Free romance Kindle books for 09 Jan 19

Wild (The Wild Duet Book 1)

by Colet Abedi

“The Wild Duet is a quick, fun and smoking hot Hollywood romance.” -USA Today

My name is Wyld Buchanan.
Fresh out of college, I have a coveted intern position at the biggest movie studio in Hollywood, and probably the only virgin left in tinsel town.

One night, I decided to take fate into my own hands.
I was going to lose my innocence to a sexy stranger.

He thought I was being mysterious when I told him my name was Wild.
He thought I was just another starry eyed girl looking for a ticket to the shinier life.
He thought wrong.
And what are the odds I would ever see him again?

I should have taken that bet because who would have guessed my sexy stranger was Jamie freaking Donovan.
Mr. Hollywood himself.
Things were about to get a whole lot wilderâ?¦.

Hearts of Starlight (The McDougalls Book 1)

by Audrey Adair

She will have her freedom, no matter the costâ?¦
Victoria Brighton refuses to be a pawn played by her stepfather, who will stop at nothing to access her inheritance – including marrying her off to the cold and calculating Duke of Lansingberg. She escapes across the sea to the western prairies, unknowing what is ahead of her but intent that she will never again allow a man to dictate her future.

He will honor his promises and hold his family togetherâ?¦
Callum McDougall, future chieftan of the McDougall clan, is journeying to the North-West Territories to determine what has become of his missing cousin. Once his mission is complete, he will honor the family tradition and return to Scotland to lead his clan.

Together in the new world, what will the future hold?
Callum and Victoria fight their intense attraction to one another, as Callum must return to Scotland while Victoria vows to remain true to herself. Soon, however, they find themselves unlikely allies in their respective predicaments. With a future continents apart, will they succeed in denying their growing feelings for one another, or will love prevail?

“Hearts of Starlight” is a historical romance novel of approximately 57,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. For readers 18+ due to steamy love scenes. If you would prefer to read a sweet and clean version of this story, look for “The Scot’s Vow” by Audrey Adair.

Pick Your Pleasure: The Heart’s Desire Series

by Hilary Storm

The USA Today Best Selling duo, S.E. Hall and Hilary Storm bring you a collection of short stories that will melt your heart and leave you ready for more!

Just imagine…

One book, two authors, multiple genres of book boyfriends…

What could be better?


We’ve taken the short stories from both Pick Your Poison and Pick Your Passion and combined them for Your Pleasure! We’ve done all the work, so sit back and enjoy these short, but fleshed-out stories to feed some of your favorite fantasies.

Meet the men that tortured our minds, but were very worth the Pleasure. We hope you enjoy these stories and can guarantee you an athlete, brothers, a fighter, a boss, a Dom, a chance encounter… and we’ve even given true meaning to the ‘sin’ in Sin City.

Now dive in and Pick Your Pleasure!

Turn My World Around: A Small Town Southern Romance (Wishful Romance Book 6)

by Kait Nolan

The road to redemption

Struggling single mom Corinne Dawson doesn’t have time for fun. She’s too busy making a new life for her son and trying to avoid being dragged down by the ghost of who she used to be. But when an accident knocks her boss out of a local “Dancing With The Stars” style fund-raiser, she finds herself face-to-face with the worst mistake from her past.

One slow step forward

Attorney Tucker McGee has always seen past the prickly exterior of this former mean girl. He knows there’s more to the story than simple spite. When they get partnered for Dancing With Wishful, he finally gets the chance to act on the spark he’s felt since she moved home. But getting past her regrets just might be the biggest challenge he’s ever faced.

Two quicksteps back

The Write Appeal (Muse and Mayhem Book 1)

by Jeannette Winters

Two Love Stories, One Book!

Pepper and Prudence Pereira might be fraternal twins, but they have only one thing in common, their passion for writing; one intrigue the other romance.

Attending a readers/writers convention in Las Vegas seemed like the perfect location for much-needed quality sister time. Their fun ends abruptly when drama begins and the police get involved. All the authors are informed that no one can leave Vegas until they are cleared. Now caught up in a tangled web of lies and deception, Pru and Pepper know there is only one way out, find the truth themselves.

In their search, their paths continue to cross with Gerard Hamel and Maxwell Whittaker. They insist they only want to help, yet both seem to have a hidden agenda.

The stakes are high, and the sisters must decide. Will trusting these men land them behind bars, or will they find the only thing held captive is their hearts? Can love be found in the midst of a tragedy?

To Tame a Savage Heart (Rogues and Gentlemen Book 7)

by Emma V Leech

Lucretia â??Crecy’ Holbrook has a secret, a secret she has kept for many years. Even her dearest confidant and sister, Belle, would not understand what Crecy is prepared to do, the risks she is prepared to take, to get her heart’s desire.

For Crecy is not like the other smiling débutantes; she despises poetry, thinks dancing a chore and is quite prepared to throw something at the next fool to compare her to Aphrodite.

Far more likely to return from a country walk with a badger’s skull and some bloody, injured creature than a posy of wildflowers, Crecy is drawn to the dark, the damaged, and the unlovable.

Her heart longs for one man alone, one with a wounded soul, one so dreadfully damaged that even her tender care might not be enough to save him.

Viscount Demorte is everything she dreams of.

With a reputation that covers blackmail, murder and madness, cruelly handsome Lord Gabriel Greyston, Viscount Demorte, is far more dangerous than any wounded dog, and his bite â?¦ just might leave Crecy ruined beyond repair.

***NOTE: Contains mild swearing and mildly graphic and descriptive sex scenes – NOT erotica ***

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