Free historical fiction Kindle books for 10 Jan 19

ELBERT: THE UNCAGED MIND (The Black Series Book 2)

by Joan Vassar

Canada, 1860â??While on a mission for Black, Elbert notices the lovely Anna Baker for the first time. Unable to think of much else, he leaves Canada to pursue the beauty that has captured his thoughts.

Anna is unnerved by the man with the lifeless eyes, who is relentless and forward in his approach. She offers nothing of herself to the intimidating stranger, but fate has a different plan.

When Anna is assaulted by slave catchers on the streets of Boston, Elbert finds his manhood tested to the limit. He steps in to help, but the consequences prove devastating, and both are sold into bondage. As Anna learns the horrors of slavery, she comes to understand there is more to the foreboding stranger than meets the eye.

Elbert and Anna manage to escapeâ??with the help of the legendary Black. But freedom is not enough to satisfy Elbert’s bruised ego. He wants the pound of flesh owed, and he will stop at nothing to collect.

The Uncaged Mind is a passionate story of love and healing despite the ugly backdrop of slavery.

Native New Yorker Joan Vassar is an avid storyteller who enjoys weaving a great tale.

Dangerous Borders: Part 1 (A New Beginning)

by Charles Martinez

Thousands are fleeing to the American Border.
The American government is calling them immigrants, but they are refugees fleeing from the violence that the gangs have brought to the Central American Triangle.
Denny, a mere boy of 17 years, was attacked by the gangs in the jungles of Cojutepeque, El Salvador and his family murdered. To escape the violence he decides to make for the American border.
Along the way the Martinez brothers and a girl named Anna Nicole join him. Together they lead a caravan of over 5,000 of there countrymen north to throw themselves on the mercy of the American President and ask to be allowed to enter the United States of America as refugees from a country that is lost to violence and extortion.
Their adventure will test there courage and leadership abilities as well as their will to find a place free from the violence of the gangs, to find a place that they may someday raise their children where there are police and laws to protect them.
But before they can find that place they must first cross three very dangerous borders.

Das Dunkle in Sonja: historischer Krimi (German Edition)

by Sven Elvestad

Helmersen merkte, daÃ? sie zitterte. Er fand, daÃ? ihr groÃ?es Entsetzen übertrieben sei. Ihre Augen waren weit geöffnet vor Schreck, und starrten mit Angst und Beben besonders auf den einen der fremdartig aussehenden Menschen – den mit dem blauseidenen Halstuch. Dem Polizeileutnant kam plötzlich der Gedanke, daÃ? diesem furchtbaren Entsetzen etwas anderes zugrunde liegen müsse, als die zufällige Begegnung mit verdächtig aussehenden Personen.

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