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Nice girl_nice style with perfect curves 2

by Eisenhauer Erik

Nice girl_nice style with perfect curves 2

Gesunde Mädchen und schönes Tragen 2 (German Edition)

by Maryanna Morley

Gesunde Mädchen und schönes Tragen 2

Beauty: Wonderful and captivating


The idea to create a photographic album featuring beautiful women is not something new. After all, the camera was invented to capture some of life’s most wonderful images, and what could be more wonderful than the image of a beautiful woman? Our world’s first masters of photography did not even feel the need to create something ground-breaking; after all, just the concept of physically being able to achieve one simple picture was at that time something truly miraculous.However, in our present times, with so many people behind the camera’s lens and with millions of de-facto “models” for that camera, the professional photographer’s duty is to find a way to be just one step ahead of the rest, in order to create something truly amazing, marvelous and spectacular.
Alex Fishbone, the author of this album, is a professional photographer specializing in wedding and landscape photography. This piece of information, in and of itself, may seem surprising, given the high quality and immeasurable beauty of the subjects in this album. Alex almost seems born to be in front of the camera, especially when focusing on feminine beauty. Though very talented, there perhaps exists no other explanation for the high quality of Alex’s work; Alex’s â??talent’ is something he feels while working, something that continues to inspire him, and something he has worked hard to develop.
It certainly is true that there are many artists who exhibit varying levels of competency in their respective fields, but if an artist isn’t truly devoted to the artistic process, then that becomes something immediately apparent to even the most casual of viewers. Alex Fishbone has a real sense of what comprises â??feminine beauty’ and all that surrounds it, and is deftly able to transfer that feeling onto paper. Further, he knows and is able to sense what the viewer needs. In his pictures one can see the influence of some of the world’s greatest photographers, such as Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz, although, according to Alex, he is guided solely by his own vision.
The authors sincerely hope that you enjoy Alex’s photographic interpretations of feminine beauty.

Hello Beijing- Vol 3 (Portuguese Edition)

by Ashley Leary

Hello Beijing- Vol 3

This Year: Your Prophetic Word for This Year

by Cosmas Inyang

The very moment you start reading this book, you shall start experiencing a Beautiful Turnaround in all aspects of your life for good. This is a book of Turnaround Power, and the very moment you start reading this book, there shall be a release of The Turnaround Power of God upon you, for your very very very sweet year.

Ein Tag in Frankreich (German Edition)

by Leon Drescher

Ein Tag in Frankreich

KAMAKURA PLUM (Japanese Edition)

by phototez

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