Free horror Kindle books for 10 Jan 19

Bioshock Rapture Dreams: What happens after Bioshock 2?

by Drake Oskars

Bioshock Rapture Dreams story: Very nearly getting away Rapture, Eleanor and Subject Delta are isolated again. In Rapture and at first glance, new foes and partners flourish, however who can be trusted? Would they be able to get by to be brought together? Let`s find out together what happens after Bioshock 2.
Our story continues with Eleanor and Delta ascending to the surface in Sinclair’s bathysphere, Delta having taken the “great” way in the amusement. All things considered, Eleanor has been shaped into an insubordinate and vivacious young lady with solid morals and ethics controlling her, and, similar to the amusement, the spared Little Sisters are going with them up. The bombs on the last walkway just exploded, with Eleanor transporting to security, and Delta accepting its full blast….

The Dark Maiden (The Tales of Iradas Book 1)

by Adrianna J. Tetnowski

Princess. Hostage. Hope

Unseen and unheard, Serendipity Valdar feels safest that way. Yet when a sadist attacks her sleepy home in Anderaith and takes her hostage, she learns one thing – she’s not who she thinks she is.

Believed to be a Redbane and a lost Princess of Iradas, Serendipity finds herself a pawn in a very dangerous game. Only her captivity may work in her favour, offering her a chance to play spy to her enemies. Just like that, she could change the fate of The Allied Kingdoms and the war which has plagued them for too long.

Clock Tower After

by Allie Marshall

Clock Tower After follows story Alyssa Hamilton and her path in mysterious Clock Tower. Will she be able to survive the nightmare and monsters?

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