet, they fail to understand their predicament; after all, they are attending church regularly.

The church and the preachers have worsened the situation. They preach a performance based gospel and make God appear as one who relates with us based on our performance. All that the believer hears daily from the pulpit is: â??God is angry with you; you have to do this or do that to appease him’ or â??You must love God enough to earn his blessings’. So, instead of faith rising from the heart of the believer, fear and condemnation rule over them.

The writer of this book has revealed the solution to the believer’s problems. The solution is all locked up in understanding the true nature of God, which is LOVE. The writer takes us on an explorative journey into the nature of God and how God in this nature relates with all of mankind. He takes us on a romantic journey in getting to know the true nature of God. The knowledge of the Love God has towards us is liberating as it is revealed in this book. It is time for us to focus on His Love for us, and not on our love for Him.

This book promises to bring healing to the soul of every one that reads it, no matter their stage of spiritual or emotional development. It promises to give the reader a life-time, unshakable and rock-hard trust in God that can stand any storm of life! It has been recommended for every believer as a foundational book. Every believer is encouraged to read it before reading any other book. Every church should make this book a manual for all their members and every Bible school should offer a course on God’s love using this book as the course handout. Every family should have a copy of this book on their dining table. Every parent should ensure that he or she studies this book with his or her family! Indeed, everyone should read this book!

Does God demand that we love him? Is God angry with man? Can God reject someone he has once forgiven? Can someone forfeit his gift of forgiveness? Will God torment man forever in the lake of fire? Are we suffering for our sins? Is God the one punishing us for our sins? Who is behind all our pains? How do we judge doctrines and practices? How do we know the true God? These and more are discussed in this book. Get your copy now!

The Abiding Branch

by Daniel Katongo Lumpa

Behind the miraculous life of Christ Jesus was the secret of His unbroken union with the Father. “The Abiding Branch” pins down this ancient mystery to the Christian life, unveiling the believer’s rights & authority through abiding in constant communion with Christ.

The Growth Mindset

by Stephany Molina-Gerena

In this world, you’re either GROWING or you’re DYING… There’s no middle ground. If you’re standing still with zero progress, you’re decaying. The same goes for success. It requires you to engage in the process of your personal growth at all times. And of all the things in life, what you believe about yourself can impact your success or failure.

Horoscope & Astrology 2019 : Aries: The Complete Guide from Universe (The Secret Language of Birthdays Book 1)

by Gary Scorpio

Personal Horoscopes & Astrology 2019

Meet again with the Annual Star of 2019 from Tarot that this year the forecast is used to form more special cards that forecast detail more than words of cards by use all cards for each sign that explain details of focus cards, so you will have the same identity cards. It will detail the different cards to other cards to extending it. Believes that this will provide more accurate. Hope to be guidelines to all my destiny throughout the year 2019.

Guide line in the life for Zodiac

  • Personal cards for this year.
  • Money and finance
  • The Job
  • The Lover
  • 10 things to be careful about in 2019
  • 10 Creative ways to introduce Yourself in 2019

  • Game of Love: Clean Amish and Football Romance Story

    by Alexis Fernando

    Isaac and Katie are two young adults from the Amish community settled in Ohio, USA. They have been friends since childhood and are expected to marry and settle down as a happy couple. However, Isaac has slightly different interests.

    He is an avid football fan, owing allegiance to the Cleveland Browns. When an opportunity presents itself, he signs up for the NFL sports camp in Cleveland and runs away from home when he gets accepted. Nobody in the family knows anything except for Katie, who eventually has to spill the beans upon being questioned.

    Five years later, Isaac appears in the headlines as the first-ever Amish player to make it through to the NFL team of the Cleveland Browns. Katie is at the stadium to see her beloved friend in action. But what will be the reaction of the elders in the community? Will they be able to look beyond their short-sightedness and acknowledge Isaac for his achievements or will he be another casualty of spiritual high-handedness?

    A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

    Fulfilling Your Assignment

    by Debbie Destined Oke

    Many a time, we wonder and get so discouraged about how much of a failure one has been and get scared of what the future holds. We find ourselves doing things others do or even better but don’t see so much good come out of it. We ask questions if really we are on the right path to success but still get no answer.
    Fulfilling your assignment was written for you, to enlighten you in knowing your worth, moving in the right path of life’s journey and also to get you started in the accomplishment of what God has made you for.
    This pamphlet will expose to you the importance of knowing your true identity, understanding deeply that you were not born empty, knowing you have an assignment to finish here on earth and you have to start somewhere no matter how small. There is a YOU inside of you that you will discover reading this. This book is going to bless you beyond expectation. A trial will convince you.
    Don’t miss out of purpose!!

    Woman of Man: Sweet Clean Romance Book Collection

    by Macha Pinto

    Get FIVE sweet amish and clean romance stories and enjoy over 50,000+ words of the romance stories inside!

    Free Me – Clean Billionaire Romance
    Hearts on Fire -Amish and Firefighter Romance
    The Last Cowboy in West Texas -Clean Cowboy Romance
    The English Doctor’s Love -Amish and Doctor Romance
    Her Favorite Place In The World- Clean Cowboy Romance

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