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Blood Shattered (Book one in The Shattered series 1)

by Alice Catherine Sneyd

Moving to a new high school to complete her senior year was not what Aimee would have chosen. But after her mother’s attempted suicide, Aimee and her younger brother must shift across town and share a matchbox-sized condo with their aunt – while trying not to drive each other crazy.

At her new high school, Aimee is immediately befriended by Claire. But this pale and quiet girl seems to be withholding something from Aimee – and it is undoubtedly to do with her boyfriend Leo, the most gorgeous guy Aimee has ever seen with an uncanny ability to get inside her head.

With the sudden and mysterious death of Claire, Aimee is pulled into a war between Leo and Claire’s grieving brother. Whilst Leo becomes more and more obsessed with Aimee with every passing day, Claire’s brother becomes hell bent on keeping Aimee away from him.

Aimee is torn between the two of them. If Leo is indeed dangerous, she risks being thrown into a world that she never knew existed, where her life will never be the same again.

Emily Shadowhunter – Box Set: All 4 books: A Vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter novel.

by Craig Zerf

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Will she be willing to sacrifice her own soul for our sakes?

Emily used to think Buffy was fiction. Then, plucked from Alaska on her eighteenth birthday and taken to London, England, she found herself surrounded by vampires, werewolves and magicians.

And to think, all she’d wanted for her birthday was an iPhone and a pair of designer shoes.
Instead she got super powers and a mission to save the world.

Together with her team of Shadowhunters, she is tasked with defeating the Nosferatu Family. The last of the original Vampires.

Trouble is, her new set of powers come with a dark side. Because sometimes you can only fight fire with fire.

Will she be willing to sacrifice her own soul for our sakes? Or is humanity going to be doomed to lives of eternal servitude and horror?

Emily Hawk is – the last Shadowhunter.

So – scroll up and get a copy.

Vampires, shifters, werewolves and the sexiest Frenchman in the world!

Praise for Craig Zerf –

“Great reading kept me hanging on every word page after page. The author is a superb writer with vivid imagination can’t wait to read next book.”
 “I wholeheartedly recommend this entire series to anyone who reads this genre. I thoroughly enjoyed this series to the point of not being able to put it den even when I knew I had to get up early the next day.”
“Wowâ?¦ just finished book one, Vampire Killer. I could not put it down. This book had everything that I love. Supernatural, enhanced humans, Vampires, Shapeshifter, and even God’s. The story moved at a fantastic pace. The lead character was fabulous. Highly recommend.”
“I wish that this had been the first Slayer that Hollywood had used. Don’t get me wrong, I love Buffy and crew, series more than movie, yet this series gives a lot more credence to the slayer history and there are more slayers in the world. Makes sense when you look at the Watcher’s Council. Emily and Bastian along with their cohorts look to take on the Nosferatu and keeping the head vampire from becoming a day walker. The lore this series is based on opens so many doors of thought and consideration you will devour these novels.”

For anyone looking for a read containing â?¦

  • Dark Fantasy
  • Supernatural Thriller
  • Witches & Wizards
  • Urban Fantasy Thriller
  • Supernatural Shifter
  • Angels & Demons
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Paranormal and Urban Romance
  • Supernatural Mystery and Suspense
  • Vampires and Werewolves
  • Young Adult

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The Darklands

by Kayla Michelle

A Romantic Fantasy EPIC ***A Princess with a secret. A forbidden magic. A kingdom hidden in plain sight. *** 
The end of a dynasty does not always mean the end of a story. Sometimes, a fallen Kingdom may signal the beginning of something much more powerful.

After the Tyrant King, Seth Dreagan and his heirs are overthrown by a now vicious but once patriotic rebellion, The Triad has taken control. Violently exiled for their possession of magic, the three powerful Mages have gone mad with power and an appetite for revenge. The Kingdoms are wilting and people are starving, but without a benevolent source of magic to feed the land, The Triad may be the realms final downfall.

â??With the Kingdom on the brink of social and ecological collapse, unbeknownst to The Triad, the royal heiress has survived. After a deadly escape from the castle, Princess Sera Draegan has fled to the wilds of the Darklands, a place of untamed magic and exiled creatures. For years she hides among the legendary forests, waiting, training for the day she becomes strong enough to take back her Kingdom and right the wrongs of her father’s reign. The Princess now rallies her allies, but The Triad will stop at nothing to seep their darkness into her new home and much further until there is nothing left to conquer. War is spilling into Darklands and the last living royal will stop at nothing to come out on top and save the ones she loves.

â??Sometimes a rebellion is just the beginning. It’s what comes afterwards that decides the fate of a Kingdom.

Emperor Pigs: Snack

by Persephone Rose

Rove gets into trouble with the Alternative Realities Police Department when she’s discovered travelling into a parallel dimension to ravage a village and eat its inhabitants.

Emperor Pigs: Quarter Devil

by Persephone Rose

Fernod, the quarter-devil, runs into a old flame who claims to be pregnant with his demon seed.

Emperor Pigs: Snicker

by Paul Moore

In the midst of staffing problems and impossible customers, Gordon and the team at Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs prepare to face the ultimate nightmare: the impending arrival of the health inspector.

Emperor Pigs: First Day

by Persephone Rose

Things are not going smoothly for Maggie, a werewolf, as she begins her new job at a pizza delivery restaurant and head shop (run by demons), called “Emperor Pigs, Pizza and Cigs.”

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